14:34:19 <DarkShadowKun> #startmeeting
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14:34:29 <DarkShadowKun> #chair _TPG
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14:34:30 <_TPG> \o/
14:34:50 <_TPG> #link http://pastie.org/8474726
14:35:03 <_TPG> ok let's go
14:35:05 <DarkShadowKun> _TPG: can we discuss 2 and 3 first?
14:36:03 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, why?
14:36:23 <_TPG> i think that 1. RC2 ISO building status
14:36:23 <_TPG> is most important here
14:36:25 <DarkShadowKun> Because those fixes/wallpaper/etc should go on the RC2 ISO
14:36:33 <_TPG> as we are two days left
14:36:46 <_TPG> s/left/late
14:37:23 <_TPG> last iso build produced 0 MB ISO sizes
14:37:27 <_TPG> for both arch
14:37:28 <DarkShadowKun> _TPG: And if the fixes/wallpaper/launcher changes aren't in you're getting a guaranteed nogo
14:37:34 <_TPG> s
14:37:54 <DarkShadowKun> There needs to be at least some difference between rc1 and rc2...
14:38:36 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, well adding extra walpapers are not so cruical stuff to have no go, right ?
14:39:17 <arisel> !bite arisel
14:39:17 * chwido bites arisel happily.
14:39:48 <bero> Looks like the last set of livecd-tools changes broke the build badly
14:39:59 <bero> + livecd-creator -d -v --config=.//.ks --fslabel=OpenMandriva.rc2.x86_64
14:39:59 <bero> 
14:39:59 <bero> Traceback (most recent call last):
14:39:59 <bero> File "/usr/bin/livecd-creator", line 27, in <module>
14:39:59 <bero> import imgcreate
14:40:00 <bero> File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/imgcreate/__init__.py", line 19, in <module>
14:40:00 <bero> from imgcreate.live import *
14:40:01 <bero> File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/imgcreate/live.py", line 30, in <module>
14:40:01 <bero> from imgcreate.creator import *
14:40:02 <bero> File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/imgcreate/creator.py", line 36, in <module>
14:40:02 <bero> 
14:40:03 <bero> from imgcreate import kickstart
14:40:15 <bero> That explains the 0 byte ISOs
14:40:15 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, and yes there should be some difference, and i think no one took care of KDE menus
14:40:21 <DarkShadowKun> _TPG: No, but launchers are... Especially since we mentioned them in the release announcement. Ehh... I'll do them right now, if you want.
14:40:27 * arisel just was asked by TPG to restart the builds.
14:40:28 <_TPG> bero, fixed this
14:41:04 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, would be grat if you can handle the KDE menu launchers
14:41:20 <arisel> _TPG: no, not fixed: https://abf.rosalinux.ru/platforms/openmandriva2013.0/products/54/product_build_lists/1905
14:41:22 <DarkShadowKun> Will do
14:41:58 <arisel> (or i586 is broken again, did not check, just noticed)
14:42:50 <_TPG> arisel, strange issue but not related to last one
14:43:14 <bero> arisel: different issue, possibly related to
14:43:20 <bero> A requested package cannot be installed:
14:43:20 <bero> rosa-media-player-plugin-1.0-2-omv2013.0.i586 (due to conflicts with qupzilla-1.4.4-6-omv2013.0.i586)
14:43:37 <_TPG> for wallpappers and KDE launchers we need another ISO build
14:44:07 <_TPG> jclv, ping
14:44:19 <bero> But more likely
14:44:24 <bero> http://abf-downloads.rosalinux.ru/openmandriva2013.0/repository/i586/main/release/python-qt4-phonon-4.10.3-1-omv2013.0.i586.rpm
14:44:24 <bero> 
14:44:24 <bero> ...retrieving failed: curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 500 Internal Server Error
14:44:24 <bero> 
14:44:24 <bero> ...retrieving failed: curl failed: exited with 22
14:44:25 <bero> 
14:44:33 <bero> Random ABF failure as usual
14:44:45 <DarkShadowKun> Do we need rosa-media-player?
14:45:07 <_TPG> bero, can we restart iso build after KDE launchers and wallpappers are updated ?
