14:31:56 <_TPG> #startmeeting
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14:32:29 <_TPG> arisel, benatto bero crisb fedya itchka pcpa VladimirRubanov Wayne_Sallee
14:32:54 <_TPG> Let's start today's TC meeting
14:32:58 <Wayne_Sallee> I'm here.
14:33:53 <_TPG> here is the agenda http://pastie.org/8778380
14:34:08 <_TPG> #topic Java stack - pcpa and Bero
14:34:14 <fedya> _TPG: +
14:34:25 <_TPG> What is the current status for java in 2014.0 ?
14:35:17 <_TPG> pcpa,
14:38:04 <_TPG> lools like pcpa is not here
14:38:56 <pcpa> _TPG: almost finished
14:39:09 <_TPG> pcpa, what means almost ?
14:39:20 <_TPG> 50% or 99%
14:39:36 <pcpa> 99.9% need to fix one package that triggered a bug somehwhere
14:39:45 <_TPG> only one :O
14:40:05 <pcpa> yes :-) just one that needs to be rebuilt from source, on i586
14:40:15 <_TPG> so
14:40:20 <_TPG> seems fine
14:40:27 <_TPG> not threth for now
14:40:46 <_TPG> what about other packages that uses java? those needs rebuild ?
14:40:48 <pcpa> I will finish it before meeting end
14:41:43 <pcpa> _TPG: should not need a rebuild, but only testing to be 100% sure
14:42:32 <bero> back, sorry, our 4-legged friend needed to stay outside a couple of minutes too long ;)
14:42:38 <_TPG> :D
14:44:23 <_TPG> pcpa, thanks then, pcpa would be nice if you drop few lines about new java here https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/2014.0/New
14:45:51 <_TPG> so moving to next
14:46:06 <_TPG> #topic MariaDB support - Bero
14:46:41 <_TPG> bero, switch to mariadb is done ?
14:46:43 <bero> done and working, no known problems at this time (but I won't rule out that we'll get a bug report or two during more extensive testing)
14:47:12 <_TPG> bero, acording to this it's 50% https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/2014.0/Specifications#Server
14:47:26 <bero> Needs an update then ;) updating
14:47:45 <_TPG> ok, what about galera and SOGo ?
14:49:08 <bero> galera is waiting on upstream (right now they only support the 5.5 branch and the patch is too large to port). Already did some stuff that will make integration easier once they're releasing a patch for the 10.x branch - but I'd currently say chances of that happening before the release are maybe 20%
14:49:53 <bero> SOGo -- some stuff done but didn't get around to doing all I'd like to see in, so the situation is better than in 2013.0 but probably won't be where I'd like to see it before 2014.1/2015.0
14:50:28 <_TPG> bero, please mark them as postponed for next release
14:50:44 <bero> added some details
14:51:00 <_TPG> thanks
14:51:07 <_TPG> moving to next topic ?
14:51:51 <bero> I don't have anything to add on this one
14:52:33 <_TPG> #topic ISO build and testing  - Bero and Q&A
14:53:28 <_TPG> i think we know the status
14:53:38 <bero> Summing it up:
14:53:54 <_TPG> bero, we need iso with proper file name containing beta
14:53:59 <bero> 2772 is starting to look good, but has some kdm issues and the new libreoffice isn't in
14:54:46 <_TPG> kdm is fixed now waiting for package being published
14:55:02 * bero is a bit puzzled about the wrong filename, the invocation looks correct... But will take a look
14:56:12 <_TPG> well yes -c 'cd /home/vagrant ; iso_builder/MATRIX i586 openmandriva2014.0 beta' should produce OpenMandriva.beta.2014.0
14:56:34 <_TPG> finally OpenMandriva.beta.iso is created
14:57:24 <_TPG> itchka, ping
14:59:49 <_TPG> let's make 20 mins pause i need to get to my home
14:59:51 <_TPG> brb
15:14:28 <fedya> bero: looks like glibc localegen issue fixed with a fresh qemu-git package
15:20:09 <itchka> Sorry guys emergency at home
15:20:50 <itchka> Back in an hour. Unavoidable I'm afraid
15:21:13 <itchka> Will start testing on my return
15:32:36 <_TPG> i'm back
15:34:09 <_TPG> let's continue
15:34:22 <_TPG> bero: can you start build beta ISO
15:34:54 <bero> sure
15:35:04 <bero> is the kdm fix published?
15:36:13 <_TPG> bero: yes
15:37:26 <_TPG> itchka: ping
15:39:31 <_TPG> looks like Q&A is missing :)
15:39:39 <_TPG> #topic ISO upload on sf.net and mirrors - Workshop Team
15:40:26 <_TPG> so who will upload it to so.net ?
15:40:30 <_TPG> sf.net
15:41:53 <bero> I can take care of it, I have sufficient access
15:43:43 <_TPG> #action bero will upload ISO to sf.net
15:44:10 <_TPG> so next
15:44:17 <_TPG> #topic Release announcement - Workshop Team
15:44:48 <_TPG> anyone from workshop team ?
15:47:46 <karol_> I tried to install on all beautifully vb goes to a certain point, and pops out a message that the,An error has occurred - there are devices on which you can create new systems.Search equipment to detect the cause
15:50:52 <_TPG> looks like workshop team is away
15:51:09 <_TPG> agenda in finished
15:51:18 <_TPG> do we have any other topics ?
15:51:59 <bero> libreoffice -- if anyone has time, I'd be happy if someone could take a look at the crash on startup from every component of it (when building from current source)
15:52:14 <bero> I'll look at it myself too, but currently have some Linaro work that has to take priority
15:53:13 <bero> Also, just FTR I'll be gone next week (Linaro Connect conference). Knowing those events, I'll be around occasionally, but even when I'm around it'll be in a weird timezone
15:55:53 <_TPG> bero: how weird timezone ?
16:03:47 <_TPG> ok do we have anything left to discuss?
16:04:07 <_TPG> if no then i'll close this meeting
16:04:11 <_TPG> in 10 mins
16:11:47 <LLKCKfan> What is the easy way to cook a pork should in a crock pot and for how long
16:13:42 <_TPG> Xu_R:  a little bit late but welcome
16:14:25 <Xu_R> _TPG: Yeah, I'm late. Overslept. :/
16:14:28 <Xu_R> Sorry about that/
16:15:58 <_TPG> Xu_R: do you want to add something to agenda ? TC meeting is closing in a few mins
16:16:29 <Xu_R> _TPG: are we still releasing this friday?
16:16:41 <_TPG> nothing changed
16:17:16 <Xu_R> hmm, ok.
16:21:38 <_TPG> Xu_R: btw any eta on bugzilla new theme ?
16:21:53 <_TPG> Xu_R: iirc this is very old topic
16:22:17 <_TPG> would be nice to have at least openmandriva word in bugzilla main site
16:25:23 <pcpa> _TPG: just finished, 100% java packages properly rebuilt from source, will update wiki now
16:25:40 <_TPG> pcpa: awesome work
16:26:48 <LLKCKfan> What is the easy way to cook a pork should in a crock pot and for how long
16:27:55 <_TPG> #endmeeting