14:31:36 <_TPG> #startmeeting
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14:32:18 <_TPG> arisel, benatto bero denis_silakov fedya gmoro itchka klebedeff pcpa Solbu Pulfer VladimirRubanov Xu|Mobile
14:32:27 <_TPG> are you ready for TC meeting ?
14:32:31 <klebedeff> here
14:33:01 <itchka> here
14:33:16 <denis_silakov> here, but will have to leave soon...
14:33:40 <pcpa> here
14:34:42 * bero is here
14:36:19 <Pulfer> _TPG: Here
14:37:13 <Xu|Mobile> tiredly here
14:38:00 <itchka> Xu|Mobile: Late or early there?
14:38:32 <Xu|Mobile> itchka: 09:38 here... Had a late night
14:39:15 <gmoro> _TPG, here, but no updates from my part, very busy week here :/
14:41:11 <_TPG> here is today agenda if someone missed it at cooker ML
14:41:14 <_TPG> #link http://pastie.org/8722536
14:41:44 <itchka> _TPG: Thanks
14:41:45 <bero> I have a point to add -- glibc
14:41:52 <_TPG> #topic
14:41:54 <_TPG> #topic 1. Fix packages that failed on last mass rebuild 08.Feb-openmandriva2014.0 - ALL and also is a MUST !
14:42:08 <_TPG> itchka, can you update failed spreadsheet ?
14:42:15 <_TPG> bero, glibc ?
14:43:00 <itchka> _TPG: Yes in the process; I'll pass on the SQL when I'm done.
14:43:19 <Pulfer> BTW, can somebody push a small rebuild?
14:43:21 <Pulfer> Error: /usr/lib/ocaml/lablgtk2/pango.cmi
14:43:22 <Pulfer> is not a compiled interface for this version of OCaml
14:43:27 <Pulfer> For Cooker
14:43:31 <bero> _TPG: I know we agreed not to update it for 2014.0 -- but looking at the release notes https://sourceware.org/ml/libc-alpha/2014-02/msg00224.html this may be another thing to reconsider. I'm especially concerned about CVE-2013-4458 (which could be used to install malware through javascript in any browser etc.)
14:43:47 <_TPG> i need to switch to my mobile - need to move
14:43:55 <bero> So we should either backport the fixes for all the relevant things fixed, or just use 2.19
14:43:59 <_TPG> bero, let's keep it in mind as a last topic
14:44:11 <bero> Given 2.19 already works well in Cooker, I'm leaning towards that option
14:44:14 <_TPG> itchka, will you post this updated spread sheet today ?
14:44:16 <bero> but I know mdawkins would kill me ;)
14:44:29 <itchka> _TPG: Yes
14:44:58 <gmoro> bero, quite bad uhn?
14:45:26 <_TPG> xD
14:45:43 <_TPG> #topic 2. Java status - pcpa
14:45:54 <bero> (In fact, I think we should even release an update for 2013 -- but let's keep that for later)
14:45:55 <_TPG> pcpa, any news on new java stack ? it is ported to 2014.9
14:46:24 <bero> This is essentially blocked by insufficient permissions on ABF
14:46:34 <bero> pcpa wanted the packages from cooker copied over for bootstrapping
14:46:48 <bero> I could do that for x86_64, but I don't have write access to the i586 repository apparently
14:47:11 <_TPG> bb
14:48:42 <_TPG> So a permission issue
14:49:43 <_TPG> Any ETA to fix this?
14:50:02 <pcpa> _TPG, bero: yes, I am waiting for packages to be copied, with permissions this should take like 5 minutes, then I would do the hard part of adjusting/merging git, adding packages to main as required, and rebuilding
14:51:10 <pcpa> the big problem is that packages are a huge mess of cyclic dependencies
14:51:10 <_TPG> pcpa will you be ready and finish before beta?