14:45:26 <_TPG> let's say dedline is tommorow 12:00
14:45:36 <bero> sure
14:45:40 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, are you fine with this ?
14:45:55 <jclv> Hi to all, sorry for the delay
14:45:59 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, you will have time to 12:00 tommorow to fix KDE launchers
14:46:03 <bero> The work bits that have been keeping me busy over the last couple of days are done now
14:46:15 <DarkShadowKun> _TPG: fine with me
14:46:35 <_TPG> bero, good to know you will spend more time for OMV :)
14:46:51 <_TPG> so let's resume 1. RC2 ISO building status
14:47:47 <_TPG> ISO rebuild tommorow at 12:00 - things needs to be done first - KDE launchers only Kickoff and SimpleWelcome have to stay - add new extra wallpappers from wallapper contest
14:48:16 <_TPG> jclv, can you send me the winner wallpappers and others so i can add them asap ?
14:48:59 <_TPG> ok this also solves the topic 3. KDE Menu, wallpappers and Mail aplication status.
14:49:23 <jclv> _TPG: ok, do you only need the links?
14:49:24 <_TPG> so are you fine with this ?
14:49:59 <_TPG> jclv, send me links (winners, others) and i'll handle rest
14:50:16 <jclv> ok
14:50:35 <_TPG> good :]
14:50:48 <fedya|2> bero: hm
14:51:05 <fedya|2> bero: plz plug again HDD from MX6 to your PC
14:51:13 <fedya|2> i'll replace ubuntu with OpenMandriva
14:51:31 <bero> fedya|2: Good plan! Will do so right after the TC meeting
14:51:52 <fedya|2> bero: and if you can plug cable to COM-port on mx6 it will be cool too
14:52:06 <_TPG> can we move to next topic ?
14:52:18 <bero> fedya|2: No way unfortunately, the MX6 is more or less hardwired in another room
14:52:23 <bero> _TPG: IMO yes
14:52:27 <_TPG> Bugs needs to be taken care of: 198, 288, 264
14:52:33 <chwido> Bug "[Bug 198] mandriva-doc is heavily outdated" updated at: 2013-11-12T13:51:26Z URL: https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=198
14:52:36 <fedya|2> bero: well will do in blindly
14:52:39 <_TPG> 2. Bugs needs to be taken care of: 198, 288, 264
14:52:43 <fedya|2> s/in/it/g
14:53:11 <_TPG> bug 198 - need new docs
14:53:14 <bero> Re 288, should really use fcitx, ibus sucks
14:53:41 <_TPG> bero, some of the ibus stuff is in contrib
14:53:53 <_TPG> like ibus-table and ibus-qt4
14:54:11 <bero> yes, but fcitx is probably a much better way to go because it supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean at the same time, no need to keep separate things for everything.
14:54:24 <bero> I can't test the Japanese part though, the only Asian language I can make any sense of is Chinese
14:54:29 <bero> will ask the bug reporter to try
14:54:56 <_TPG> cool
14:55:34 <DarkShadowKun> Committed rosapanel d8ec4a4, sending to build
14:55:40 <_TPG> imho bug 198 should be fixed before final release, or we will release with docs related to Mandriva
14:56:17 <_TPG> bug 264 - no 32bit repos on x86_^4
14:56:31 <bero> 264 is problematic because if we "fix" media.cfg, we break the iso build process badly
14:56:39 <_TPG> bero, can you add them on %post ?
14:56:46 <bero> So for now the "fix" could be building the iso and then editing media.cfg
14:57:14 <bero> We tried adding stuff in %post, but for some reason we never got around to figuring out, it doesn't work
14:57:28 <bero> (essentially urpmi.addmedia in %post is ignored)
14:57:34 <chwido> Bug "[Bug 288] iBus input method editor does not work" updated at: 2013-11-12T13:55:54Z URL: https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=288
14:57:46 <_TPG> bero, maybe echo to media.cfg ?
14:58:03 <bero> Is there a local media.cfg? I thought that's always fetched from the server...
14:58:52 <bero> (There probably is one, in /etc/urpmi/mediacfg.d, but I'd guess it gets overwritten by the server copy if that is seen as more current)
15:01:02 <_TPG> bero, so echoing it on %post should help ?
