17:23:05 <_TPG> #startmeeting
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17:23:58 <_TPG> arisel: ashledombos bero crisb fedya itchka_ itchka__ mdawkins nicco pcpa rugyada VladimirRubanov
17:24:13 <_TPG> are you ready for release meeting ?
17:24:24 <blackcrack> !bark
17:24:25 * chwido barks at blackcrack in minor chords.
17:24:39 * bero is here
17:25:07 * blackcrack cry, :"chewido also !! "
17:25:32 <ashledombos> yes
17:26:50 <nicco> yes
17:27:02 <bero> chwido: bite anyone who isn't there
17:27:03 * chwido thinks about biting anyone who isn't there but decides to not to.
17:27:13 <_TPG> so we have a GO decision from our QA guys
17:27:29 <blackcrack> (sorry) *roflmao*
17:27:48 <bero> Great
17:27:55 <bero> SF upload is still in progress
17:28:00 <bero> but should finish in less than an hour
17:29:22 <symbianflo> If I may ... GO decision  ... according with what i've read Xu  put everything on Collins hand... is this a GO ?
17:30:56 <_TPG> symbianflo: see the topic of his e-mail
17:31:08 <_TPG> bero: ok so let's wait till it is finished
17:31:27 <_TPG> whos here can do a release announcement on blog.openmandriva.org ?
17:31:38 <_TPG> seems like Kate is not here
17:31:42 <symbianflo> Hi all,  Nobody really voted this round! Except Colin. And other than the occasional reports that were talked about on the email list I didn't have much to go by.  So I'm deferring to Colin's judgement of a GO on the condition that "this next iso actually boots and installs properly".  Please don't let this decision be a mistake. I don't feel like having to enforce mandatory voting because everyone's busy... It only tak
17:32:15 <symbianflo> ok if this a go  for you , I can live with it . Carry on , and excuse me .
17:32:49 <_TPG> symbianflo: so what is this ? a NoGO ?
17:33:04 <blackcrack> or an Nobark ?
17:33:12 <bero> I don't know if I have publishing rights on blog.openmandriva.org, but I don't think so
17:33:44 <symbianflo> Ok please excuse , and don't let me keep you.
17:34:12 <nicco> symbianflo: did you tried it? i tried it into two laptops and for me it's a GO
17:35:11 <nicco> and Colin knows that, for the reason we have been disccussing a lot
17:35:27 <symbianflo> yes I've tryed, this , Even wrote here my  problems.  but you and me  ain't no QA , if you see what I mean...
17:36:03 <nicco> there can be ever remaining problems with some hardware
17:36:25 <_TPG> symbianflo: if you found any bugs please file a detailed report on issues.openmandriva.org
17:36:27 <nicco> other problem can be fixed beofre the public GA release
17:36:33 <symbianflo> so again please , do not bother  with me , go on
17:38:06 <_TPG> Klebedeff: hi
17:38:07 <_TPG> :)
17:38:16 <Klebedeff> Hi:)
17:38:19 <symbianflo> Even better I'll let you to work in peace without balls-busting-me :D
17:38:19 <_TPG> Klebedeff: we have a GO situation here for RC1
17:38:33 <Klebedeff> Great!
17:38:35 <bero> hi Klebedeff
17:38:57 <_TPG> Klebedeff: bero is about to finish ISOs upload on sf.net
17:39:12 <_TPG> Klebedeff: so what left is to publish release announcement
17:39:42 <_TPG> here is the announcement https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oPwUd975cvCZ-9V0QoPumRAB6-hknNvWx6yXuQbP97c/edit
17:39:44 <Klebedeff> Sounds good:) so i make an announcement then - once get the links
17:40:02 <_TPG> if anyone can have a look at it now would be great
17:40:12 <Klebedeff> I have it, tks:)
17:40:12 * bero looks
17:40:23 <_TPG> sounds like we have things settled down
17:40:29 <Klebedeff> So the links will appear in cooker ML?
17:40:47 <_TPG> Klebedeff: i think bero will post them here too, roght bero ?
17:40:47 <Klebedeff> Bero can you please email them to me?
17:41:00 <bero> sure
17:41:10 <_TPG> brb needs to clean my room
17:41:23 <Klebedeff> I will not be here unfortunately:( on the road
17:41:38 <Klebedeff> Thank you bero:)
17:42:27 <Klebedeff> I am on the road for about 3 more hours, but then will publish everywhere:)
17:43:43 <bero> Klebedeff: I've fixed a couple of things in the announcement, please make sure you post the current one (previously there was some confusion about what version of KDE is included etc)
17:45:49 <nicco> LibreOffice >
17:46:32 <nicco> i see in the release announcement a wrong rel number for LO
17:46:35 <Klebedeff_> Bero can you please copy-paste last phrases, i lost them
17:47:13 <ashledombos> [19:43] <bero> Klebedeff: I've fixed a couple of things in the announcement, please make sure you post the current one (previously there was some confusion about what version of KDE is included etc)
17:47:28 <ashledombos> you missed just one sentence :)
17:47:40 <ashledombos> oh
17:47:47 <bero> nicco: fixes
17:47:47 <ashledombos> [19:45] <nicco> LibreOffice >
17:47:48 <Klebedeff_> Thanks bero and ashledombos:)
17:47:49 <ashledombos> [19:45] --> Klebedeff_ (50bb60a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. a rejoint ce canal.
17:47:50 <bero> fixed even
17:47:50 <ashledombos> [19:46] <nicco> i see in the release announcement a wrong rel number for LO
17:49:14 <Klebedeff_> OK will fix for LO
17:50:01 <Klebedeff_> Am on email and mobile:)
17:50:02 <Klebedeff_> Gone
17:50:02 <nicco> we forgot to put the experimental support of EDID override by Firmware Load
17:50:33 <nicco> we have this feature in the kernel, and also the firmwares with common EDIDs
17:50:41 <nicco> and is all in the ISOs
17:51:20 <nicco> Colin has done all the testing on this new feature
17:53:39 <_TPG> nicco: please add this
17:53:48 <_TPG> nicco: you know better how this works
17:54:18 <nicco> i know hat i added to kernel, but Colin has tested it
17:56:13 <ashledombos> for replying davide on ml, can you confirm that the url for last iso are correct:
17:56:17 <ashledombos> 32bit
17:56:18 <ashledombos> https://abf.io/platforms/openmandriva2014.0/products/71/product_build_lists/3364
17:56:20 <ashledombos> 
17:56:21 <ashledombos> 64bit
17:56:23 <ashledombos> https://abf.io/platforms/openmandriva2014.0/products/70/product_build_lists/3366
17:57:06 <bero> ashledombos: yes
17:57:31 <ashledombos> bero: thanks
17:57:49 <bero> ashledombos: Also, to take some load off abf's servers, http://lindev.ch/OpenMandriva.2014.0-RC1-kde4.x86_64.iso http://lindev.ch/OpenMandriva.2014.0-RC1-kde4.i586.iso
17:57:54 <bero> ashledombos: SF upload is still running
17:58:17 <ashledombos> ok
17:58:59 <nicco> a phrase like this >
17:59:00 <nicco> This is first kernel version we enabled two new kernel keys to test the "EDID ovverride" feature,
17:59:02 <nicco> with this we should be able to override the wrong EDID of displays with options at kernel boot,
17:59:03 <nicco> we have included EDIDBINS into the ISOs, so there are 5 firmwares for the most common resolutions
18:00:13 <nicco> the users may force different resolutions than the ones detected automatically by X
18:07:22 <blackcrack> qpropo, iso-image.. the name of them, maby it is not bad, if we are add the buils-no on the name, if the possible ?
18:07:58 <blackcrack> OpenMandriva.2014.0-RC1-kde4.3365.i586.iso
18:08:05 <blackcrack> OpenMandriva.2014.0-RC1-kde4.3364.i586.iso
18:11:53 <bero> blackcrack: That would avoid some confusion... But I don't think the build scripts have access to that information right now. We'll need the ABF guys to provide it.
18:12:33 <blackcrack> oky
18:23:14 <blackcrack> http://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Thomas_Krenn_Open_Source_Sponsorship_2014
18:23:20 <blackcrack> did you write an mail ?
18:23:39 <itchka> I'm back and forth for a while
18:25:11 <itchka> I'll add some stuff to the release notes about edidbins in the next hour. Things have been a bit hectic.
18:29:20 <nicco> good...
18:31:41 <blackcrack> 2. question, it is possible for adding the dosega.ttf as standart font in konsole / adding the font standart in the font-folder ?
18:33:31 <proyvind> itchka: I was referring to the naming of oma-welcome
18:35:00 <proyvind> I guess I could've pointed out that by "<vendor>-foo" I referred to "OMA-Welcome"
18:35:03 <proyvind> ;)
18:36:11 <itchka> proyvind: That's fine then ,, I though I might have transgressed some unwritten rule :)
18:51:28 <nicco> how many people will download the RC? a greater number than beta? or people will prefer waiting the final isos?
18:52:59 <proyvind> itchka: nonono, that woulda been a bit off, (and rude due to it's) weird(ness) comment to make in that context
18:55:35 <_TPG> any news on sf.net uplaod ?
18:55:56 <proyvind> but yeah, still, cough up the relevant code in question for me to glare at, and it's quite plausible for me to spot any potential fishy looking stuff just with a quick glance
18:59:37 <crisb> proyvind: did anyone mention the rpm trigtrans patch to you?
19:00:59 <itchka> crisb: I did we discussed it last night but I couldn't find the code.
19:01:40 <crisb> proyvind itchka: its rpm-5.4.10-trigtrans.patch in the rpm package
19:02:26 <proyvind> crisb: I'm more interested in a reproducer and/or code in question
19:02:39 <proyvind> ;)
19:02:59 <proyvind> 17:15:34 < proyvind> itchka: I gave some thought to the issue discussed last night, the issue is prolly' slightly different (considering crisb  tracked it down to rpm transaction triggers suggests) but not far off, if packages are removed one transaction at a time, the  transaction triggers will go search through all of Dirnames & Basenames indices for each transaction in order to match on files
19:03:05 <proyvind> 17:21:01 < proyvind> IIRC I was a bit unhappy about the trigger implementation by jbj (that I pretty much just reused, so I suspect that the other  native %triggers might suffer similarly, just not as easily spotted due to there being no difference regardless of number of  packages per transaction) being kinda slow amongst other things..
19:04:57 <crisb> proyvind: i reproduced it by installing the iso in vbox then manually rpm -e <list of around 100 packages>
19:05:34 <crisb> result was a total hang of the virtual machine unless i bumped the ram up to 3gb
19:05:53 <crisb> without the patch the removal was instant.
19:06:15 <proyvind> crisb: well, I'm asking for a more minimal and easy reproducer, especially since I'm not even at home and is currently on a 2/3g connection..
19:06:29 <crisb> but - why are we doing that work when there are no pre/post un triggers?
19:06:47 <crisb> trans triggers in mean
19:06:55 <proyvind> hm
19:07:03 <proyvind> one way for me to duplicate could be
19:07:15 <crisb> the pre-in trans trigger ran fine btw but then it doesnt do all the file stuff i noticed
19:07:37 <proyvind> if you xz compress and provide me with a copy of yer /var/lib/Packages from install, then the list of packages
19:08:26 <crisb> i can do that
19:09:10 <crisb> proyvind: where shall i put it
19:10:57 <proyvind> scp it to bigbertha
19:17:58 <_TPG> bero: upload to sf.net is done ?
19:24:28 <proyvind> btw.
19:24:29 <proyvind> >-e -vvvv --justdb b43-fwcutter-017-2-omv2014.0.x86_64 calligra-l10n-de-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-l10n-es-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-l10n-fr-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-l10n-it-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-l10n-nb-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-l10n-nl-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-l10n-pl-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-l10n-pt-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-l10n-pt_BR-2.8.0-1-omv2014.0.noarch calligra-
19:24:37 <proyvind> oops
19:24:38 <proyvind> wrong copy/paste
19:24:47 <proyvind> 21:09:14 < crisb> the pre-in trans trigger ran fine btw but then it doesnt do all the file stuff i noticed
19:24:54 <proyvind> could you be more specific?
19:30:16 <proyvind> (I've easily enough reproduced it now btw., thx:)
20:16:30 <_TPG> bero: pong
20:20:26 <bero> _TPG: Still not done, it slowed down a lot
20:20:37 <bero> 93% now
20:33:00 <itchka> bero: ping
20:33:04 <itchka> bbs
20:33:12 <itchka> 30 mins
20:34:50 <bero> argh...
20:34:52 <bero> rsync: [sender] write error: Broken pipe (32)
20:34:58 <bero> after 99% of uploading isos to sf.net :/
20:35:08 <bero> Hope it'll resume there on next try
20:37:47 <karol_> Itchka occurs from you such an error in the RC 1 that you can not log in because I do not have the login window?
20:39:04 <_TPG> ooops
20:40:03 <_TPG> bero: will isos be uploaded on sf.net before midnight ?
20:40:32 <bero> _TPG: currently looks good, it says ETA 06:43
20:40:45 <_TPG> 06 hours? :p
20:40:46 <itchka> karol: You are correct. There will be new iso's very soon
20:40:52 <bero> 6 minutes 43 seconds
20:41:03 <itchka> I'm back
20:41:10 <bero> We should download it and verify checksums though
20:41:17 <bero> I don't fully trust rsync's disaster recovery
20:41:27 <_TPG> yup
20:41:31 <itchka> yes it was less of an emergency that I was given to beleive!!
20:42:26 <bero> slowing down again, 5:10 now
20:42:43 <bero> But even if it takes 10 times as long it'll be before midnight
20:42:45 <bero> so looking good
20:43:03 <itchka> sounds like it's a torrent.
20:43:13 <_TPG> sounds fine
20:43:36 <_TPG> hope Kate will not fall asleep :p
20:45:55 <_TPG> i'll be back in half an hour
20:50:33 <bero> sf.net upload is done... need to verify checksums though
20:51:24 <nicco> at which speed can you download the iso from SF?
20:52:41 <bero> around 1.5 MB/s
20:52:48 <nicco> good
20:52:50 <bero> But their file release system actually shows checksums
20:52:55 <bero> it's currently calculating them apparently
20:54:06 <nicco> using rsync i have had never one single problem with file integrity
20:57:21 <bero> ok, checksums match
21:14:36 <nicco> bero: can I send an announcement on MIB forum?
21:14:49 <nicco> with the link > http://sourceforge.net/projects/openmandriva/files/rc/
21:14:49 <bero> nicco: I think so...