14:51:53 <pcpa> I am waiting for packages to be copied since last week :-(, but it will all depend on how fast abf can rebuild them
14:52:15 <_TPG> In a 12 days we need to have working ISO so I'm not sure that we will be ready with that java stuff
14:52:21 <itchka> Is it worth doing the 64 bit repo that will get the work started the packages for i586 can be copied over and the build done later. Permissions don't have to hold things up.
14:52:22 <pcpa> should be fast, and if packages are copied, essentially, it will be already working
14:52:47 <bero> avokhmin: Any update on abf permissions?
14:54:20 <_TPG> Bero send e-mail directly to him if not responding?
14:54:59 <bero> He said he doesn't have root access but wanted to talk to someone who does
14:55:22 <_TPG> Maybe Denis can help us?
14:55:32 <avokhmin> bero, CC - me, TO: Mironov
14:56:04 <_TPG> Sorry to say that but this thing takes to much time!
14:57:15 <avokhmin> _TPG, I can't to give root access to all
14:57:17 <_TPG> It is not so hard these days to add some privilages
14:58:09 <_TPG> Anyways let's move to next topic
15:00:27 <_TPG> #topic 3. Boot process status - TPG
15:02:14 <_TPG> So systemd is fine and I'm planin to update dracut to 035 release soon
15:03:33 <itchka> _TPG: I've seen a few red lines in the journal regarding nfs startup I haven't investigated though.
15:03:45 <_TPG> Maybe I'll have time to update initscripts
15:05:42 <itchka> _TPG: Also there are a few oddities with samba. Again I haven't investigated
15:06:00 <Pulfer> bero: Is mplayer messed up in Cooker? "A requested package cannot be installed: mplayer-1.1.1-3-omv2013.0.i586 (due to unsatisfied libavcodec.so.54)"
15:06:33 <Pulfer> This comes from auteur's failed test in Cooker
15:06:39 <bero> Pulfer: Definitely works in the x86_64 world... I don't have a 32bit box right now
15:07:10 <Pulfer> bero: Same with x86_64: https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1631738
15:07:41 <Pulfer> Perhaps it requires rebuild?
15:09:22 <_TPG> Next topic?
15:12:49 <_TPG> #topic 4. Xorg status - bero/TPG
15:15:34 <_TPG> So are we going to update mesa to 10.1?
15:15:38 <_TPG> Bero ?
15:16:10 <bero> Not sure, but I tend to think no...
15:16:14 <bero> 10.0.x works well
15:16:19 <bero> 10.1 isn£t even released
15:16:41 <bero> And usually Mesa x.y.0 releases are considered unstable
15:17:06 <bero> Should backport 10.0.3 from cooker though (currently 2014.0 is at 10.0.2, no big difference)
15:21:40 <bero> Pulfer: Can't hurt to rebuild it -- but for some reason I can install it just fine
15:25:36 <_TPG> So next topic
15:28:59 <_TPG> #topic 5. Networking status - TPG
15:31:05 <_TPG> So network is fine
15:32:25 <itchka> I'm not entirely sure about this. I have experienced some issues with wireless start-up
15:32:47 <Pulfer> bero: Maybe because you have old ffmpeg libs (with major 54) already installed
15:33:11 <_TPG> Iptables needs some love that's all
15:33:21 <Pulfer> While there are no more these libs in Cooker after ffmpeg update (as major changed to 55)
15:33:51 <_TPG> itchka file bug report
15:33:54 <itchka> They seem to be related to some services taking forever to start up. pulseaudio takes a full five minutes to get going and then everything settles down.
15:34:01 <bero> Pulfer: Right, I think I have both so versions installed, let's rebuild it
15:34:56 <itchka> _TPG: It's hard to be specific which is why I haven't filed.
15:36:19 <_TPG> Drakfirewall and shorewall can be moved to contrib repo
15:37:52 <_TPG> #topic 6. Artwork status - Artwork Team/TPG
15:38:58 <_TPG> I'm currently updating disto-theme desktop-common-data and OpenMandiva-kde4-config
15:39:19 <_TPG> With artwork from rugyada and others from Artwork team
15:39:57 <_TPG> There will be a huge change in KDE look
15:40:52 <_TPG> Itchka can you please focus QA on testing artwork when it will be done?
