14:37:41 <_TPG> #startmeeting
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14:39:13 <arisel> _TPG: sorry, am still sick :(
14:39:28 <_TPG> #link Specifications to discuss https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/2014.0/Specifications
14:39:57 <_TPG> arisel, :(
14:40:02 <_TPG> arisel, get well fast
14:40:20 <arisel> _TPG: will do :)
14:40:31 <_TPG> good then
14:40:53 <_TPG> let's wait few minutes maybe bero will show up
14:41:51 <_TPG> we need to make fas decision before 15 of december which features stays and which one need to be postponed to 2015
14:42:02 <arisel> _TPG: *nods*
14:43:05 <arisel> _TPG: I'm unsure about perl, btw. Last update took quite some time, as a lot of stuff depends on it..
14:43:10 <itchka> _TPG: I hope we can do the Iphone support. It's not much work but good for users.
14:43:25 <itchka> Sorry have to go
14:44:00 <_TPG> itchka, usbmuxd fix is done
14:44:04 <arisel> itchka: hope your not having troubles with the storm
14:45:57 <_TPG> well maybe it would be nice to start focusing on end user useability improvement
15:10:46 <crisb> i'm here now
15:10:52 <_TPG> :'(
15:11:54 <crisb> _TPG: should systemd be included in dracut at all times?
15:12:33 <_TPG> crisb, no it does not need to be included in dracut at all
15:12:44 <crisb> _TPG: just wondering because i have a box i upgraded to 2013 from 2010 and it wont boot with root set to a UUID, but it will with /dev/sda1
15:13:03 <_TPG> crisb, wrong UUID ? :p
15:13:56 <crisb> _TPG: all seems fine, when it drops to dracut shell /dev/disk/* is not present at all.  after boot UUID matches what's in grub, /etc/fstab has UUIDs etc :|
15:14:48 <_TPG> crisb, by default UUID is used
15:15:28 <_TPG> crisb, try to regenerate UUID ?
15:22:50 <_TPG> ok
15:23:12 <_TPG> so let's postpone this to next tuesday
15:23:16 <_TPG> #endmeeting