21:15:10 <bero> I'm currently pinging kate about the official announcement
21:18:46 <nicco> she was not at home
21:19:06 <nicco> she said that she needs about 3 hours to arrive home
21:19:17 <bero> I know
21:19:42 <nicco> but now have passed more than 3 hrs
21:19:53 <nicco> but now have passed more than 3 hrs
22:05:37 <_TPG> Kate have announced RC1 on blog
22:06:36 <_TPG> download links are not precise
22:06:38 <_TPG> https://blog.openmandriva.org/en/2014/04/rc1-is-released/
22:15:43 <_TPG> bero: thanks for uploading iso
22:16:46 <itchka> _TPG: Are we done then.. can I stop worrying? :)
22:17:28 <_TPG> itchka: seems not yet
22:17:44 <_TPG> itchka: i've mailed Kate with one change into announcement
22:18:19 <_TPG> itchka: announcement should point directly to 2014.0 RC1 dowloads on sf.net
22:18:36 <_TPG> currently there are too many links
22:18:44 <_TPG> like to ABF and to bero's server
22:19:01 <itchka> -TPG: I just lokked I think she has already changed it.
22:19:03 <_TPG> looks like it got cnaged
22:19:11 <_TPG> \o/
22:20:00 <_TPG> we did here a great work today
22:20:17 <itchka> so we really are done. Phew we are going to have to find a better way of doing this. We were well on track and then it all fell apart at the last minute.
22:20:45 <_TPG> itchka: yes i've also noticed this on previous releases
22:21:16 <_TPG> itchka: i think there is to much attention, and tu much noise and people are starting panicing
22:21:28 <itchka> You are a master of understatement _TPG :)
22:21:52 <_TPG> like ISO x does not boot, but iso y did, and i don't like this artwork etc.
22:22:14 <_TPG> we need to calm down
22:22:46 <_TPG> as we are not going to fix all issue in just like that nor satisfy everybody
22:23:03 <_TPG> time to focus on GA
22:23:13 <itchka> It was really the abf issues that messed up this time.. I'm still not really sure what went wrong there but messing with the repos so close to release is really asking for trouble.
22:24:15 <_TPG> itchka: yeah, and this md5sum issue with urpmi medias gave to much trouble
22:24:26 <_TPG> klebedeff: Hi, thanks for the announcement
22:24:28 <itchka> You are right we do need to concentrate on GA. Simple Welcome is a good piece of work but it needs a little linguistic polish.
22:31:32 <_TPG> chwido: wb
22:31:34 <chwido> _TPG: Error: "wb" is not a valid command.
22:31:51 <_TPG> !bite itchka
22:31:52 * chwido thinks about biting itchka but decides to not to.
22:32:25 <itchka> _TPG: You are in for a treat. What are we going to do about 2013 continued support?
22:32:55 <itchka> chwido: Lick TPG
22:32:55 <chwido> itchka: Error: "Lick" is not a valid command.
22:33:22 <itchka> chwido: nibble TPG
22:33:22 <chwido> itchka: Error: "nibble" is not a valid command.
22:34:00 <itchka> He's very disobedient
22:36:18 <_TPG> itchka: i've an evil plan to work out after 2014.0 Ga release
22:36:30 <_TPG> currently i'm working on this
22:37:27 <_TPG> if 2014.0+ release will be based on cooker again, then there are tons of work to do for us
22:55:52 <_TPG> time to go to sleep
22:55:56 <_TPG> bye
04:38:13 <johnn> if i install rc now there is no necessity reinstall again if final relese is made isnt it?
04:49:39 <johnn> if i install rc now there is no necessity reinstall again if final relese is made isnt it?
04:59:06 <johnn> if i install rc now there is no necessity to reinstall again after final release. isnt it?
06:01:57 <johnn> If i install rc now there is no need to install again after final release isnt it?
06:19:23 <johnn> If i install rc now there is no need to install again after final release isnt it?
07:00:18 <symbianflo> 'morning gents
07:34:01 <itchka> Howdy symbianflo
07:34:58 <symbianflo> likewise
07:35:19 <itchka> symbianflow: You were right about the region set. Now the blasted thing segafults with this:-
07:37:01 <itchka_> libdvdread: Found 27 VTS's
07:37:02 <itchka_> libdvdread: Elapsed time 0
07:37:03 <itchka_> *** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:914 ***
07:37:05 <itchka_> *** for pgc->program_map_offset != 0 ***
07:37:07 <itchka_> *** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:916 ***
07:37:08 <itchka_> *** for pgc->cell_position_offset != 0 ***
07:37:10 <itchka_> *** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:914 ***
07:37:11 <itchka_> *** for pgc->program_map_offset != 0 ***
07:37:12 <itchka_> *** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:916 ***
07:37:14 <itchka_> *** for pgc->cell_position_offset != 0 ***
07:37:16 <itchka_> *** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:914 ***
07:37:17 <itchka_> *** for pgc->program_map_offset != 0 ***
07:37:18 <itchka_> *** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:916 ***
07:37:20 <itchka_> *** for pgc->cell_position_offset != 0 ***
07:37:43 <itchka_> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
07:41:47 <itchka> If I disable dvd menus it doesn't crash but I still get no video.
07:43:35 <symbianflo> itchka_:  I think I've touched 3 or 4 packages that segfault on me in my life( and those ware written by me..) , when segfaults I don't search for more ... so you just have to live with it ... why vlc? evolve, ...ghghghgh I think you should sucked up and move on ... ain't my fault that you choose vlc as default player ...use romp, xt7, qmplay, you have hundreds alternatives...
07:45:53 <itchka> symbianflo: From the point of view of playing you are right. It's just sad we have a program on our system that is in someway broken. It has to be there at the moment because it supports KDE's sound backend
07:46:18 <symbianflo> you know ounce I've pushed a patch in mdv  that changed the compiler and the package build fine , but some thimb-sucker ( aka= mdv real packager ) said that is not acceptable , it's like fixing gnome by using kde, so don't  tellme that speach again... :D
07:46:56 <symbianflo> vlc ain't kde/qt native player
07:47:54 <symbianflo> so a sane choice in kde would be a qt based, as romp, qmplay...
07:47:57 <karol> Hi All :)
07:48:12 <symbianflo> yo  karol
07:48:31 <karol> Yo Symbianflo :)
07:49:06 <karol> RC1 it's ok
07:49:37 <itchka_> symbianflo: I googled the error and came up with this http://lists.mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/dvdnav-discuss/2013-March/001896.html
07:50:15 <itchka_> ironicalyl I'm trying to play the same video. :)
07:51:08 <symbianflo> itchka: vlc is like a multinational company... so until you get a upstream fix will pass months,
07:51:23 <symbianflo> yeah mplayer fixed a year ago
07:52:24 <itchka> symbianflo: There was a patch attached I'll try in in my local repo
07:52:26 <symbianflo> Author: diego
07:52:26 <symbianflo> Date: Sun Mar 17 15:06:49 2013
07:52:26 <symbianflo> New Revision: 1252
07:52:26 <symbianflo> Log:
07:52:26 <symbianflo> Add missing strings.h #include for strncasecmp().
07:52:26 <symbianflo> Modified:
07:52:26 <symbianflo> trunk/libdvdnav/src/remap.c
07:52:27 <symbianflo> Modified: trunk/libdvdnav/src/remap.c
07:52:27 <symbianflo> ==============================================================================
07:52:28 <symbianflo> --- trunk/libdvdnav/src/remap.c	Tue Feb  5 22:25:29 2013	(r1251)
07:52:28 <symbianflo> +++ trunk/libdvdnav/src/remap.c	Sun Mar 17 15:06:49 2013	(r1252)
07:52:29 <symbianflo> @@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
07:53:28 <symbianflo> good luck
07:53:53 <itchka> Thanks
08:15:59 <karol> Merry easter for all :)
08:26:20 <symbianflo> Likewise karol:  happy Easter
08:31:44 <karol> Thank's Symbianflo :)
09:19:26 <oiram73> Hi!  questions:  1) why dkms is not installed by default?  2) Why remove unused packages after installation? Would not it be more logical to create task-PACKAGE according to the language and the hardware used to install during installation?  Greetings!
09:47:49 <nicco> oiram73: Ciao!
09:47:55 <oiram73> ciao
09:48:23 <nicco> oiram73: Hai installato omv2014 RC?
09:48:35 <oiram73> su vbox
09:48:50 <nicco> oiram73: come ti sembra
09:49:31 <oiram73> ma non ho visto niente in più riguardo a .compose-cache: è vuota. Devo provare da root?
09:53:11 <nicco> oiram73: è già attivata a livello root, per cui la cartella sta li, nulla sulla home utente
09:53:53 <oiram73> Ok! Proverò!
09:54:13 <oiram73> Per il resto mi sembra ottima! Molto reattiva!
09:54:58 <oiram73> Ma faccio anche a te le domande riguardo dkms e unused-packages: che ne pensi?
09:55:05 <nicco> oiram73: compose cache è praticamente di default per tutti gli utenti
09:55:42 <nicco> oiram73: si puoi usare con tranquillità remove-unused-packages, è sicuro!
09:56:27 <nicco> oiram73: so che il driver dkms fglrx era stato trestato e funziona
09:57:03 <oiram73> a me invece ha stressato a dovere! :(
09:57:11 <nicco> oiram73: naturalmente, se mancano pacchetti, o ci sono pacchetti
09:57:53 <nicco> oiram73: vecchi da aggiornare, si puo farne richista attraverso BugZilla, come richiesta Enhancements
09:58:52 <nicco> oiram73: sarnno usati i repo /contrib/updates sopratutto, ma dopo il rilascio e lo sblocco del freeze status di adesso
09:59:41 <nicco> oiram: nel frattempo l'unico che è molto attivo in contriv e che ha i permessi di pubblicazione diretta. è > crisb
10:00:10 <nicco> oiram73: se hai qualche richiesta, puoi inviargli qualche msg pvt
10:00:23 <oiram73> Però le mie domande erano altre: 1) perché dkms in OMA non è installato di default! 2 ) perché rimuovere i pacchetti non usati dopo l'installazione: non è più logico individuare i necessari prima dll'installazione?
10:01:47 <nicco> oiram73: dkms non è installato di default perche OMA promuove solo il software libero, e i driver chiusi ed installabili via DKMS non sono software free
10:03:02 <nicco> oiram73: anche se sono presenti nei repo non-free e restricted, tutto cio che e chiuso, ristretto, non free, non è promosso dall'organizzazione, ma tu puoi installarlo lo stesso
10:03:24 <nicco> oiram73: come per esempio anche flash player, skype, ecc...
10:04:00 <nicco> oiram: adesso abbiamo OMA Welcome, che è una figata pazzesca, sopratutto per i newbies
10:05:15 <oiram73> Ok! Capito! OMA Welcome effettivamente merita! Aspettiamo anche le traduzioni! :)
10:07:59 <itchka> bero: If you are about could you please publish https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1799074 https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1799075 Thanks. BTW this fixes a segfault with certain videos
10:14:38 <nicco> oiram73: per le traduzioni, potremmo impegnarci... ;-)
10:15:18 <nicco> itchka: fixed the problem with VLC and DVD?
10:19:49 <itchka> nicco: Don't know yet waiting for publishing
10:20:40 <itchka> but I suppose I could install the local version I built
10:21:12 <nicco> i hope that too...
10:22:18 <nicco> so, install and test it for us!
10:29:12 <itchka> Still segfaulting
10:31:45 <nicco> :-(
10:35:40 <itchka> but in a different place
10:36:08 <itchka> found another patch so I'll test that
10:51:05 <oiram73> nicco: dkms-virtualbox è proprietario?
11:08:18 <proyvind> crisb: I found the cause of why %triggertranspostun being so slow, seems like I've created a single dependency rpmds dependency set, then appended it to a larger one with rpmdsMerge() (read: not really *append*, but rather an operation that means allocate a new dependency set of size n+1, copy n+1 structures to it, then free old multi & new single dependency size sets n+1) while iterating over them
11:09:52 <proyvind> IIRC I did so back then in order to get all the dependencies/files that might possibly fire triggers *before* erasure in order to collect them before them all being freed before %triggerposttransun scripts can be fired
11:11:34 <proyvind> after I got binutils breakage fixed last night in order for me to do some profiling, I noticed this:
11:11:37 <proyvind> 69.16     17.78    17.78    69891     0.00     0.00  rpmdsDupArgv
11:11:40 <proyvind> 14.04     21.39     3.61 55291243     0.00     0.00  hashFunctionString
11:11:43 <proyvind> 5.21     22.73     1.34   132846     0.00     0.00  rpmdsMerge
11:12:23 <proyvind> (rpmdsDupArgv() is a static function in rpmds.c, only called by rpmdsMerge() & rpmdsNew() in psm.c..)
11:13:00 <proyvind> I will try find some better way of doing this
11:15:47 <proyvind> considering that all occurences of rpmdsMerge() usage together with the related rpmdsNew() function all takes place in runScriptTriggersLoop(), I wonder whether I perhaps might be able to preallocate the whole dependency set on the stack..
11:16:49 <proyvind> that would avoid a whole lotta repeated heap allocation, copying and zero free()'ing
12:09:09 <proyvind> hm, is there any reason for us no longer
12:09:31 <proyvind> activating laptop_mode through /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode?
12:10:48 <proyvind> we've deprecated laptop-mode-tools IIRC, but what's now responsible for enabling this on demand?
13:08:26 <NicCo> provynd: what do you mean for enabling: "laptop-mode tools on demand?"
13:16:32 <NicCo> oiram73: hai fatto altre prove con omv2014?
13:19:21 <oiram73> Ancora no! Più tardi sicuramente! Sto testando la combinazione nuovi fglrx con linux3.10 che pare essere il kernel ufficialmente supportato da ROSA e finora "sembra" tutto OK!
13:24:18 <NicCo> oiram73: puoi anche provare il kernel 3.12.17, che è molot stabile ed anche LTS
13:25:06 <oiram73> Certamente!
13:25:09 <oiram73> :)
13:29:26 <proyvind> NicCo: running yer '%{patches_dir}/scripts/apply_patches' in %build for kernel.spec is the wrong place and a bad place to do so as it breaks --short-circuit
13:30:28 <proyvind> NicCo: can it be moved to %prep? :)
13:33:05 <proyvind> NicCo: we've obsoleted the laptop-mode-tools package, yet there's no other tools that touches /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode..
14:21:47 <bero> http://www.haskellforall.com/2014/04/worst-practices-are-viral-for-wrong.html <--- good explanation of why GNOME is successful
14:49:57 <symbianflo> bero: Haskell for all already  for me ... worse then cabal don't exist, even java it's better..
16:27:57 <mdawkins> bero did you clean out pkgs from cooker repo?
16:28:32 <mdawkins> well i doesn't matter, i just repub'd a pkg by crisb so the MD gets updated
16:29:19 <symbianflo> itchka: do we have a fix ?8-)
16:38:28 <proyvind> NicCo: I made the kernel package --short-circuitable, while also introducing a '--with toolsonly' conditional for only building the tools, additionally I did some cleaning
16:38:52 <proyvind> oh, I also built a few more power related tools as well and added them to the cpupower package
16:49:06 <proyvind> NicCo: btw. could you enable CONFIG_ACPI_CUSTOM_DSDT in kernel?
17:13:20 <karol> Colin how to remove Homerun bar that no two programs run on only the traditional bar ?
18:21:45 <proyvind> fedya: around?
18:28:58 <proyvind> bero: around?