15:41:52 <itchka> _TPG:  Yes, please advise on QA mailing list when you are ready.
15:42:21 <_TPG> Ok
15:42:36 <itchka> karol_: That will be some work for you to help with.
15:43:01 <_TPG> #topic 7. Package management - bero/mdawkins/TPG
15:43:34 <bero> I don't think we'll make any major changes there for 2014.0
15:44:01 <bero> db6 was a nice idea, but it turns out the fix (without using the known workaround) is way more complicated to track down
15:44:09 <_TPG> Any news on this?
15:44:11 <bero> IMO it's a good idea to postpone that for 2014.1
15:44:27 <bero> (or 2015.0 or whatever it will be called)
15:45:26 <_TPG> Whole this point from 2014 specs
15:45:30 <_TPG> ?
15:47:58 <itchka> _TPG: Do you mean remove? "whole"
15:48:31 <_TPG> Postpone?
15:48:41 <itchka> ok
15:49:33 <itchka> I don't see any choice; there is so much else to do. It's clearly too time consuming.
15:49:36 <_TPG> So ill update specs
15:53:34 <_TPG> I'm driving a car. Can we take a 15min pause ?
15:53:52 <bero> sure
15:54:11 <itchka> I think that would be safer!! At least for you!!
15:55:58 <bero> I'll use that chance to reboot, got to try a new kernel
15:56:04 <bero> brb
16:04:50 <itchka> can we use acl's in OMA?
16:15:09 <_TPG> ACL?
16:15:40 <_TPG> Brb swiching to by computer
16:16:25 <bero> itchka: libacl and friends are there and presumed working, if that's what you mean
16:17:42 <_TPG> back
16:17:50 <_TPG> so let's postpone this to next release
16:18:17 <_TPG> #topic 8.KDE - Pulfer/TPG
16:18:28 <_TPG> looks like he left
16:18:52 <_TPG> and i'd like to know if i can start porting kde-4.12.2 to 2014.0
16:18:53 <bero> I think the plan is still to get 4.12.2 in
16:20:10 <_TPG> bero: yes but i'm not sure if i can start to port it to 2014.
16:20:10 <itchka> bero: Thanks, call of nature!!
16:20:58 <_TPG> lol only 10k packages left for publishing
16:21:05 <_TPG> anyways let's move
16:21:19 <_TPG> #topic 9. Printing - TPG
16:21:31 <itchka> how many packages in main!!!??
16:21:42 <_TPG> haven't done anything for this topic :<
16:21:46 <_TPG> lack of time
16:21:58 <_TPG> maybe wise would be to copy stuff from rosa
16:22:07 <bero> I've updated gutenprint to get my father's Canon iP7250 to work
16:22:19 <bero> seems fine
16:22:27 <itchka> Is this just updates?
16:23:23 <_TPG> avokhmin: last publish was like 3 hours ago, can you please take a look what is wrong ?