15:01:46 <bero> _TPG: I doubt it, there's a good chance urpmi would overwrite it with the server copy the next time it's run... But can't hurt to try
15:01:59 <_TPG> bero, good then :)
15:02:02 <bero> Other than that, the workaround "Remove i586, build ISO, restore i586" on the server should do the trick
15:02:52 <_TPG> ok so can we move to next topic ?
15:03:20 <bero> fine with me
15:03:26 <_TPG> 4. Release announcement for RC2
15:03:49 <_TPG> i think we should have it before a RC2 release
15:04:08 <_TPG> imho RC1 announcement is fine, and only needs some polishes for RC2
15:04:42 <_TPG> klebedeff, Kate can you post link to doc where is announcement ?
15:05:28 <klebedeff> 1 sec
15:05:54 <klebedeff> https://docs.google.com/a/lebedeff.co.uk/document/d/1AUUywxSdVeCr76gge7PvjGa4SyM272ObN0tMhCuMrpw/edit
15:08:36 <_TPG> klebedeff, thanks
15:08:55 <klebedeff> not at all:)
15:10:35 <_TPG> i think it would be nice to have final announcement for RC2 before friday, so release will be smooth and easy
15:11:19 <_TPG> btw 3 765 downloads on sf.net
15:13:44 <DarkShadowKun> Well this might take a while for rosapanel to build
15:13:54 <DarkShadowKun> 353 tasks in queue
15:15:08 <_TPG> ok do we have anything more ?
15:16:59 <arisel> bero: is there anything new from yesterdays topic?
15:17:10 <arisel> bero: not expecting that, just asking.
15:18:01 <bero> arisel: no, didn't get a reply yet (probably because I was asking if they could give us a better price)
15:18:09 <arisel> bero: ah, ok.
15:18:32 <arisel> _TPG: then just one thing:
15:18:54 <_TPG> arisel, yes ?
15:18:59 <arisel> _TPG: I'd like to compile a status update for the cooker & council ML, which should go somehow regular. I'll need your input for that.
15:19:31 <_TPG> arisel, yes
15:19:38 <arisel> _TPG: input as in: we now are going to RC2, most major bugs are fixed, we still have some troubles with too many locales, ...
15:19:55 <arisel> _TPG: ok, will write you a mail of what I need :)
15:20:20 <arisel> (i could write up most of that by myself, just think that PM should have a saying in that, as well as bero as RM :)
15:20:22 <_TPG> arisel, good
15:20:28 <itchka> jUST GOT BACK
15:20:32 <arisel> _TPG: then that's all from my side.
15:20:50 <itchka> bug 198 in progress
15:21:23 <_TPG> itchka, good
15:21:24 <itchka> unlikely to be ready for repsin tomorrow at 12.00
15:21:57 <itchka> but I'll do my best to get the English version ready
15:25:25 <_TPG> ok then i think it's ok to close this meeting
15:26:24 <DarkShadowKun> Uhh
15:26:29 <DarkShadowKun> One last thing
15:26:40 <DarkShadowKun> Can we get infra to have mirrors ready?
15:26:59 <DarkShadowKun> And have ABF make the uodate repositories?
15:27:08 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, what do you mean ?
15:27:45 <DarkShadowKun> _TPG: currently the only mirror is abf-downloads.rosalinux.ru. not ideal.
15:28:06 <DarkShadowKun> _TPG: also, we need openmandriva2013.0updates platform
15:28:21 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, imho this is post release stuff
15:28:29 <_TPG> but yes we need this adressed now
15:29:07 <_TPG> ok i need to go job calls
15:29:08 <DarkShadowKun> _TPG: Infrastructure should be in place at least for mirrors
15:29:12 <DarkShadowKun> Ok
15:29:27 <DarkShadowKun> We'll need to tell infra.
15:29:36 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, please send your thoughts on e-mail as they are important
15:29:37 <DarkShadowKun> Closed meeting, then?
15:29:38 <_TPG> bb;
15:29:46 <_TPG> DarkShadowKun, imho yes
15:29:46 <DarkShadowKun> Ok
15:29:48 <_TPG> bbl
15:29:50 <DarkShadowKun> #endmeeting