18:30:54 <karol> Hi proyvind :)
18:31:25 <karol> proyvind crisb how to remove Homerun bar that no two programs run on only the traditional bar ?
18:42:32 <proyvind> karol: I wouldn't know, I don't even know what Homerun is even :o)
18:44:02 <NicCo> karol: you can remove HomeRunn full screen and replace with > add > Homerun Kicker
18:46:35 <NicCo> karol: unlock object > goto OpenMandriva bar > click on it > add object > + > homerun kicker >
18:49:01 <NicCo> karol: when you have this, in the right side of the bar, you can move it to the left, remove the homeRun full and replace with the small HomeRun, then > Lock Object
18:52:56 <proyvind> NicCo: did you see what I wrote you? :o)
19:30:38 <simbianflo_omv-l> itchka: vlc really sucks ...
19:30:44 <simbianflo_omv-l> http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=qLxGmn8a
19:32:11 <simbianflo_omv-l> I don't really get it , do you know guys that in RC you don't have a dvd player, out of the box?
19:33:38 <simbianflo_omv-l> tested with 10 different dvd-s same exit... so how is the procedure to change the default player on the future 2014.0?
19:43:02 <simbianflo_omv-l> romp works just fine.
19:50:41 <simbianflo_omv-l> xt7-player3 works
19:53:30 <NicCo> the VLC plf from restricted repos does not work too?
19:54:52 <NicCo> when i made the first update I saw all the vlc rpms being replaced by the plf version
19:55:25 <NicCo> (supporto "restricted")
19:55:26 <NicCo> lib64dca0                      0.0.5        4             plf   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:28 <NicCo> lib64faad2_2                   2.7          7             omv   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:29 <NicCo> lib64vlc5                      2.1.4        2plf          plf   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:31 <NicCo> lib64vlccore7                  2.1.4        2plf          plf   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:32 <NicCo> lib64x264_133                  0.133        0.20130731.2  omv   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:34 <NicCo> vlc                            2.1.4        2plf          plf   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:35 <NicCo> vlc-plugin-flac                2.1.4        2plf          plf   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:37 <NicCo> vlc-plugin-gnutls              2.1.4        2plf          plf   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:38 <NicCo> vlc-plugin-pulse               2.1.4        2plf          plf   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:40 <NicCo> vlc-plugin-theora              2.1.4        2plf          plf   2014.0 x86_64
19:55:41 <NicCo> -------
19:55:58 <NicCo> is this the VLC version that segfaults with DVD videos?
19:59:45 <simbianflo_omv-l> yes vlc is useless out of the box , in dvd plying
20:00:04 <simbianflo_omv-l> mplayer-gui works fine
20:00:10 <matthewnportner> so im having urpmi errors on abf when building packages anyone have an idea how to fix? build id is 1799221
20:01:10 <symbianflo> matthewnportner:  just publised for omv 2014, gimme i link
20:02:09 <matthewnportner> i wonder if my chroot is messed up
20:02:13 <matthewnportner> heres link to my log
20:02:26 <matthewnportner> http://file-store.rosalinux.ru/api/v1/file_stores/ed3eafe93255010490b4c157fb7f8155df57d208.log?show=true
20:04:01 <simbianflo_omv-l> nicco IMO  vlc  is to be  dropped ... now if you care  you can fwd to  decide this, is the second time that Im testing this and itchka is got it right, i don't think that we have time for fix and test properly vlc. but i'm nobody . you do the math and who decide tis better think twice
20:04:18 <symbianflo> matthewnportner: looking
20:04:23 <matthewnportner> i agree mplayer-gui much better than vlc for default
20:04:27 <bero> I'm not opposed to using romp by default
20:04:41 <bero> but vlc needs to stay anyway because it's used by phonon
20:04:42 <matthewnportner> thanks symbianflo
20:04:49 <symbianflo> I gave you 3 alternatives  easy to maintain
20:05:40 <symbianflo> vlc is the worse choice ... can you add by out of the box  plf staff into the iso?
20:06:25 <bero> technically yes, legally no (anyone working on it in the us would go to prison or worse)
20:07:26 <symbianflo> matthewnportner: wget failed: exited with 8
20:07:45 <matthewnportner> ?? i thought i saw urpmi errors?
20:07:49 <symbianflo> http://abf-downloads.rosalinux.ru/cooker/repository/i586/main/release/
20:07:50 <matthewnportner> ill look again
20:08:11 <symbianflo> wget failed to download from main
20:08:41 <symbianflo> bero: now you c what I mean?
20:09:05 <matthewnportner> oh ok lol gotcha but i im not sure why im suddenly getting problems downloading from repo???
20:09:17 <matthewnportner> 2 builds in a row now
20:09:22 <symbianflo> just regen the  build
20:09:37 <symbianflo> wget another bad choice...
20:10:13 <bero> fedya: ping
20:10:51 <symbianflo> bero: vlc without plf is quite useless have you your music collection all in OSS? ( ogg, or so? )
20:11:17 <bero> actually I do, I hate the patent mafia enough to bother to convert everything
20:11:33 <symbianflo> BTW can you just use curl instead of wget?
20:11:34 <bero> but we can't legally ship anything else that includes the needed codecs in some parts of the world either
20:11:45 <bero> I don't see why not, but what's wrong with wget?
20:12:50 <proyvind> anything wrong with rosa-media-player?
20:13:23 <symbianflo> bero: wget-1.15.tar.xz        19-Jan-2014 05:17  1.6M    what you have in omv?
20:13:38 <symbianflo> would you care to c the fixings in 1.15
20:13:42 <bero> proyvind: no, the reason why we replaced it with vlc in the main iso was mostly to get rid of "it's just a rosa clone" type comments
20:13:55 <bero> We have 1.14 AFAIK
20:14:00 * bero looks at 1.15 changelog
20:14:01 <proyvind> that's kinda retarded..
20:14:27 <symbianflo> bero: i would keep that rosa clone..
20:14:45 <symbianflo> ok listen omv is shipped with LXDE right?
20:14:49 <proyvind> mplayer-gui is IIRC horribly poorly maintained/~abandoned'ish
20:15:07 <bero> proyvind: agreed -- it's either romp or vlc
20:15:09 <proyvind> and vlc lacks support for a lot of codecs
20:15:12 <symbianflo> use  a lightest player ,  witch ix xt7,
20:15:27 <bero> symbianflo: Not at the moment, we're planning to include LXDE in the future though
20:15:43 <symbianflo> ok then romp
20:15:47 <symbianflo> smplayer
20:15:51 <proyvind> while for mplayer, it uses ie. ffmpeg and my dlopen() patch etc.
20:16:06 <symbianflo> whant more i'll import all what you need, qmplay'
20:16:15 <symbianflo> ffpalyer
20:16:19 <symbianflo> more?
20:16:30 <symbianflo> just drop this vlc shit
20:16:51 <proyvind> bero: what about any kde alternatives using gstreamer?
20:17:07 <bero> I don't like xt7 too much because of its obscure codebase, so IMO romp/smplayer would be a better choice IMO
20:17:33 <bero> proyvind: might be an alternative, but personally I hate gstreamer. Have you ever looked at its code? I've never seen a worse mess
20:18:14 <symbianflo> beside that vlc is pretty useless without restricted, is also hard to maintain, beside that a fix upstream last months after reporting the bugz
20:18:49 <symbianflo> bero: can you define obscure codebase?
20:18:58 <proyvind> that would be the most convenient considering it's widely supported and maintained by many, also with the provides generated and ability to automatically install the needed codec through packagekit (of course, someone, most likely ending up myself, needs to do the work)
20:19:09 <bero> symbianflo: Written in a language most people haven't even heard of (gambas)?
20:19:11 <symbianflo> is in gambas3 ,
20:19:20 <proyvind> bero: is that for the code in general, or for the gstreamer-plugin-ugly package or something? ;)
20:19:31 <symbianflo> yeah right, gba is VB linux alternative...
20:19:34 <bero> proyvind: I'd say even the core gstreamer lib
20:19:39 <proyvind> well
20:19:53 <proyvind> we're fortunate to not develop it ourself at least..
20:19:57 <bero> anything that uses gobject must die
20:20:13 <symbianflo> who use gobject?
20:20:20 <bero> gstreamer
20:20:24 <symbianflo> ahahahahah
20:20:27 <symbianflo> right
20:20:30 <proyvind> and it seems like a lot of others are less fortunate and collectively does a good job at maintaining and supporting it
20:20:58 <proyvind> with even commercial backing from companies like fluendo
20:21:04 <bero> that's true
20:21:20 <proyvind> are there any good kde players using gstreamer?
20:21:48 <symbianflo> ok anyway , just think about it, just consider that mmedia stack it's one of the most important categoty in a distro out of the box...
20:21:50 <bero> it's kind of like gnome -- it's a horrible mess of spaghetti code built on a set of libraries closely resembling quicksand, but somehow there's enough people with plasters around to keep it mostly working
20:23:08 <bero> wget 1.15 looks like it has enough bugfixes to warrant an update
20:25:28 <symbianflo> bero: 2014-01-05  Håkon Vågsether <hauk142@gmail.com> (tiny change)
20:25:29 <symbianflo> * http.c (http_loop): Fix checking the URL length when filename is
20:25:29 <symbianflo> specified.
20:25:41 <symbianflo> it just happent ghghghghgh
20:26:00 <proyvind> has anyone tried out kmplayer or kaffeine lately?
20:26:26 <bero> the last time I tried kmplayer, I liked smplayer a lot better
20:26:34 <bero> haven't tried kaffeine in a while
20:26:38 <proyvind> I remember kaffeine to be kinda sexy compared to the alternatives when I tested it like during the kde 3 aera or something..
20:26:59 <proyvind> http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/data/doc/gstreamer/head/manual/html/section-integration-kde.html
20:27:25 <symbianflo> kaffeine is much better if you  have a dvb-t or -s  support much better dvb, for the rest  kmplyer or kaffeine are the same
20:28:04 <symbianflo> but you should consider qmplay2 for example ...
20:29:06 <proyvind> btw. while I've found the particular culprit in code for the slow removal of many packages at a time, I've just found myself trailing off doing other distro development work, so if you need a quick workaround ASAP, you should prolly
20:29:17 <proyvind> ' be able to get by with --notriggers :o)
20:29:48 <proyvind> symbianflo: qmplay2 is kde?
20:30:24 <symbianflo> pure qt5
20:30:27 <proyvind> (*kde*, name would seem to suggest qt, no kde)
20:30:32 <proyvind> right
20:34:28 <proyvind> bero: btw. I know you've been on rather sub-state-of-the-art connectivity in previous job, assuming wwan/ppp being yer poison at the time.. do you have any knowledge about possibly related problems with idle ssh sessions being dropped after only a few min through ppp connections?
20:35:39 <proyvind> I'm currently at my gf's mom's place, so 3g/ppp, I'm making assumptions of it being possibly related to the issue
20:36:45 <bero> I never really looked into why, but I did see ssh connections being dropped after any short period of inactivity (I presumed it's some router in between deciding to kick the connection to flush its cache or something)
20:36:45 <proyvind> or for all I know, it might be phone & tethering being the one to blame..
20:36:53 <bero> I found this patch helped: http://ostatic.com/openssh-watchdog
20:37:05 <bero> But that may have been only for the specific connection there
20:37:59 <proyvind> I'm using sshfs with -o reconnect against bigbertha, that works quite well (provided that I stay out of mount as cwd for gvim;)
20:39:22 <proyvind> but the regular ssh sessions getting dropped all the time are getting annoying, and I have utterly crappy hardware with outdated software by comparision if I were to work locally :p
20:39:35 * bero just installed the OMV ARM port on his Chromebook -- looking pretty good, but we need to fix a couple of things. Definitely good enough to look at the uclibc breakage though
20:40:24 <proyvind> :)
20:41:03 <proyvind> since when has it been broken
20:41:04 <proyvind> ?
20:41:12 <bero> Definitely the last couple of days
20:41:43 <bero> looks like it's just bogus compiler arguments, the error looks like -mfloat-abi=softfp is somehow making its way into the compiler wrapper even when we're using hardfloat
20:42:04 <proyvind> hm
20:42:05 <proyvind> yeah
20:42:23 <proyvind> I remember noticing somewhere that incompatible compiler args were combined on arm
20:43:33 <bero> I think it's not even a uclibc problem
20:43:47 <bero> It's probably the same thing that causes all recent armv7hl builds to fail
20:44:17 <bero> Somehow rpm seems to think we're on armv7l when we're in fact on armv7hl, echo armv7hl-openmandriva-linux-gnueabi >/etc/rpm/platform "helps"
20:45:21 <proyvind> oh
20:45:35 <proyvind> yeah
20:46:51 <proyvind> I helped fedya with related issue earlier
20:46:55 <proyvind> lemme see
20:47:47 <proyvind> # cat /home/fedya/rootfs/etc/rpm/platform
20:47:47 <proyvind> armv7l-mandriva-linux-gnueabi
20:47:47 <proyvind> armv7hl-mandriva-linux-gnueabi
20:47:47 <proyvind> noarch-mandriva-linux-gnueabi
20:47:53 <proyvind> from bigbertha
20:48:51 <proyvind> with armv7l on top, it'll default to it
20:48:55 <bero> True
20:48:58 <proyvind> but
20:49:01 <bero> but this is with no /etc/rpm/platform
20:49:09 <bero> so autodetection must be going wrong somewhere
20:49:20 <bero> (of course telling armv7l from armv7hl is not the easiest thing)
20:49:26 <proyvind> related to auto detection with cpuinfo and the loss of rpmrc to define default target platform
20:49:33 <bero> do you know off the top of your head where the autodetection lives?
20:50:06 <proyvind> I implemented support for setting a default by predefining the variable %_prefer_target_cpu
20:50:56 <proyvind> bero: IIRC it's qemu that reports it as arch
20:51:13 <bero> This is on real hardware, so qemu can't be at fault ;)
20:51:18 <proyvind> oh
20:51:21 <proyvind> well
20:51:24 <bero> uname -a does say armv7l
20:51:37 <proyvind> well
20:51:41 <bero> but that's logical because kernel-wise there's no difference between the two
20:51:55 <bero> so we probably need to special-case arm*l with an extra detection of hardfloat vs. softfloat
20:52:00 <bero> I just wonder why this ever worked ;)
20:52:09 <proyvind> then there you have yer same problem, s/qemu/real hardware/ ;)
20:54:00 <proyvind> bero: my recommendation is is adding the archss to /etc/rpm/platform like above for now, then you may define a different default target if the one on top (with highest arch/platform score) isn't desired
20:54:12 <proyvind> see /etc/rpm/premacros.d/cpuinfo_target.macros
20:54:20 <proyvind> or you can likely use --predefine as well
20:54:25 <proyvind> but even cooler
20:54:27 <bero> yes, probably the easiest thing
20:54:36 <proyvind> would be if you were to implement arm support in cpuinfo
20:54:54 <bero> I think I'll look into doing that, definitely cooler
20:55:01 <bero> libcpuinfo, I presume?