16:23:43 <_TPG> speaking of printing
16:23:50 <_TPG> what is the best solution
16:23:51 <avokhmin> AbfWorker::PublishWorker about 2 hours ago
16:24:36 <avokhmin> publishing of: "build_list_ids"=>[1615672, 1615673, 1615674, 1615675, 1615676, 1615677, 1615678, 1615679, 1615680, 1615681, 1615682, 1615683, 1615684, 1615685, 1615686, 1615687, 1615688, 1615689, 1615690, 1615691, 1615692, 1615693, 1615694, 1615695, 1615696, 1615697, 1615698, 1615699, 1615700, 1615701, 1615702, 1615703, 1615704, 1615705, 1615706, 1615707, 1615708, 1615709, 1615710, 1615711, 1615712, 1615713, 1615714, 1615715, 16
16:24:36 <avokhmin> 15716, 1615717, 1615718, 1615719, 1615720, 1615721, 1615722, 1615723, 1615724, 1615726, 1615727, 1615728, 1615729, 1615730, 1615731, 1615732, 1615733, 1615734, 1615735, 1615736, 1615737, 1615738, 1615739, 1615740, 1615741, 1615742, 1615743, 1615744, 1615745, 1615746, 1615747, 1615748, 1615749, 1615752, 1615753, 1615754, 1615756, 1615757, 1615758, 1615759, 1615760, 1615761, 1615762, 1615763, 1615764, 1615765, 1615766, 1615767, 16
16:24:36 <avokhmin> 15768, 1615769, 1615770, 1615771, 1615772, 1615773, 1615774, 1615775, 1615776, 1615777, 1615778, 1615779, 1615780, 1615781, 1615782, 1615783, 1615784, 1615785, 1615786, 1615787, 1615788, 1615789, 1615790, 1615791, 1615792, 1615793, 1615794, 1615795, 1615796, 1615797, 1615798, 1615799, 1615800, 1615801, 1615802, 1615803, 1615806, 1615807, 1615808, 1615810, 1615811, 1615812, 1615813, 1615814, 1615815, 1615816, 1615817, 1615818, 16
16:24:38 <avokhmin> 15819, 1615820, 1615821, 1615822, 1615823, 1615824, 1615825, 1615826, 1615827, 1615828], "projects_for_cleanup"=>[]}]
16:24:40 <_TPG> avokhmin: https://abf.io/build_lists/1615671 this is last one from 8 feb mass rebuild that got published 3 hours ago
16:26:13 <_TPG> speaking of printing i'm in favour to copy stuff from rosa, i mean cups, cups-filtres and hplilp
16:26:27 <avokhmin> in one block may be published maximum 150 packages
16:26:50 <_TPG> avokhmin: currently i see publishing errors
16:27:21 <itchka> _TPG: Is updating printing just updating source packages?
16:27:28 <_TPG> avokhmin: 200 packages got publishing error few secs ago
16:27:34 <bero> We need to make sure we don't lose the fixes I made to the printing packages before the last release and the gutenprint update though
16:27:46 <avokhmin> ==> [2014-02-11 16:25:16 UTC] Time expired, VM will be stopped...
16:27:47 <_TPG> itchka: not only sources but local patches too
16:28:04 <_TPG> avokhmin: can you publish them again ?
16:28:41 <itchka> bero: presumably the only issue would be if the patches didn't apply cleanly
16:28:53 <avokhmin> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/945501/2014-02-11%20at%2020.28.12.PNG
16:29:08 <avokhmin> UTC +4
16:30:02 <_TPG> avokhmin: indeed this genhdlist is so wrong
16:32:45 <_TPG> so...
16:32:49 <_TPG> moving to next
16:32:53 <_TPG> #topic 10. GNOME status - gmoro
16:33:12 <_TPG> gmoro: any news ?
16:33:46 <itchka> I'm pretty that printing still has some usb issues;  fixes for those problems are very important to users sothey really do need fixing because of their annoyance value.
16:36:16 <_TPG> so no news
16:36:49 <_TPG> #topic 11. Drakxtools - TPG
16:37:05 <_TPG> updatedversion got released few days ago
16:37:35 <_TPG> itchka: this needs testing :)
16:39:40 <itchka> _TPG: Only for 2014?
16:39:49 <bero> itchka: USB printing in general works -- but maybe not for some specific printers
16:40:31 <_TPG> itchka: currently for cooker 14.43
16:41:20 <itchka> bero: It's the specific ones that are causing the annoyance.
16:42:14 <_TPG> 3 topics left
16:42:25 <_TPG> moving to next ?
16:42:48 <proyvind> _TPG: you do know of '
16:42:56 <proyvind> git am' and 'git apply'? :o)
16:43:36 * proyvind peeked at ldetect commit to drakx ;)
16:43:49 <_TPG> #topic 12. Installer and ISO build - arisel/bero/mdawkins
16:44:27 <_TPG> proyvind: yes but when you work on laptop when you can install stuff you use abf web frontend :p
16:44:33 <gmoro> _TPG, no news, sorry :)
16:44:46 <_TPG> gmoro: when we can expect any news ?