20:55:53 <proyvind> with the wastly fragmented world of different arm* archs out there, that would be way more useful and relevant nowadays than when I first implemented the support in rpm
20:56:09 <proyvind> https://launchpad.net/cpuinfo
20:56:20 <proyvind> package is cpuinfo
20:57:02 <proyvind> it comes with a /usr/bin/cpuinfo tool and even perl & python bindings :o)
20:58:44 <bero> That 20110325 version we're packaging seems rather outdated - has there been any activity since?
21:01:29 <proyvind> I haven't skimmed through intel manuals etc. lately though, last new features I added support for detection of were AVX IIRC, but not as if adding support for detecting newer instructions etc. has been of great importance to our usage (especially considering that noone having started creating new targets for x86_64, in contrast to i386 with i[3456]86, athlon, penium[234] etc.)
21:02:40 <proyvind> bero: nope, but that's not really much of an issue :)
21:04:07 <matthewnportner> ok so check this build attempt out https://abf.io/build_lists/1799245. same issues ive been having for a while . im rather seasoned at building rpms so no rookie here…. but for some reason no matter how i put gnome-doc-utils-devel in build requires abf dont pull and install it???
21:04:57 <proyvind> I've been expecting someone to implement arm support for it sometime soon for quite a while, interesting enough (considering jeff's position on it), he was the first to raise the issue of the importance and relevance of implemeting arm support in libcpuinfo back in 2011 or something...
21:05:02 <proyvind> :o)
21:08:49 <proyvind> there's no standard way of exposing functionality etc. on arm along the  lines of x86's cpuid instruction is there?
21:11:25 <bero> no, the easiest (possibly even the only) thing to do is to parse /proc/cpuinfo and rely on what the kernel tells us. Not exactly the nicest thing out there, but definitely the fastest thing to implement
21:11:55 <proyvind> testing instructions, sigaction & SIGILL will be the buzz words?
21:12:06 <proyvind> k
21:12:10 <proyvind> yeah
21:12:12 <proyvind> fast to implement
21:12:15 <proyvind> but not pretty
21:12:27 <bero> yes, testing instructions w/ SIGILL and the likes should work for most things
21:12:58 <bero> some stuff like hardfloat vs. softfloat must be done in an even uglier way
21:13:11 <bero> because machines with an FPU can still run softfloat code
21:13:23 <proyvind> if you look at the code, this is how Gwenole did it for some of the non-x86 archs cpuinfo supports
21:13:25 <bero> so we need to detect what the rest of the system is built for
21:13:50 <bero> yes, currently looking
21:14:25 <proyvind> gb is credited for actual design and most of implementation btw.
21:15:42 <proyvind> so for some of the more exotic stuff for platforms with no personal knowledge of, I'm kinda oblivious about much ;)
21:16:37 <bero> We have to look at /proc/cpuinfo anyway to get the hardware identifier (e.g. "Exynos" isn't actually coded anywhere in the hardware - but we can get that sort of information from the kernel's devicetree, it's a compiletime option in the kernel)
21:16:49 <bero> So I think in the first step we can just rely on that
21:25:59 <proyvind> ahrf, parsing /proc/cpuinfo is so totally unl33t
21:26:00 <proyvind> hehe
21:30:10 <proyvind> bero: I notice in openssh package, the watchdog patch is there, but only conditionally enabled.. were you the one who added it? and why disabled by default? is it related to the dogmatic taboo of patching openssh? :o)
21:31:52 <bero> I think it was already there when I joined the project, but I remember maintaining the watchdog patch in Ark times
21:32:25 <bero> So I'm not sure why it's disabled by default, but probably it's because of the taboo
21:32:43 <bero> This thing doesn't do anything unless -o "Heartbeat 10" or something is used
21:32:48 <bero> so it should be harmless
21:33:11 <proyvind> yeah..
21:34:22 <proyvind> anyone opposing enabling it by default? :o)
21:34:50 <bero> opposed to enable it by default on the 2014.0 release branch simply because the last rc is already done, but 100% in favor of enabling it on cooker
21:35:26 <proyvind> I have no access to that branch anyways, so a non-issue for me ;p
21:36:01 <bero> I'm pretty sure you do, though possibly only regular (non-admin) access
21:36:33 <proyvind> nope
21:36:37 <proyvind> I don't :o)
21:36:51 <bero> Weird, access is handled only through groups AFAICT
21:37:06 <bero> btw, ia64 cpuinfo parses /proc/cpuinfo as well ;)
21:37:31 <proyvind> yeah, I remember there was at least one instance of that being done.. :p
21:41:27 <proyvind> between the different arm* archs, what's the major diverging factor, available instructions, registers, mojo, or...?
21:41:54 * proyvind is still embarassingly oblivious about arm architecture :|
21:43:12 <bero> FPU (no fpu vs. VFP vs. VFPv3 vs. VFPv4), SIMD instructions (NEON), extra instruction sets (thumb, thumb2), endianness, SMP capability, AMP capability
21:44:43 <bero> And then there's the armv7l vs. armv7hl thing, but that's more of a matter of the ABI being used than a CPU feature
21:44:53 <bero> but I guess it has to go into cpuinfo as well so rpm can tell the difference
21:45:47 <NicCo> what has been decided to do with VLC?
21:46:08 <bero> NicCo: Nothing yet, that's a topic for the next meeting when more people are around...
21:46:15 <NicCo> to stay in the iso, while adding another player
21:46:33 <NicCo> dragon player exists?
21:46:44 <bero> pretty sure it does
21:46:46 <NicCo> i remember this name
21:46:55 <bero> used to be part of kdemultimedia
21:47:24 <NicCo> smplayer and kaffeine i remember as good player
21:47:55 <NicCo> kaffeine has the TV card control, DVB, ecc
21:47:58 <bero> romp too (not much of a surprise given it's based on smplayer)
21:48:28 <NicCo> if we dont want problems, perhaps is better adding romp
21:48:52 <NicCo> and,if VLC must trmain too, the ROMP should be configured as default
21:49:07 <proyvind> bero: well, if you see output of cpuinfo on x86, you'll see that it detects quite a lot of features (of course, much easier with cpuid..:p), but trying to do similar for arm and detecting any individual sort of pecularities that would be great :o)
21:49:08 <NicCo> for all the file supported
21:49:31 <bero> proyvind: That's what I'm doing
21:49:50 <proyvind> I guess you've already seen /usr/lib/rpm/cpuinfo.yaml etc. :o)
21:49:53 <proyvind> neat'o :D
21:53:32 <proyvind> a peculiarity diverging from cpuid detection in cpuinfo for x86 btw. is for alignment check, which cpuid doesn't report and is only way to tell difference between i386 and i486 (that I came across then at least) :o)
21:54:33 <proyvind> I guess you yourself has to rely on stuff way beyond such trivial "pecularities" for achieving same goal for arm ;p
21:58:07 <bero> The "funniest" thing is that there's no easy way to detect the CPU frequency
21:59:49 <bero> and libcpuinfo seems to be badly prepared for AMP systems
22:01:26 <proyvind> AMP?
22:01:36 <bero> Asymmetric Multi-Processing
22:01:57 <bero> e.g. 8 CPUs, 4 of which can go to 2.4 GHz and 4 can do only up to 800 MHz but use less power
22:02:12 <proyvind> oh
22:03:21 <proyvind> there's nothing equivalent to TSC on arm?
22:05:55 <proyvind> with different cpus at different frequencies, the way it's performed in libcpuinfo for x86 would of course seem quite a challenge...
22:07:05 <proyvind> are one able to designate on which cpu to execute what on?
22:07:29 <bero> Theoretically yes, but in practice the kernel handles this automatically
22:07:49 <bero> and even moves stuff around between CPUs depending on system load
22:08:19 <bero> (e.g. when you turn off the screen on your mobile, it might actually move everything to the lower-end CPUs and shut down the fast ones to save power)
22:10:09 <proyvind> so any access to such must then likely be exposed by the kernel through some (most likely currently non-existent) interface somehow?
22:13:21 <proyvind> yeay! a double free() when trying to do 'urpmi --buildrequires openssh.spec'
22:14:32 <proyvind> at least far less horrifying to debug and fix than if anything goes wrong in the terrifying perl code world of urpmi and outside of my comfort zone.. :p
22:46:17 <proyvind> bero: have you put any thought into getting libhybris into cooker?
22:46:33 <proyvind> s/into/about/
00:29:56 <proyvind> bero: seems like there has been implemented a ServerAliveInterval option since that does the same btw. :o)
06:11:17 <blackcrack> http://wstaw.org/m/2014/04/20/plasma-desktopeB6684.png
06:15:11 <blackcrack> 2. in vtt1 it is an bug also ! the cursor appears irregular, I see in various computer at home ..
06:16:03 <blackcrack> 3. try to make "w" for who is online on local computer ! works not ! and who and other local commands for see what's going on !
06:16:37 <blackcrack> it should let see pty also ! or other possible :
06:28:29 <blackcrack> http://wstaw.org/m/2014/04/20/plasma-desktopr11099.png
06:33:58 <blackcrack> http://wstaw.org/m/2014/04/20/plasma-desktopU11099.png
06:38:49 <blackcrack> if you let run sound in kde, and make strg/ctrl+F1/Fx brake the sound !
06:39:41 <blackcrack> if you make mc in tty (pty) you become "baby-colors with midnight commander, wrong colors !!
06:43:06 <blackcrack> http://wstaw.org/m/2014/04/20/plasma-desktopU11099_1.png
06:50:22 <karol> Hi Blackrack :)
06:50:36 <blackcrack> hi karol
06:50:39 <blackcrack> :)
06:51:13 <karol> merry eastern
06:51:32 <blackcrack> merry eastern too :)
06:51:40 <karol> :)
06:51:57 <blackcrack> if i can ask, from where do you come ?
06:52:14 <blackcrack> (you live in ?)
06:52:37 <karol> Szczecin Poland :)
06:52:49 <blackcrack> nice :)
06:53:00 <blackcrack> you spezial place is ?
06:53:05 <blackcrack> in programming
06:53:11 <karol> no
06:53:18 <blackcrack> what do you like ?
06:53:23 <karol> i'm cook
06:53:30 <blackcrack> rpm 's ?
06:53:40 <blackcrack> so, packing ?
06:53:48 <karol> QA Team :)
06:53:53 <blackcrack> ah very good :)
06:53:59 <blackcrack> take a look on clementine *g*
06:54:04 <blackcrack> *g*
06:54:55 <blackcrack> so do you have seen the pictures and the reports ?
06:55:15 <karol> something wrong with clementine ?
06:55:39 <karol> No
06:56:20 <karol> This notification if it is a bug :)
06:56:57 <blackcrack> cant installing.. 1. old pack, 2.  http://wstaw.org/m/2014/04/20/plasma-desktopr11099_1.png
06:57:42 <blackcrack> an bug, you whant say, it works in cli ?
06:58:58 <karol> strange that they do not want to install
06:59:19 <blackcrack> http://wstaw.org/m/2014/04/20/plasma-desktops11099.png
07:00:28 <karol> fehler :)
07:00:58 <blackcrack> jepp.. an big fad bug , for shooting up *g* but not only the clementine, dreamdesktop also !
07:03:25 <karol> ide for breakfast and how to eat it back and we will continue to think what to do., I call it bugzzilę
07:03:35 <blackcrack> oky
07:04:11 <blackcrack> i go now also n bit playing in winnt.. i hope reactos whant finish for using fast as possible :\
07:04:28 <blackcrack> apropo : forum.blackysgate.de
07:47:04 <itchka> bero: Should you be about could you publish https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1799504 and https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1799503 please. This update should fix the segfault in vlc when playing DVD's. I am also updating libdvdread but there some it took some time to ealise that there were some missing files that are required for the multi-arch tag in RPM. Might get time tonight to fix that but this update alone should allow playing videos.
07:47:43 <bero> nice... publishing
07:47:56 <bero> what was it?
07:49:36 <itchka> An empty variable was being returned. I tried several patches that maintained they fixed it. Then I discovered the library had been updated. Got to go now chat later. Happy Easter
07:50:46 <karol> Happy Easter Colin :)
09:04:52 <proyvind> ~
09:47:44 <proyvind> bero: how is your insight on dbus?
13:39:52 <symbianflo> happy easter  to everybody  ( less one... ghhgh )
14:29:21 <NicCo> symbianflo: happy holidays!
14:32:03 <symbianflo> Happy easter nicco
17:26:29 <nicco> bero: ping
17:26:56 <bero> nicco: 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.034 ms
17:26:56 <nicco> > on file /usr/share/applications/about-openmandriva-lx.desktop > Icon=mageia > ???
17:27:09 <bero> That seems wrong...
17:27:43 <nicco> ???
17:27:43 <bero> Probably someone synced with them and forgot to restore our customizations
17:28:06 * bero fixes
17:28:46 <bero> So I presume it should be Icon=ubuntu? ;)
17:28:47 <nicco> it's bizzarre that on a specific openmandriva file reading > =mageia
17:28:55 <nicco> ;-)
17:30:07 <bero> The same file says NoDisplay=true, so chances are nobody ever saw it, but nevertheless that should have been caught
17:31:18 <bero> All the .po files in indexhtml have bogus strings referring to Mageia as well
17:31:26 <bero> I wonder whose idea it was to sync that package with them
17:31:38 <bero> syncing regular packages, fine - but one that's essentially "about us" files?
17:42:51 <nicco> it would be better, for at least this file, having the oma icon...
17:50:15 <oiram73> Mageia Again?! O my God! It haunts us!
17:52:29 <proyvind> bero: cd po; make clean; make update_n_merge
18:01:32 <ashledombos> itchka: around?
19:56:27 <karol> HI All:)
19:56:53 <itchka> Hi Karol had a busy day?
20:01:35 <karol> rather the day of gluttony :)
20:02:32 <karol> I'm still not visible firewall
20:04:10 <itchka> Did you manage to delete the panel and add it back again?
20:04:53 <karol> I did so and still nothing
20:04:58 <karol> :(
20:05:42 <itchka> That's strange  is this on your eeepc
20:06:52 <karol> actually it should be good, even try and see
20:07:29 <itchka> Not sure I understand..
20:08:32 <karol> you have an idea what to do ?
20:09:13 <itchka> Are you using an eeepc?
20:09:36 <karol> yes
20:10:10 <itchka> It has Intel graphics hardware?
20:10:27 <karol> yes
20:12:39 <itchka> I have one of those let me look.
20:13:26 <karol> ok
20:24:36 <itchka> I'ts not on my eeepc either. I think thi smigh be a screen scaling thing I'm looking into it further
20:40:45 <karol> and what ?
21:05:56 <itchka> karol;: I can't find anything that's causing a problem it's just not there
11:20:19 <fedya> bero: hi
11:40:13 <nicco> fedya: hi
11:40:17 <fedya> nicco: hi
11:40:24 <fedya> kernel is good for me
11:41:00 <nicco> ok, it that I was waiting from you... :-)
11:41:39 <nicco> has been closed the issue 165?
17:47:34 <fedya> itchka: ping
18:20:31 <proyvind> crisb: https://abf.rosalinux.ru/openmandriva/rpm/commit/6ea786d3a9f5a7104a816e0dd3d7411061545651
18:20:55 <proyvind> comparision of before and after:
18:21:00 <proyvind> 14.01user 1.60system 0:42.98elapsed 36%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 451696maxresident)k
18:21:03 <proyvind> 0inputs+658584outputs (64major+132514minor)pagefaults 0swaps
18:21:06 <proyvind> 86.94user 8.96system 2:04.10elapsed 77%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 454112maxresident)k
18:21:09 <proyvind> 0inputs+680408outputs (68major+4347352minor)pagefaults 0swaps
18:21:11 <proyvind> or rather
18:21:13 <proyvind> that was more like after and before :p
18:23:12 <proyvind> I think I even fixed a bug with some triggers not firing with that new patch :o)
18:25:41 <proyvind> nicco: comparing memory usage, I can see why you had problems with install on a system with only 2GB
18:34:06 <crisb> proyvind: great! well played sir
19:23:03 <nicco> proyvind: with 2GB Ive had none problems, 1.5GB is the minimun to install, with 1Gb nothing to do...
19:58:34 <crisb> proyvind: could be some problems with that patch, rpm is segfaulting on abf
19:59:49 <crisb> proyvind: eg http://file-store.rosalinux.ru/api/v1/file_stores/1ade5c3af9f7531d40bbfabbb77b967a260aaaa7.log?show=true
21:35:08 <nicco> OMA Welcome has the old omv2013 theme on the lefy
21:35:35 <nicco> if this has been not yet reported,
21:35:36 <nicco> it would be fine having the new theme of omv2014 on the right
22:50:05 <proyvind> crisb: ahrr, fudge, of course it did... :|
23:32:04 <matthewnportner> so do you think we will have to rebase if i bump glib2 from our current 2.38.2 to 2.39.91 and gtk+3 from our current 3.8.1 to 3.11.1
23:32:18 <matthewnportner> i need these versions to push gnome further so i can finish cinnamon
00:26:33 <nicco> from this comment
00:27:02 <nicco> https://forums.openmandriva.org/it/discussion/comment/193/#Comment_193
00:27:33 <nicco> it seems that Digikam is missing gphoto2 as dependency
00:28:30 <nicco> and without gphoto2 the fotocamera can not be recokned
00:30:09 <itchka> nicco: That's nowt quite right see bugs 695 and 696
00:31:36 <itchka> proyvind: Is abf still broken on rpm?
00:35:39 <nicco> i installed > libmtp-utils
00:36:04 <nicco> fi plugged my LG G2, and finally i see the popup window
00:36:39 <nicco> MTP > LGE Android Phone
00:36:54 <itchka> Well that's good isn't it!!
00:37:11 <nicco> I open the dolphin window, ok, but I can see only
00:37:49 <nicco> the file or folder : udi=/org/kde/solid/udev/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb2/2-1 does not exists
00:38:01 <itchka> You may need to add it as a device in KDE's control centre
00:39:16 <itchka> There may be other libs missing. I do not have an mtp camera so I can't check
00:39:42 <itchka> Though maybe my nexus has one
00:39:47 <nicco> insistteing I saw: the MTP protocol has dead unspectedly
00:39:58 <nicco> but finally, insisting again
00:40:25 <nicco> i am inside, I've entered in the smarphone contents
00:40:32 <nicco> finally, wow!
00:42:08 <nicco> Colin, i'm sending you some kisses, smack, smack, smack
00:42:43 <itchka> chwido: lick nicco
00:42:43 <chwido> itchka: Error: "lick" is not a valid command.
00:49:04 <nicco> im copying the DCIM photo folder into my netbook, is working!
00:50:14 <nicco> mmm, but now i remember that i had installed > libmtp-utils into omv2013
00:50:49 <nicco> searching package with the mtp word, i foung it and installed
00:50:57 <itchka> it adds mtp-probe to /lib/udev
00:51:20 <nicco> but with omv2013 the LG is not reckoned
00:52:06 <nicco> but, this is working now, with omv2014, not worked with omv2013
00:52:59 <nicco> I agree 100% that this lib should be inserted in the ISO
00:53:40 <nicco> so, omv2014 would be good enough to share data with portable devices
00:54:21 <nicco> out of the box, like currently happens with all the NTFS devices
00:55:06 <nicco> it's strange that at the first attempt mtp crashed
00:55:21 <proyvind> itchka: I have a fix, just testing it more thoroughly this  time '
00:55:31 <nicco> i'll verify carefully when I'' reboot this PC
00:56:00 <nicco> when the dolphin showed me the error
00:56:24 <nicco> i answered to the phone, that i wanted to install a software for the PC
00:56:47 <nicco> it opened another device, with a folder and the program for windows
00:57:05 <nicco> when i closed that dolphin window
00:57:12 <itchka> proyvind: Thanks for replying; can you ping when it's ready please.
00:57:24 <nicco> the device with program for windows disappeared
00:57:47 <nicco> it appeared again teh popup with MTP LG device connected
00:58:10 <nicco> i said: open in dolphin, and this time i saw the contents
00:58:21 <itchka> nicco: Well it may not be perfect but at least you have access
00:58:25 <nicco> but i have installed nothing....
00:58:32 <nicco> exact
00:58:46 <nicco> the important is that I copied the files
00:59:00 <nicco> and the copy transfer was ok
01:00:25 <nicco> Dolphin > General > Show the suggestion
01:00:45 <nicco> this feature is very handy
01:01:11 <nicco> when you have many files, you go with the pointer over an icon
01:01:30 <nicco> for example a pic, it says you immediately infos
01:02:06 <nicco> resolution x and x, file size
01:02:34 <nicco> for me this feature is mandatory, i enable it ever
01:06:25 <nicco> i see that last version of E17 has been arrived in contrib, thanks crisb
01:07:59 <nicco> all that means that there is a good chance for some E17 ISOs arriving
01:09:58 <itchka> I do not like this separate iso for different window managers if we are going to have different window managers have them all on the DVD as it was originally. The individual iso method dilutes effort.
01:11:20 <nicco> we need the dvd installable, not live, like was with upto mandriva 2010.2
01:11:56 <nicco> currently, without this, the only way is separate isos
01:12:47 <nicco> the installer used by proyvind is not a viable chance?
01:16:40 <itchka> nicco: it's written in Perl and according to some not well documented and thus be very difficult to maintain. The next thing on the list MUST be a NEW installer. Trying to fudge the old one is as far as i can tell from what others say a non-starter.
06:42:52 <proyvind> itchka: well, I've pushed the patch, but I lack the necessary access to fix it blocking builds..
06:59:56 <_TPG> hi
07:00:14 <_TPG> looks like few bugs were filled after RC1 release
07:18:57 <itchka> _TPG: Hi
07:19:23 <itchka> _TPG: I didn't see anything too startling, did yoy?
07:19:33 <itchka> yoy=you
07:22:02 <itchka> _TPG: There's a patch to RPM that needs pushing because at the moment abf is broken
07:24:15 <itchka> _TPG: Where is the firewalld.applet stored it doesn't seem to be displaying it's icon on itntel i915 harware.
07:32:16 <_TPG> wtf
07:32:17 <_TPG> http://file-store.rosalinux.ru/api/v1/file_stores/5751d8bb5f854dd6d6403a6ed12815ff68755669.log?show=true
07:32:21 <_TPG> itchka, ^^
07:33:09 <_TPG> bbl
07:33:13 <_TPG> work calls
07:33:18 <itchka> OK
07:56:28 <symbianflo> hello  gents
07:57:11 <itchka> Howdy symbianflo
07:58:50 <symbianflo> itchka:likewise, just out of curiosity ( about the "howdy" ) r u a redneck or smt ??:-D
07:59:49 <karol_> HI All :)
08:02:35 <karol_> Hi Avokhmin :)
08:02:45 <avokhmin> karol_: Good day)
08:20:02 <itchka> symbianflo: No I'm not a "Redneck" I'f fom UK it's jsut a bit of fun :)
08:20:45 <itchka> symbianflo: I'm gonna have to reset my fingers on the keyboard!!!
08:22:20 <itchka> symbianflo: You have access to contrib don't you. I don't suppose you'd like to have a look at the contests of this https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=356 bug. Some of it looks right up your street.
08:22:57 <itchka> symbianflo: BTW I have fixed video playing in VLC
08:26:25 <symbianflo> itchka:  ok I'll take a look to the bugz, about redneck-NO PUN INTENDED- , about vlc IMO is still a piece of crap mkv and asf still won't play.
08:28:39 <symbianflo> itchka: vlc main ( no plf) is pretty useless, plf can not be added in the ISO for obvious reasons, I'll port qmplay2 to omv also , and then lets see what excuse our "bosses" will find.
08:31:31 <itchka> symbianflo: Thanks that would be a great help. Currently abf is a bit broken waiting fro someone to push proyvinds patch to rpm. Hopefully _TPG will be back soon and he will do it.
08:34:47 <symbianflo> itchka: gimme 10 min , i must finish first last broken pythonegg in fresh, then i'll try that bugz, what I don't get it , is that it refers to omv2013.0, all that broken packages persists in omv2014.0 ? LE: some of them I've got fixed on MRB I'll just pushed them. Oh is in freeze... I'll wait the unfreeze then...
08:35:48 <karol_> Hi Symbianflo :)
08:37:00 <itchka> symbianflo: I think those will be allowed in if they are fixed, a lot of them are after all in contrib and not in main
08:40:39 <symbianflo> karol_: hi
08:44:23 <symbianflo> itchka: I know, but due the freeze 10 seconds job take me 10 minutes, so ATM is just a useless time consuming for me... now... I'm just sayn'... to go on bugzilla and avoid the problem with: contrib ain't no officially supported by omv, IMO is lame... and worth crap as an excuse...
08:46:43 <itchka> symbianflo: As a QA person I'm inclined to agree with you but shortage of help perhaps requires desperate measures so don't be too harsh. :)
08:47:00 <symbianflo> if contrib ain't officially supported by omv unfreeze me the contrib, period, I'll promise that if now I got contrib unfreezed I'll fix all those before the  release, talk with decide this and let me know... if i start NOW in the weekend you got the bug solved. UP to you :D
08:49:16 <itchka> symbianflo: I guess that what you are saying is that you don't have publish permissions in contrib yes?
08:50:25 <karol_> and what is the problem of the firewall on 2014.0 :( ?
08:50:52 <itchka> karol_: I do not know yet
08:51:27 <crisb> symbianflo: if you build the packages I will publish them so just go for it
08:52:08 <symbianflo> itchka: I have all the permissions I need , but the contrib is frozen, so : no push, no pull-requests, no automated publishing, no writing in /SOURCES, and so on ...
08:52:17 <crisb> at the moment everything is broken due to rpm but after that...
08:52:27 <karol_> ok Itchka :)
08:52:53 <karol_> Hi Crisb:)
08:53:03 <itchka> crisb: Who needs to push proyvind's fix?
08:54:18 <symbianflo> karol_:  I 've wrote here about that , I had to setup iptables by hand  to get integration with my LAN, and the iptables-GUI remain frozen on a desktop but you know... they need literature about it...
08:55:28 <symbianflo> nicco__:  ciao stella
08:55:57 <crisb> itchka: guess someone needs to either manually push the fixed binaries or the one before the fix
08:56:04 <crisb> before the breakage even
08:56:18 <itchka> symbianflo: The problem is only that the ico doesn't display it seems to be limited to i915 hardware. The application is running you can even hover over the blank space and get a tooltip but don't get an icon.
08:56:38 <crisb> i think just bero or mdawkins could do that, unless someone else could rollback the chroot to a few days ago
08:56:58 <itchka> avokhmin could do it couldn't he?
08:58:00 <crisb> avokhmin: can you rollback the omv chroot to one from friday?
08:59:04 <avokhmin> crisb: cached chroot ready only on ABF, but mock-urpm in progress...
08:59:48 <avokhmin> crisb: So, current builds works as before
09:00:44 <avokhmin> crisb: or you speak about something else?
09:01:18 <crisb> avokhmin: we've got a dodgy rpm being used which crashes whilst building the chroot, so we need it rolled back to a previous rev - can you do this?
09:02:15 <avokhmin> crisb: can you publish the old package?
09:02:56 <crisb> avokhmin: ah yes let me try
09:03:03 <avokhmin> crisb: ;)
09:07:43 <symbianflo> itchka: I got the same freeze on 2 laptops from live-usb, after woke up after the  machine sleep,  and on both I had to set iptables by hand , I ain't got no problem with that,  but some would...:-D
09:09:29 <itchka> symbianflo: You haven't seen this in installed mode? I haven't but I have only tested on one laptop.
09:14:14 <symbianflo> itchka: yeah about that ... I've also wrote that the install icon ain't no click-able in the menu , ... in live mode so no install for me , I'll ask the guys who prepare the confrontation 2014.0 vs x3.
09:16:21 <itchka> symbianflo: Might be an idea to file a bug. These things easily get forgotten.
09:16:48 <itchka> symbianflo: That's if you haven't already
09:18:47 <crisb> itchka avokhmin: ok we're back in business
09:19:31 <itchka> crisb: Great stuff thanks.
09:22:35 <itchka> crisb: What do you think about https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=426 ?
09:27:49 <symbianflo> itchka: literature ain't my best part, I rather fix it,  and if exists other people with same problem i'll propose it to main... btw  drakdvb from fresh should be imported ...
09:29:18 <itchka> symbianflo: I'll raise the bug for you if you will read it to make sure I have understood you properly
09:42:25 <crisb> itchka: its in progress
09:42:39 <symbianflo> itchka: also samba-swat should be insert in the iso , is the only safe and working way to setup a smb network out of the box from a graphic alternative , draksambashare  might be kept just because is good-looking ghghghgh
09:44:59 <symbianflo> itchka: gobject stuff.... you are risking big here ghghghghghhg
09:46:21 <itchka> crisb: Thanks
10:42:31 <_TPG> itchka, i've fixed your PTP/MTP related bugs
10:46:39 <itchka> _TPG: Thanks, I'll close them. I'm just updating the bugs lists now. I'm consolidation things so it's a bit easier to see what is outstanding. There a way to go yet though. I'll let you know when it's done.
10:52:10 <_TPG> itchka, this is critical imho, but workjaround is known
10:52:11 <_TPG> https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=669
10:52:24 <_TPG> needs a drakx-kdb-mouse-x11 development
10:57:21 <itchka> _TPG: A difficult one this. I wondered whether we could fix it in the installer by running dracut at or near the same point that remove unused packages is run. Though your solution is betteras it's more dynamic.
10:58:57 <_TPG> itchka, i started work on this in drakx but this seems a bit complicated to have it enabled in localedrake and keyboarddrake
10:59:42 <_TPG> brb
11:08:45 <fedya> TPG|: latest gcc 4.9.0 causes VERY BIG PROBLEM
11:09:03 <fedya> bero must know how to fix it
11:20:03 <fedya> pcpa: ping
11:25:44 <TPG|> fedya, :O like which problem ?