16:44:53 <bero> still waiting to sync up with arisel about this -- looks like we always miss each other by a few minutes
16:45:15 <gmoro> _TPG, as said, not for 2014 release
16:45:21 <gmoro> I'll work just for cooker
16:45:25 <_TPG> gmoro: :'(
16:45:35 <proyvind> _TPG: I didn't understand any of that, but ok
16:45:35 <gmoro> _TPG, sorry, but I have no time enough
16:45:35 <proyvind> :p
16:45:54 <gmoro> :(
16:45:56 <_TPG> proyvind: good
16:45:59 <_TPG> :p
16:46:38 <_TPG> ok so no EFI and no proper ISO build tool
16:47:33 <_TPG> bero: there is also a note that aburmashev add EFI support and persistence support to livecd-tools
16:47:36 <bero> not yet
16:47:45 <_TPG> maybe it would be nice to take a peek
16:47:56 <bero> oh good, yes, definitely
16:48:27 <bero> there *is* some EFI support in livecd-tools (has been there even in 2013.0), it just doesn't seem to work
16:48:34 <bero> hope aburmashev fixed it
16:50:00 <_TPG> maybe there is some time to take a look at this
16:51:15 <itchka> sorry phone call
16:52:26 <_TPG> bero: will you take a look at this one ?
16:52:41 <bero> yes
16:52:43 <_TPG> currently our iso is growing so this could help us
16:53:03 <_TPG> 2013.0 was 1,5 GB and 2014.0 alpha was 1,6 GB
16:54:43 <itchka> EFI boot is important we can't go another release without it working.
16:54:44 <_TPG> arisel: ping
16:56:34 <_TPG> #topic 13. End user orientation - Workshop Team
16:56:42 <_TPG> anyone from workshop team ?
16:58:20 <_TPG> looks like there is noone
16:58:40 <_TPG> #topic 14. Server - bero
16:58:45 <itchka> _TPG: I have published the full build failure list to the same link.  Two tables, 3 COPY commands and one LEFT OUTER JOIN.  :)
16:59:16 <_TPG> itchka: glad to see your good work
16:59:38 <_TPG> bero: any progress on mariadb
17:00:18 <bero> yes, it's working, but still having some problems with galera
17:00:23 <_TPG> itchka: post that on ML you've updated this and add linkt to the spreadsheet
17:00:26 <bero> but galera is not that important
17:00:51 <_TPG> bero: some KDE stuff depends on mysql so it would be nice to have mariadb before kde-4.12.2
17:03:17 <bero> True, just a matter of backporting the package from cooker, can do that today
17:03:33 <_TPG> ok
17:03:52 <_TPG> #topic 15. glibc update to 2.19 - bero
17:05:12 <avokhmin> _TPG, > can you publish them again ? - done
17:06:20 <_TPG> avokhmin: many thanks
17:06:34 <bero> So, I know we didn't want to update glibc
17:06:45 <bero> But I think the changes that have gone into 2.19 make it necessary
17:06:57 <bero> among other things, 3 security bugs that we'll probably have to backport even to 2013.0
17:07:35 <bero> Given 2.19 has worked in cooker without any problems, I'd say we're better off just backporting 2.19 than trying to identify and backport all relevant fixes
17:08:03 <_TPG> bero: if this does not need another mass rebuild then i'm fine with updating glibc
17:08:26 <bero> It doesn't need a mass rebuild
17:08:59 <_TPG> bero: well yes but are we sure that this update does not break anythingg ?
17:15:26 <_TPG> so what is decision ?