11:26:36 <fedya> TPG|: qemu segfault
11:26:54 <fedya> TPG|: https://abf.io/build_lists/1799996
11:26:56 <fedya> good example
11:27:08 <fedya> TPG|: all ARM builds always fails with latest gcc
11:27:52 <bero> fedya: It's not gcc but the build env
11:28:00 <fedya> bero: nope
11:28:06 <fedya> bero: i recovered 4.8.3 gcc
11:28:13 <fedya> and repair builds
11:28:21 <bero> we get --target armv7l in the armv7hl env
11:28:59 <fedya> bero: https://abf.io/build_lists/1798890 open build log
11:29:18 <fedya> bero: at the end of log qemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped
11:29:30 <fedya> bero: i recovered gcc 4.8.3
11:29:40 <fedya> and it's working again
11:29:44 <bero> I've successfully built stuff with 4.9 after echo armv7hl-openmandriva-linuxgnueabi >/etc/rpm/platform
11:30:15 <fedya> bero: gimme a link to your chroot
11:30:40 <bero> that was on my laptop
11:31:06 <bero> abf seems to be broken in a few ways
11:31:32 <bero> rpm platform fixed the apparent uclibc failures
11:31:47 <fedya> bero: it's not an ABF issue
11:31:49 <fedya> 100% gcc
11:31:59 <fedya> bero: i can proof it very easy
11:32:05 <fedya> bero: connect to your pcbox
11:32:14 <fedya> chroot to /home/fedya/openmandriva
11:32:36 <fedya> bero: try to run command rpm, rpmbuild, rpm2cpio or any other command from RPM package
11:33:15 <fedya> chroot /home/fedya/openmandriva/home/fedya/root
11:33:40 <fedya> libgcc1-4.9.0_2014.04-1-omv2013.0.armv7hl libgomp1-4.9.0_2014.04-1-omv2013.0.armv7hl libstdc++6-4.9.0_2014.04-1-omv2013.0.armv7hl
11:33:56 <fedya> if i erase it and install 4.8.3 all working fine
11:34:10 <fedya> it's definitely not ABF
11:35:00 <fedya> bero: all stuff inside ARM chroot working exlcude rpm
11:36:55 <fedya> bero: btw on arm build node 4.9.0 working fine
11:36:58 <fedya> but not with qemu
11:37:34 <fedya> i have one idea, but need a time to research it
11:38:38 <fedya> bero: qemu built with 4.8.3 gcc, may i need to rebuild it with latest gcc
11:38:51 <fedya> what do you think?
11:41:00 <bero2> 4.9 is working fine on my chromebook though... have you tried on yours?
11:41:19 <fedya> bero2: yes it's working on REAL hardware
11:41:28 <fedya> but not within qemu
11:42:20 <fedya> bero2: https://abf.io/build_lists/1800061 no problems on real hardware
11:42:22 <bero2> so qemu is broken... Maybe we need to update it to 2.0.0
11:42:28 <fedya> bero2: i did it
11:43:02 <fedya> bero2: but 2.0 built with 4.8.3
11:43:07 <fedya> i can try to rebuild it
11:56:03 <TPG|> avokhmin_, Hi
11:56:16 <avokhmin_> TPG|: Hi
11:56:19 <TPG|> avokhmin_, i have bad feeling that some packages will fail on publishing
11:56:43 <TPG|> avokhmin_, like this one is waithing 45mins https://abf.io/build_lists/1800254
11:56:49 <avokhmin_> TPG|: yesterday?
11:57:05 <TPG|> avokhmin_, today
11:57:55 <avokhmin_> TPG|: now publishing: "build_list_ids"=>[1800184, 1800254, 1800255, 1800225, 1800226, 1800263, 1800264, 1800270, 1800271]
11:58:05 <avokhmin_> TPG|: 20 minutes ago
11:58:26 <avokhmin_> TPG|: so, in progress...
11:59:46 <TPG|> avokhmin_, just published
11:59:48 <TPG|> thanks
12:20:36 <TPG|> denis_silakov, Hi
12:20:47 <TPG|> denis_silakov, do you remember about FBA ? :)
12:21:02 <TPG|> denis_silakov, when you add file conflicts for 2014.0 ?
12:23:42 <denis_silakov> hopefully they will be added in several days
12:24:16 <denis_silakov> every day only 2-3 platforms are updated (e.g., rosa fresh on monday, rels on tuesday, etc.)
12:24:26 <denis_silakov> since this produces too high load on my machine:)
12:28:36 <denis_silakov> I'll try to tweak the scripts to pick up omv2014 this night, let's see...
12:34:31 <TPG|> denis_silakov, to speed up things you can drop 2013.0 from fba
12:35:16 <denis_silakov> yeah, I've just disabled it for now
12:35:36 <denis_silakov> repoclosure is still working for it, but it takes several minutes to generate a report for repoclosure
12:43:39 <symbianflo> denis_silakov: Hi ,how much can we trust Weekly repoclosure status, 'cose includes also gits excluded from repos...
12:52:39 <denis_silakov> it is 100% trustable. The thing is that some "issues" are really not crucial, since e.g. users will never be able to install a broken package. An example - we have a broken package libreoffice-sh in main/release (with broken dependency). In newer version of LO we just dropped this subpackage, so in main/updates we have newer LO but not libreoffice-sh.
12:53:02 <denis_silakov> the only way to resolve this issue is to manually drop package from main/release repo on server
12:53:27 <denis_silakov> and which particular projects do you see?
13:04:38 <franciscopk> hey :)
13:05:04 <franciscopk> where i can download OpenMandriva.2014.0-RC1-kde4.x86_64.iso?
13:05:39 <franciscopk> it will be used to be distributed in a event
13:06:14 <TPG|> franciscopk, openmandriva.sf.net
13:06:26 <TPG|> sourceforge official links
13:07:25 <franciscopk> thnks
13:18:07 <symbianflo> denis_silakov: Ok for main , don't know, don't care... is yours ..all yours ghghghgh but contrib i've dropped some ..and still present.. such as blogfish
13:19:40 <symbianflo> and also some already fixed, as python-django-cms actually i've fixed all pythonegg modules...
13:20:55 <symbianflo> but still in the report.... i better trust the mass rebuild exit from the google sheet ghghghghgh no pun intended...
13:22:27 <symbianflo> is not that I don't trust repoclosure, but i trust better Bondrov  8-)
13:23:14 <denis_silakov> :)
13:23:30 <symbianflo> of course NO PUN INTENDED
13:23:37 <symbianflo> :-D
13:26:03 <Pulfer> symbianflo: I suggest not to trust me much these days :-) Too much work so it's easy to forget about this or that
13:26:24 <bero> Same here
13:28:37 <symbianflo> Pulfer: you can not make me look bad dear disciple ....so watch it pally ..8-)
13:28:55 <Pulfer> :-D
13:29:25 <karol_> HI Pulfer :)
13:29:35 <Pulfer> karol_: Hi :-)
13:31:04 <karol_> pulfer you are just like me and that itchka version Rc1 OpenMandriva you do not have a firewall on the bar?
13:31:53 <Pulfer> karol_: No, never used any firefall expect for the one in my ADSL router
13:32:10 <Pulfer> So I don't even check this part in distros
13:32:59 <bero> Same here... besides the first thing I do after installing is remove gtk
13:33:10 <karol_> ok :)
13:34:32 <symbianflo> karol_:  you too have a "black-hole" instead of iptables ? :D
13:35:20 <symbianflo> can  somebody publish those 2 pls:
13:35:20 <symbianflo> https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1800353
13:35:20 <symbianflo> https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1800354
13:36:10 <symbianflo> It's needed a video editor in the ISO as default ? if yes witch ?
13:36:42 <jclv> Hi
13:39:36 <bero> symbianflo: published
13:40:31 <bero> not sure if we have a video editor on the ISO... If we don't, maybe we should add kdenlive or something
13:40:56 <bero> Hi _TPG
13:41:03 <_TPG> bero, hi
13:41:05 <symbianflo> bero: thx(sometimes, the publishing button is dead to me... ) ,, anything missing as mmedia stack as default in the iso please let me know
13:43:36 <_TPG> symbianflo, https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=356#add_comment
13:43:58 <_TPG> symbianflo, use "abf copy" from urpmi abf-console-client
13:45:54 <symbianflo> abf copy works between branches in the same git...
13:48:31 <symbianflo> fact remain I must work with 2 gits copy from one to another...so as i'0ve wrote ain't life essential for now, if  for 6 months wasn't closed 10-15 more days  doesn't matter
13:51:44 <symbianflo> bero:  ok , AFICS kdenlive is up to date, ok if you decide for something else missing in mmedia stack let me know.
13:53:42 <fedya> bero: well i rebuilt qemu with latest gcc
13:53:45 <fedya> and i got same result
13:55:00 <bero> let's send the qemu guys a bug report
13:59:42 <ashmobile> Hello
14:00:36 <karol_> HI ashmobile :)
14:02:57 <ashmobile> Has meeting started karol?
14:05:21 <karol_> yes  :)
14:09:21 <ashmobile> I don't see any activity
14:09:30 <_TPG> ashmobile, meeting start in 16:30 CEST
14:09:36 <_TPG> so 20 mins
14:09:44 <ashmobile> Ok
14:09:53 <_TPG> but i'll be late :<
14:10:22 <_TPG> ashmobile, i've reduced panel height
14:10:36 <ashmobile> Ah?
14:11:02 <_TPG> ashmobile, you mailed few days ago that KDE panel is too big so i've reduced it
14:11:10 <ashmobile> I did not download other iso than rc1
14:11:46 <ashmobile> Yes :) but your explanation was convincing enough
14:12:05 <_TPG> ashmobile, on new pre-GA iso this will be fixed
14:12:05 <ashmobile> I did not know about proportional
14:20:58 <TPG|> agenda for today's TC meeting
14:20:58 <TPG|> http://pastie.org/9100532
14:21:52 <Wayne_Sallee> 2014-04-01?
14:22:44 <TPG|> Wayne_Sallee, typo
14:22:45 <Wayne_Sallee> What does GA stand for?
14:22:49 <TPG|> 2014-05-01
14:22:56 <Wayne_Sallee> :-)
14:23:49 <TPG|> Wayne_Sallee, it means final release
14:24:16 <TPG|> general availability
14:27:41 <Wayne_Sallee> Wouldn't it be good to have vbox driver installed automatically if it is being installed in Virtualbox? Since video drivers are installed automatically why not vbox?
14:27:58 <bero> so before the GA release we need to update to a random git snapshot of gcc 4.10 and run a mass rebuild ;-> *hides from mdawkins*
14:29:45 <bero> Wayne_Sallee: good idea, I think the sole reason for it not being there already is that it doesn't come with xorg and therefore isn't required by its metapackagea
14:30:40 <chwido> TPG|: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.
14:30:49 <TPG|> huh ?
14:31:06 <TPG|> #stopmeeting
14:31:12 <itchka> bero: I really, really hope your weren't bein serious!!
14:31:19 <TPG|> #chair
14:31:27 <TPG|> wtf ?
14:31:50 <Wayne_Sallee> hmm looks like it is intalled in this version.
14:31:55 <Wayne_Sallee> I'm installing it now.
14:32:03 <Wayne_Sallee> or just now installed it.
14:32:19 <Wayne_Sallee> #table :-)
14:32:36 <_TPG> #chair
14:32:36 <chwido> Current chairs: _TPG
14:32:41 <Wayne_Sallee> #silverware :-)
14:32:54 <Wayne_Sallee> looks like it's working now. :-)
14:33:21 <_TPG> #agenda http://pastie.org/9100532
14:34:00 <_TPG> arisel, ashmobile bero crisb denis_silakov fedya itchka jclv nicco__ pcpa VladimirRubanov Wayne_Sallee Xu|Mobile
14:34:03 <_TPG> hi
14:34:09 <chwido> _TPG: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.
14:34:22 <_TPG> ok let's start this TC meeting
14:34:34 <jclv> Hi
14:34:45 <itchka> Why not looks like it's been waiting for a week. :)
14:34:47 <Wayne_Sallee> Here. :-)
14:34:52 <_TPG> unfortunately i need to reach my home
14:34:53 <karol_> Hi jclv
14:34:59 <_TPG> i'll be back in a 20 mins
14:35:13 <bero> here but on mobile - might get disconnected
14:35:22 <ashmobile> Ok
14:35:34 <fedya> +
14:35:44 <karol_> +
14:36:00 <denis_silakov> +
14:47:29 <Wayne_Sallee> Yea, that's it; vbox video is installed but not vbox guest additions, and so therefore video is not right because vbox additions is not installed.
14:57:24 <Pulfer> crisb: Thanx for taking care of Enlightenment stuff :-)
14:57:53 <Pulfer> I couldn't find time for it since January or so
14:58:01 <Pulfer> And it because outdated...
15:04:26 <_TPG> back
15:04:42 <bero> wb
15:05:14 <_TPG> #topic
15:05:16 <_TPG> Bugs needs to be fixed for GA release - QA team will provide a list of
15:05:17 <_TPG> bugs
15:05:36 <_TPG> #topic Bugs needs to be fixed for GA release - QA team will provide a list of bugs
15:05:39 <_TPG> better
15:06:14 <itchka> almost fully revised https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Auvbk52SZVzAdGs3SGhVMHowS2VkLVFrd3l3dzdDWVE&usp=drive_web#gid=14
15:06:24 <_TPG> itchka: Xu|Mobile ping
15:06:41 <itchka> _TPG:^^
15:07:26 <_TPG> itchka: thanks, but which ones from the list are critical
15:07:29 <_TPG> all of them ?
15:08:18 <itchka> There are some enhancements here which I have broken out.
15:08:23 <itchka> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Auvbk52SZVzAdGs3SGhVMHowS2VkLVFrd3l3dzdDWVE&usp=drive_web#gid=15
15:08:26 <bero> the red ones
15:09:29 <itchka> Basically yes we should go for the red ones. The orange ones are either in progress or less important. The blue "On ICE"
15:10:06 <_TPG> itchka: why this one is red ? https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=692
15:10:14 <itchka> purple is kind of works and there's not much more we can do about it in the time available.
15:10:21 <_TPG> it is filled agains package from contrib repo
15:11:15 <_TPG> second why this is red ? https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=689
15:11:28 <_TPG> where bugreporter is not even specific what is the problem
15:12:00 <_TPG> why we mark bugs as critical where there are not even any diagnose or confirmation
15:12:13 <_TPG> "After installation Openmandriva RC1 x86_64 is not saved switching between languages ​​keyboard"
15:12:25 <_TPG> how do you understand above bug report ?
15:12:26 <itchka> _TPG: There are 3 bugs If I recall correctly depending on libavcodec symbianflo is looking at contrib packages so they should get fixed.
15:14:16 <Pulfer> !!! BTW, one important thing
15:14:16 <chwido> Pulfer: Error: "!!" is not a valid command.
15:14:33 <Pulfer> Make sure to include libgphoto-common into ISOs
15:14:51 <itchka> _TPG: Regarding 689 I think this is possibly a repeat of 669 as I have noted. Fix 669 and you probably fix this though it will need confirming.
15:14:58 <Pulfer> Otherwise there will be no detection of PTP cameras
15:15:12 <_TPG> Pulfer: done
15:15:18 <Pulfer> Good :-)
15:15:32 <_TPG> Pulfer: it is on *.lst files and digikam requires it
15:16:01 <itchka> _TPG: 692 is not red it's green meaning it's been fixed
15:16:19 <_TPG> itchka: i already did it and marked it fixed
15:16:48 <_TPG> honestly bug 618->669 needs to be fixed
15:16:53 <itchka> _TPG: Ah but you changed it and I tested it just now and t it didn't work so it's not fixed. Try it yourself
15:17:26 <Pulfer> _TPG: I also suggest to update libgphoto to 2.5.4 if it's not updated yet. 2.5.4 adds iPhone 5 support and some other new devices
15:17:55 <_TPG> itchka: it requires libavcodec.so.55(LIBAVCODEC_55)
15:18:02 <_TPG> so test it properly
15:18:30 <itchka> _TPG: I simpley did what the reporter said and it did not work.
15:18:55 <_TPG> whatever
15:19:22 <_TPG> what is most important here for me are bugs 618 and 669
15:19:24 <itchka> _TPG: Is it fixed or not?
15:19:40 <_TPG> real solution is described on 669
15:19:52 <_TPG> who is going to take the development part ?
15:20:12 <itchka> 576 is also important since it is linked to the removed uneeded packages removal.
15:20:29 <itchka> I gather that is is progress.
15:20:30 <_TPG> we can live without this feature #576
15:20:45 <_TPG> but having borked locales sounds really bad
15:21:27 <itchka> Yes it's the culprit in at least three bugs.
15:21:47 <_TPG> solution is to use inside keyboard.pm and locale.pm functions from bootloader.pm to update grub2 cmdline
15:22:27 <bero2> slightly longer term, I think "death to keyboarddrake, hi kcm_keyboard"...
15:22:49 <_TPG> bero2: kcm_keyboar does not help at all
15:23:21 <_TPG> what is important is to pass to cmdline from localedrake locale.LANG=<yourLANG>
15:23:27 <itchka> _TPG: 608 is also an issue. I can observe it here symbianflo says it's because iptables is not started I haven't yet confirmed that.
15:23:33 <_TPG> minor is to pass from keyboarddrake to cmdline vconsole.keymap=<yourkeymap> locale.LANG=<yourLANG>
15:23:37 <_TPG> minor is to pass from keyboarddrake to cmdline vconsole.keymap=<yourkeymap>
15:24:53 <_TPG> from other side this workaround fixed the issue https://abf.io/openmandriva/dracut/commit/26d34517eb105456f1451e9051a044f0eb22a650
15:25:02 <bero2> yes - and that is easier to do with a sane code base to start from
15:25:23 <_TPG> but luca does not confirmed that my patch works
15:25:42 <_TPG> bero2: will you fix this on a clean codebase before GA ?
15:27:35 <_TPG> crisb: you seems to be expert with drakx stuff, can you please look into bug 618 and 669
15:28:29 <symbianflo> itchka: _ iptables related  "black-hole"  reported by karol_ also. ( dunno if bug report filled)
15:30:25 <itchka> symbianflo: Karol filed a report and I've just mentioned you input. I've few other contrib related bugs if you wouldn't mind looking at them?
15:31:23 <_TPG> we have tons of bugs related to main
15:31:29 <_TPG> please focus on them
15:33:06 <itchka> _TPG: Another glaring problem that should be simple to solve is 663. I tried this with the defaults suggested by the tool and I ended up with a text screen
15:33:50 <itchka> It all still worked though
15:34:32 <symbianflo> itchka: sure I do , ATM I don't follow bugzilla , after the "unfreeze" I will fix whatever I can , ATM only critical, or last minutes req., please understand , It 's too much time consuming  for me ATM, so _TPG got it right....let's focus on those included in the ISO
15:34:39 <_TPG> itchka: Colin please post bug list on cooker ML
15:35:13 <_TPG> symbianflo: there is only freeze for new versions and new features
15:35:15 <itchka> _TPG: Will di
15:35:19 <itchka> di=do
15:35:40 <_TPG> symbianflo: maybe i do not follow you "freeze" definition, so please explain
15:35:42 <_TPG> itchka: thanks
15:36:46 <_TPG> bero2: https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=685
15:37:31 <symbianflo> _TPG: maybe would be much easier to explain if I'll do a list of Ican do in rosa and Ican't in OMV ? Now if you sad I think Is not because of the freeze ( as bero said me) but  there is smt wrong with my credentials...
15:37:48 <_TPG> bero2: is it possible inside ks.template to add main32 like if "#ARCH#" == "x86_64";then echo "Works"; fi ?
15:38:15 <_TPG> symbianflo: are you able to commit to openmandriva/ packages
15:38:33 <symbianflo> yes
15:38:49 <_TPG> symbianflo: that sounds good
15:39:07 <_TPG> symbianflo: are you able to build packages for openmandriva2014.0 ?
15:39:38 <symbianflo> I can not do pull requests, fetching , automated-publish
15:39:54 <_TPG> symbianflo: automated-publishing is restricted
15:40:03 <_TPG> other you should be able to do
15:40:04 <symbianflo> thx I know that :D
15:40:14 <_TPG> lemme check your permissions
15:40:23 <_TPG> let's move with agenda
15:40:43 <_TPG> #topic ARM IMAGE status - fedya
15:40:44 <symbianflo> i'll try some pull again and send to you  the exits
15:40:58 <fedya> _TPG: i copied to Bero my ARM image for Chromebook
15:41:09 <_TPG> fedya: Hi, can you please describe status
15:41:13 <fedya> and i prepared small image for Wandboard
15:41:38 <_TPG> fedya: small ? means minimal ?
15:42:01 <fedya> Well, it's working, itwe have a KDE in a good condition (most of dependencies are built)
15:42:02 <ashmobile> Brb, have to run under the rain
15:42:08 <fedya> we have working kde
15:42:21 <fedya> Small it is a basesystem-minimal
15:42:37 <fedya> And image with KDE for Chromebook
15:42:57 <fedya> And gcc 4.9.0 causes errors
15:43:00 <bero2> I was saying longer term - I don't think we should swap out things entirely
15:43:12 <fedya> it's looks like a qemu bug but it's a major issue
15:43:19 <fedya> for our build system
15:43:49 <bero2> I wonder if we can fix it by just attaching real how for now
15:43:50 <_TPG> fedya: does KDE is synced with 2014.0
15:44:18 <bero2> but either way 4.9 is Cooker only so this shouldn't affect 2014.0
15:44:56 <bero2> I noticed plasma-nm missing and a couple of out of sync packages
15:44:59 <fedya> _TPG: I have not rights to 2014.0 platform, but in 2014.0 KDE 4.12.3 as i know
15:45:08 <bero2> other than that it works well
15:46:20 <_TPG> fedya: what do you mean no rights ?
15:46:31 <fedya> _TPG: i cant built packages in 2014.0
15:46:32 <fedya> build*
15:46:45 <bero2> what do you use to build the image btw?
15:47:07 <_TPG> fedya: lie, try now :p
15:47:16 <bero2> we should fix permissions
15:47:19 <fedya> bero2: dd tool
15:47:58 <_TPG> fedya: so is there any risk that arm IMAGE won't be ready for GA ?
15:48:25 <fedya> _TPG: Image for Chromebook ready to use right now
15:48:51 <fedya> image for wandboard could be prepared in 1 hour
15:49:23 <_TPG> fedya: how about working KDE ?
15:49:42 <fedya> _TPG: as bero said KDE need few fixes but it's working fine
15:49:58 <_TPG> fedya: so there is no risk then, right ?
15:50:02 <fedya> _TPG: right
15:50:07 <_TPG> fedya: great
15:50:20 <_TPG> fedya: can you please start work on release announcement ?
15:50:42 <fedya> _TPG: release announcement should be same as for x86 ;)
15:50:51 <_TPG> grrr :p
15:51:01 <_TPG> fedya: we spoken last week about this :p
15:51:11 <fedya> Main difference between x86 announce and ARM it's just an arch
15:51:29 <_TPG> fedya: i mean how-to run and install it
15:51:34 <fedya> Ah yes
15:51:35 <fedya> right
15:54:32 <_TPG> yes, please add this on https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/ARM so then it could be easily copied to release announcement
15:54:50 <fedya> _TPG: ok
15:55:28 <_TPG> fedya: good
15:55:37 <_TPG> anything left still related to ARM ?
15:55:42 <fedya> no
15:57:24 <_TPG> fedya: one thing, will you upload this IMAGE to openmandriva.sf.net ?
15:57:45 <fedya> _TPG: i'll upload it to abf
15:57:55 <_TPG> to abf ?
16:00:17 <_TPG> itchka: #692 if you do not believe i've fixed it -> http://pastie.org/9100746
16:00:27 <_TPG> moving to next topic
16:00:44 <_TPG> #topic Wiki pages and announcement ready for GA - Workshop team
16:02:14 <_TPG> does our https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/2014.0/New and https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/2014.0/Release_Notes are up to date ?
16:02:54 <_TPG> ashmobile|: jclv itchka rugyada ^^^
16:03:12 <itchka> _TPG: It's likely that I might remove some stuff from the release notes if stuff gets fixed.
16:03:49 <itchka> Should I wrie the announce or does someone else want to have a go?
16:03:58 <itchka> wrie= write
16:04:00 <_TPG> itchka: you know that distr-release needs to be updated before ISO build, so wiki pages should be fixed
16:04:42 <_TPG> itchka: well you were good at this, but please use RC1 as a base, do not forget to copy and paste feature highlights
16:04:57 <itchka> _TPG: Yes I do. One other thing too we shaould change the link in mandriva-doc do the help points to the correct release notes
16:05:09 <_TPG> itchka: yes please
16:05:13 <itchka> _TPG: Will do
16:06:50 <_TPG> great then
16:08:09 <symbianflo> guvcview hmmm why that sounds familiar to me ?
16:08:33 <symbianflo> is it in main?
16:09:42 <bero> I don't think so, but not 100% sure
16:10:56 <symbianflo> #define debug_package   %{nil}
16:10:56 <symbianflo> #define distsuffix mrb
16:10:56 <symbianflo> :-D now I know...
16:11:06 <symbianflo> can not be in main...
16:12:10 <itchka_> _TPG: There's something odd going on.  http://pastie.org/9100769
16:12:28 <_TPG> itchka_: you have -4 release
16:12:38 <_TPG> itchka_: your mirror is not synced yet
16:13:20 <_TPG> so don't be stubborn :p
16:13:35 <symbianflo> lib64v4l0-1.0.0-4-omv2014.0.x86_64,  it's %rel 4 update
16:14:19 <_TPG> moving to next topic ?
16:14:26 <symbianflo> oops itchka: beat me to the punch
16:14:37 <itchka_> _TPG: Ok thanks I didn't notice that. It's very slow to sync then.
16:14:54 <_TPG> itchka_: soe mirrors sync one time per day
16:15:22 <_TPG> #topic VLC vs ROMP - are we about to change VLC to ROMP or other media player -
16:15:24 <_TPG> discussion all
16:15:36 <symbianflo> (18:14:50) _TPG: itchka_: soe mirrors sync one time per day  ouch that hearts ...
16:15:55 <_TPG> there were topic raised by symbianflo to drop VLC and use i.e ROMP
16:15:59 <bero> both work for me
16:16:15 <_TPG> so what are your opinions here
16:17:11 <symbianflo> ROMP, qmplay2, smplayer, xt7-player3 pic one , but vlc
16:17:46 <itchka> What about patent issues can we provide an advantage to users by having stuff already installed without have recourse to the restricted repos?
16:18:46 <symbianflo> Is no need for restricted in order to have a  full optional media player... only vlc  needs plf
16:19:01 <itchka> Do any of the other have familiarity for Windows(Tm) users
16:19:45 <bero2> I wonder if we're doing something potentially illegal by having stuff working immediately in ROMP
16:20:06 <symbianflo> such as ?
16:20:13 <itchka> I've never used ROMP
16:20:58 <Pulfer> ROMP is ok
16:21:21 <bero2> symbianflo: such as violating ridiculous patents
16:21:26 <Pulfer> I usually don't use it. But for me it feels better than VLC which I also don't use
16:21:34 <_TPG> because KDE phonon uses vlc, and we are in just a step before GA i'm against for such change
16:21:47 <itchka> Ah ok Rosa Media Player
16:21:52 <_TPG> also to bloat ISO just with another media player
16:22:10 <Pulfer> Phonon uses libvlc, not vlc itself
16:22:44 <Pulfer> In fact, the default backend for Phonon is gst
16:22:56 <Pulfer> vlc has been never considered good enouch
16:23:44 <_TPG> Pulfer: then why we use vlc ?
16:23:48 <itchka> Why specifically ROMP? What about the others mentioned
16:23:56 <symbianflo> But all I see is that nobody here  try to think from the enduser POV, , only what would be easy  is irrelevant , if we think like this  we're in deep *hit
16:24:06 <Pulfer> _TPG: I don't know, in ROSA we have phonon-vlc in Contrib
16:24:09 <bero2> we switched it to vlc shortly before 2013 to fix various crashes caused by gst (
16:24:14 <Pulfer> Maybe it's different in OMV
16:24:38 <_TPG> i've just checked
16:24:45 <_TPG> and phonon still uses VLC
16:24:48 <bero2> usually involving 0.10 and 1.0 being loaded at the same time)
16:25:01 <_TPG> anyways what is wrong with VLC ?
16:25:12 <_TPG> why we need to install other software ?
16:25:26 <symbianflo> no-plf vlc is pretty much useless
16:25:47 <Pulfer> Well, same as gst, mplayer etc
16:25:49 <bero2> not many Codecs included for legal reasons
16:26:05 <Pulfer> No-PLF any media player is quite useless :-)
16:26:06 <ashmobile> Only because of libdvdcss or also other codecs?
16:26:20 <Pulfer> Other codecs
16:26:52 <symbianflo> ok _TPG you are the  boss, I think I'll just have to branch 2014.0 on MRB ... greetings gents.
16:27:05 <bero2> stuff like mp3 is patented as well
16:27:37 <_TPG> symbianflo: can you please stop acting like this, and start taking part in conversation ?
16:27:57 <symbianflo> ffmpeg or mplayer based players  no need plf staff to be reasonable...
16:28:18 <bero2> I'm leaning towards making another ISO with plf bits included, and a notice saying it can't be used in countries that support fascism
16:28:38 <symbianflo> bero2: +1
16:29:00 <_TPG> symbianflo: i've stated my concers, that we are uning VLC as a phonon backed, from warious reasons, second we are close to GA nad you are not willing to take conversation and finally you start insulting
16:29:18 <itchka> I am assuming that this discussion is related to 2015 surley to change anything major now would be crazy. Provide it as an option yes.