17:16:06 <bero> I'm fairly sure it doesn't break anything because we have it in cooker -- and that seems to work well these days
17:16:15 <itchka> There is a known security issue. We have to do it
17:16:21 <bero> So for me it's definitely +1
17:16:58 <bero> itchka: Well, at least theoretically we also have the option to just identify the fixes for the bugs we care about and backport them -- but IMO that takes too much time and in the end leaves us with other unfixed bugs
17:18:00 <_TPG> +1
17:18:49 <itchka> bero: I agree. If there really is an impact on operability we will just have to extend out targets.
17:18:54 <itchka> +1
17:21:04 <_TPG> ok so it is decided then
17:21:20 <_TPG> do we have any topics to talk about ?
17:22:21 <bero> nothing from my side
17:22:44 <itchka> Yes I one
17:23:33 <itchka> The 2014 repo has many, many 2013 files in it this needs to be fixed.
17:24:06 <bero> yes, and a couple of obsolete 2014 files too
17:24:11 <itchka> This is as ob 3 days ago or so.
17:24:18 <itchka> ob=of
17:24:27 <itchka> How does this happen?
17:25:00 <itchka> Could this be wht everthing is so fscked
17:25:16 <bero> I think ABF doesn't delete old packages when they have been copied there without having been built (such as anything that has been copied over from 2013.0 initially)
17:25:59 <itchka> so is it trying to rebuild the metadata for all these?
17:27:45 <itchka> Could I suggest that we add a weekly review of ABF issue and on the condition of out repositories
17:28:01 <itchka> To the cooker agenda.
17:28:14 <itchka> So that this kind of thing gets addressed.
17:29:04 <_TPG> itchka: if we have foo-1-1-2013.0 and foo-1-2-2014.0 then everything is fine
17:29:23 <_TPG> because hdlist keeps infor which one rpm is good
17:29:34 <bero> It probably does contribute to metadata generation being slow, even if there's no way 1-1-2013.0 will actually get installed
17:29:53 <_TPG> i think that bero can remove these 2013.0 if 2014.0 package exists
17:30:40 <bero> I can't, same problem as with the java package backports. No write access to openmandriva2014.0/i586
17:31:09 <itchka> If 2014 package does not exist does 2013 get installed. This smells of the problems people had instlling gcc
17:32:22 <itchka> bero: Is there a reason why you can't do X86_64
17:33:09 <bero> itchka: not really, but it means having to do the work twice (once now and once when we get access to i586)
17:34:50 <itchka> bero: /bin/rm ./*2013* surley is not alot of work or is it more complicated than that?
17:35:58 <bero> itchka: It is... Blindly deleting *2013* would destroy stuff that hasn't been rebuilt so far (possibly breaking the build tree), and it wouldn't catch all the bad ones (I'm sure there's also a few cases where we have something-1-2.2014.0 and something-1-3.2014.0)
17:39:39 <_TPG> i'm closing TC meeting in 10 mins
17:39:56 <itchka> bero: so a mix of old and new is expected then?
17:40:56 <bero> itchka: yes, anything that is copied from 2013 and hasn't been rebuilt is supposed to stay
17:41:09 <itchka> bero: Maybe we need some maintenance scripts to keep things clean?
17:41:10 <_TPG> itchka: same was in mdv/mdk days
17:41:33 <_TPG> itchka: well you can not fix everything with scripts
17:41:43 <itchka> bero: I never had anything to do with old Mandriva buidl farm
17:42:30 <_TPG> itchka: if we wont fix all failed packages from mass rebuild then we end in situation when 2013.0 ones will be pulled inside ISO
17:44:15 <itchka> bero: Ok I'm beginning to understand how important it is to fix all the failed packages (all 828 of the devils)!!
17:44:45 <_TPG> :)
17:44:57 <_TPG> itchka: have you posted link to ML
17:45:55 <franciscopk> pcpa:  happy birthday belated ;)
17:46:13 <itchka> _TPG: It's the same link as previously I just replaced the data. but I will post again just for you :}
17:46:38 <_TPG> itchka: and please yell there at people :p
17:47:10 <_TPG> #endmeeting