16:29:40 <symbianflo> insulting??  me ? can you pate those insults?
16:29:50 <symbianflo> *paste
16:30:07 <_TPG> s/insulting/offending
16:30:15 <_TPG> calm down
16:30:29 <_TPG> we are not here to start wars, whether you like it or not
16:30:50 <itchka> symbianflo: Tell us about the other video players do they have any specific advantages
16:31:22 <ashmobile> if i'm correct romp has extra features
16:31:28 <symbianflo> I'good, you seems to don't understand that  a mmediaplayer offered by omv out of the box is a big joke for the user POV.. that you  seems to not understand
16:32:08 <ashmobile> Such as screencasting
16:32:10 <_TPG> ashmobile: personally i like smplayer, as i was ealy adopted it to mdv like 4 years ago or more
16:32:34 <symbianflo> screencast: xt7 qmplay
16:32:51 <bero2> symbianflo: we all know and understand. we're just concerned about the legal issues. Shipping anything that includes any mp3 code is a risk
16:32:53 <symbianflo> romp also sorry
16:33:07 <bero2> smplayer is good too
16:33:16 <bero2> romp is based on smplayer
16:33:19 <ashmobile> If i'm correct, romp is based on smplayer with these extra features
16:33:19 <symbianflo> perfect smplayer
16:33:33 <symbianflo> yes romp is a fork
16:33:55 <_TPG> does smplayer as a mplayer froented provides out of box DVD play, mp3 or anyother stuff that VLC does not ??????????
16:34:46 <ashmobile> Not aac imho, mp3 i guess it's using lame
16:35:10 <Pulfer> itchka: ExMplayer has very specific advantage :-) It can convert any video to 3D on the fly
16:35:32 <Pulfer> itchka: But it has a bug that makes it not the best choice for KDE distro
16:35:34 <bero2> if it does, it's pulling in stuff statically that we can't ship in the U$ and a few other M$ friendly countries
16:35:51 <Pulfer> _TPG: While detecing KDE it messes up powersaving
16:36:06 <Pulfer> Oops, it wasn't for TPG
16:36:51 <itchka> pulfer: Wev'e had enough issues with power saving for th etime being!! :)
16:37:08 <Pulfer> itchka: Other than that, ExMplayer looks like an interesting mplayer GUI
16:37:09 <_TPG> if we provide some other media player that uses static linking to patended software so it means someone will need to pay some money
16:37:20 <_TPG> Pulfer: itchka one meeting guys please
16:37:35 <itchka> _TPG: Sorry
16:37:47 <_TPG> as we are discussing here so legal stuff
16:37:52 <_TPG> please focus
16:38:06 <ashmobile> or we'll have to do like linux mint, two isos, one free one with non free stuff
16:38:30 <_TPG> ashmobile: bero mentioned it
16:38:57 <ashmobile> sorry i may have missed my screen is really small
16:39:11 <Pulfer> I guess ROSA has PLF-codecs in ISOs. And doesn't pay to anyone
16:39:29 <itchka> Guy's this is an academic question. Does anyone actually know how much it costs to legalise these things.
16:39:31 <Pulfer> Maybe you need to pay only when you sell something
16:40:22 <_TPG> Pulfer: rosa is a company and we are not
16:40:31 <ashmobile> patents issue depends on the country
16:40:37 <_TPG> company can pay, we prolly not
16:41:12 <ashmobile> I'd say it's not a problem in most countries out of usa
16:41:37 <ashmobile> And including non free stuff is a
16:41:41 <_TPG> ok let's make it fast
16:41:47 <Pulfer> "However, no license is needed for private, non-commercial activities (e.g., home-entertainment, receiving broadcasts and creating a personal music library), not generating revenue or other consideration of any kind or for entities with associated annual gross revenue less than US$ 100 000.00. "
16:41:54 <symbianflo> At this point , i think we better stick with dragon player in the iso ,  and just suck it up and move on....
16:42:35 <_TPG> who is for removing VLC and replace it with SMplayer or something similiar ?
16:42:45 <bero2> Pulfer: for what patent is that? mp3?
16:42:46 <symbianflo> +1
16:43:24 <bero2> still makes it GPL incompatible though (because we allow commercial forks etc)
16:43:33 <symbianflo> IMO romp is guarantee as mintenance and stability, but  it's just mine...
16:43:39 <ashmobile> I abstain, i have no enough knowledge of the differences :)
16:43:41 <Pulfer> bero2: Yes, from FAQ about using mp3 codecs. But maybe not really reliable. It's deep night here and my mind is far from being clean
16:43:42 <itchka> For 2015 yes for 2014 no too risky given the KDE requirement
16:44:17 <ashmobile> Is romp really heavy? In Mb i mean
16:44:40 <symbianflo> not more then vlc + plugins
16:46:02 <bero2> it's quite small
16:46:24 <bero2> and low risk bug wise because we used it in 2013.0
16:46:46 <bero2> but we may have to disable patented bits that somehow got in
16:47:05 <Pulfer> Anyway, I guess mp3 etc patents (and royalty fees) are not world-wide
16:47:25 <bero2> they aren't
16:47:44 <_TPG> i'm in favour for SMplayer if we want to trash out VLC form ISO
16:47:46 <bero2> in fact software patents are illegal in most of the world
16:47:47 <Pulfer> So I don't know how can someone sue OpenMandriva for including codecs
16:48:37 <bero2> but where they matter, you essentially can't do anything at all - e.g. http://webshop.ffii.org
16:48:59 <Pulfer> Maybe it will be just harder to distribute DVDs in USA or something like that
16:49:33 <itchka> This would make a for great debate for the community we should get as many people as possible involved. Lot's of testing and find the best one. Give it time and make a user informed choice
16:49:51 <Pulfer> By DVDs I mean not ISOs but disks
16:50:02 <Pulfer> Something we unlikely need anyway
16:50:58 <ashmobile> Out of codecs issue, is there other issues with vlc?
16:51:19 <bero2> I don't think so
16:51:34 <bero2> works fine here after installing codecs
16:51:40 <ashmobile> Such as quality, features, ux, desktop integration etc
16:52:08 <Pulfer> I heard that UPnP support in VLC is really bad. But it's unlikely something we sould care about. The rest is fine
16:52:18 <bero2> But I can't test stuff like playing video DVDs because I boycott the CSS mafia
16:52:29 <symbianflo> as i've alredy said , vlc is hard to maintain
16:52:43 <symbianflo> also a ustrem fix  wil last months
16:52:48 <Pulfer> Not as hard as mplayer, trust me
16:53:06 <symbianflo> not as hard as romp trust me ...
16:53:12 <_TPG> again i ask you to have a sintetic vote ?
16:53:17 <Pulfer> Well, ROMP itself is easy, yes
16:53:25 <Pulfer> It's mplayer what's hard
16:53:28 <symbianflo> :-D
16:53:48 <symbianflo> mplayer is yours ... the frontend are mine ..ghgh
16:54:13 <symbianflo> ffmpeg likewise
16:54:25 <ashmobile> And xine :D ?
16:54:26 <bero2> I used to maintain both MPlayer and vlc in Ark. Both were painful at times, but I wouldn't say either was totally bad
16:54:28 <ashmobile> Jk
16:55:07 <symbianflo> maybe I just have to push mplyer2 or cmplyer....
16:55:33 <bero> Windows Media Player in Wine? ;)
16:55:42 <_TPG> :-)
16:56:02 <symbianflo> yeee bero: +1
16:56:13 <OnlyHuman> O_o
16:56:22 <itchka> chwido bite bero
16:56:22 * chwido thinks about biting bero but decides to not to.
16:56:28 <ashmobile> I have no opinion for 2014 but i think we should think about a non-free and 100% free iso in future
16:56:51 <bero> good dog!
16:56:58 <symbianflo> ***chwido: should think twice ghghghg
16:57:00 <Pulfer> symbianflo: "also a ustrem fix  wil last months" - with mplayer it's even worse, there are only snapshots
16:57:08 <ashmobile> One fully ready to use and other stallman compliant
16:57:15 <symbianflo> Pulfer: I know
16:57:42 <Pulfer> It was real, total pain to port mplayer to ffmpeg 2.0 last summer
16:58:05 <Pulfer> I tried many snapshots until found the best one
16:58:25 <Pulfer> And still had to hack it to make DVDs playback work properly
16:59:05 <_TPG> i apprieciate you want to share with your knowledge, so i assume it would be nice to have some decision
16:59:07 <jclv> ashmobile: +1 I think this is the only sustainabe position
16:59:28 <_TPG> bero: VLC off SMplayer on ?
16:59:32 <_TPG> or what ?
16:59:52 <symbianflo> romp is easyer and safer
17:00:10 <symbianflo> but works for me smp also
17:00:49 <bero2> I'm leaning towards sticking with vlc for now because it went through the test cycle, but I have no strong opinion
17:02:05 <bero2> for the next release, we should look at where all the players are then
17:02:19 <_TPG> bero2: if my voice counts then i share bero's pov because we already tested vlc and it is quite close to GA
17:02:50 <_TPG> would be quite unproffesional if we cnaged our mind now, when we used to point in release annoucements that we use VLC
17:02:53 <bero2> stuff changes quickly, I remember a time when xine was clearly ahead
17:02:56 <itchka> I support this the whole comuunity should be involved in the choice not just us few.
17:03:01 <ashmobile> If it's not heavy, i'd say have both, out my voice doesn't really count :)
17:03:11 <ashmobile> But...
17:03:22 <_TPG> for 2014+ yes we should reconsider most of the software
17:04:08 <_TPG> itchka: yes this is good idea for 2014+ release
17:04:08 <itchka> We can make them all available from the repo's after GA (with the appropriate warnings about phonon if that's an issue)
17:04:51 <_TPG> itchka: they are available
17:04:59 <bero2> they are all there
17:05:49 <_TPG> so are we settled here this topic ?
17:05:51 <itchka> Well that good we can start the debate just after GA and provide 2014+ when the choice has been made.
17:06:02 <symbianflo> ok vlc or other we must have a mediaplayer  fully supported  in main , so it vill be vlc?
17:06:53 <_TPG> symbianflo: we have smplayer in main repo, also romp is there
17:07:09 <_TPG> symbianflo: secon we feature plasma-mediaplayer which is on ISO
17:07:47 <symbianflo> yes ok agree, pick one and add a urmi.info with this is fully supported by omv... bla bla
17:08:40 <itchka> From what I've heard it seems that the decision should perhaps be reviewed for each release as MP's seem to come and go.
17:11:55 <bero2> yes
17:12:21 <_TPG> agreed on VLC stays for 2014.0, on next release cycle we will revise default media player choice ?
17:12:43 <itchka> Yes
17:12:44 <bero2> yes, imo that's best...
17:12:50 <ashmobile> It should then imply community widely
17:13:27 <bero2> new decision should be made around the time of the first alpha release so it can be based on what is best then
17:13:28 <symbianflo> that's the best for the iso...
17:13:54 <symbianflo> and omv...
17:13:57 <bero2> (while still getting the player of choice fully tested)
17:14:26 <symbianflo> cmon bero2:  romp needs testing or what?
17:15:07 <bero2> its interaction with the library versions we have etc. does
17:15:44 <symbianflo> okidoki...
17:15:48 <bero2> unless someone has been using it for a longer time in our exact environment
17:18:16 <_TPG> #agreed on VLC stays for 2014.0, on next release cycle we will revise default media player choice ?
17:18:18 <_TPG> #agreed on VLC stays for 2014.0, on next release cycle we will revise default media player choice
17:18:25 <_TPG> ok moving to next topic
17:18:34 <symbianflo> our exact env have
17:18:34 <symbianflo> April 20, 2014 00:45
17:18:43 <symbianflo> few days
17:18:51 <_TPG> #topic Version freeze - do we have any packages that need update ?
17:19:18 <_TPG> ok i heard about libgphoto update to 2.5.4 version
17:19:47 <ashmobile> Playonlinux!!
17:20:03 <ashmobile> : D
17:20:09 <symbianflo> libgphoto is main
17:20:14 <itchka> _TPG: Please can we do gphoto5 for reasons already stated also amarok which has a missing requires for idevices in that it needs ifuse which is now in main.
17:20:56 <itchka> I have built it with the fixed requires it just needs publishing.
17:21:22 <fedya> ashmobile: _TPG: symbianflo: bero2: http://abf-staging.rosalinux.ru:21980/ try to open
17:21:26 <fedya> new ABF inteface
17:21:28 <fedya> ;)
17:22:08 <_TPG> itchka: gphoto5 ?
17:22:33 <symbianflo> fedya:  wowww
17:24:40 <Pulfer> BTW, gcc 4.9 is released
17:24:52 <symbianflo> fedya: rosalabs since ever had a nice graphic... :D
17:25:17 <symbianflo> Pulfer: 4.9 stable ?
17:25:23 <Pulfer> Yes
17:25:28 <symbianflo> ouch
17:25:36 <fedya> symbianflo: >stable
17:25:37 <Pulfer> But I guess we have to wait for Linaro's 2014.05 release
17:25:38 <fedya> not so stable
17:25:51 <fedya> symbianflo: all arm builds with latest gcc failed
17:25:53 <fedya> haha
17:25:53 <itchka> _TPG: Let's just say the latest version
17:26:02 <symbianflo> got it ...
17:26:41 <_TPG> do we have anything more on this topic ?
17:27:17 <symbianflo> kde will be  the flagship iso ?
17:27:48 <_TPG> symbianflo: yes
17:27:55 <symbianflo> thx
17:29:12 <_TPG> ok i can update gphoto2 to latest version
17:29:16 <_TPG> anything left ?
17:29:34 <ashmobile> Got to go
17:30:08 <itchka> _TPG: I might rebuild ifuse just to be on the safe side.
17:30:16 <ashmobile> Well quite a non sense as my phone stays with me
17:30:27 <_TPG> itchka: ok
17:30:34 <_TPG> #topic Other topics related to 2014.0 release
17:30:40 <_TPG> anyone ?
17:31:37 <_TPG> i have one to discuss, as we some time ago raised discussion to add crisb some more power on abf and this somehow does not happened
17:31:45 <_TPG> i think this could ease his work
17:32:40 <itchka> Timeing. QA really does need a decent stab at testing for the final.  Please do your best to give us five days.
17:33:24 <itchka> _TPG: Absolutely I would second this wholeheartedly
17:34:05 <_TPG> whos agree on giving crisb better premissions ?
17:34:29 <symbianflo> itchka_:  agree even more if would be possible
17:38:21 <_TPG> #agreed give crisb higher permissions on openmandriva2014.0
17:40:02 <_TPG> anything left ?
17:40:11 <_TPG> if no i'll close this meetin in 10 mins
17:41:44 <symbianflo> I just got the the rezults omv rc1 vs X3-rc, symbianflo: reading
17:56:02 <_TPG> #endmeeting