14:31:26 <_TPG> #startmeeting
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14:32:12 <_TPG> arisel bero bero__ denis_silakov fedya nicco pcpa VladimirRubanov Xu_R
14:32:15 <fedya> +
14:32:17 <Xu_R> o/
14:32:19 <_TPG> anyone for TC meeting ?
14:32:27 <denis_silakov> I'm here
14:34:08 <bero__> I'm here, but at the booth at Solutions Linux
14:34:12 <_TPG> here is the agenda https://project.openmandriva.org/meetings/1
14:34:25 <fedya> _TPG: You are not authorized to access this page.
14:34:27 <bero__> so connectivity may drop and/or I may disappear if someone asks stuff
14:36:02 <_TPG> fedya, log in :)
14:36:09 <fedya> _TPG: i'm logged in
14:36:29 <bero__> Same here, logged in but access denied
14:37:26 <_TPG> hmm
14:37:30 <_TPG> #agenda http://pastie.org/9192878
14:37:55 <fedya> ok
14:38:14 <_TPG> #topic How to help newcomers join the fun ?
14:38:26 <_TPG> this was bring on LinuxTag
14:38:42 <_TPG> so me and avokhmin are assigned to this task
14:38:54 <Xu_R> bero, fedya: try now
14:39:08 <_TPG> idea is to create simple page that will guide new people how to help us
14:39:22 <avokhmin> Hi all
14:39:48 <_TPG> we are also going to record video tutorials how to start work with translations or interact with ABF
14:39:56 <fedya> but we have a page for beginners
14:40:09 <_TPG> fedya, which looks like a totall mess
14:40:29 <bero__> Xu_R: works now, thanks
14:40:38 <avokhmin> +1 a lot of unnecessary info for first step
14:40:51 <_TPG> imagine a person who never used *NIX, but this person likes us because of chwido
14:41:09 <_TPG> and willing to help
14:41:53 <_TPG> so we need a step-by-step tutorial how to start with simple tasks like even signing to mailing lists
14:42:41 <_TPG> yes these days mailing list is not recognized by most people, so it looks like ancient facebook chat for them with a huge response delay :)
14:43:43 <_TPG> so do you have ideas how to ease life for newcomers ?
14:45:40 <bero__> Also depends on what type of newcomers
14:45:49 <bero__> New developers? packagers? translators? artists?
14:45:55 <bero__> They all have different needs...
14:46:09 <bero__> But stuff like how to use a mailing list is common to them all
14:46:35 <_TPG> i think we are targeting all of them
14:49:01 <_TPG> anyways i'm sticking to this idea from Linuxtag, when me and avokhim will finish it, would be nice to have decision wheter we are going on that direction
14:49:33 <benatto> wouldn't be good to have like a mentoring program for newcomers?
14:49:52 <_TPG> benatto, +1 we also raised this on LinuxTag
14:50:09 <Xu_R> I think teams need to document steps for newcomers on the wiki - especially since each team does something different
14:50:15 <benatto> cool...I would be something like you did with galmeida few days ago...
14:50:38 <_TPG> benatto, but i find that IRC is not a good tool for mentoring
14:50:50 <_TPG> Xu_R, that is the idea
14:51:18 <_TPG> Xu_R, but first we need a landing page which will lead to pages mainatined by teams
14:51:33 <itchka> Hi
14:51:39 <benatto> _TPG: not, it's really not. Maybe if we have some ML like kernelnewbies? Ie.: omvnewbies or omvnewcomers..beside the wiki page
14:52:07 <benatto> It won't be so fast as an IRC channel, but would be more handly for the mentors
14:52:22 <Xu_R> _TPG: We could probably start by modifying https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Job_Centre, and then shifting it to the website maybe
14:52:30 <itchka> etherpad?
14:52:47 <_TPG> benatto, on my daily job i use Microsoft Lync, which is fantastic tool if you want a fast chat with someone, and you can share you desktop, programs, and draw etc.
14:53:16 <benatto> _TPG: is there any similar for Linux?
14:53:22 <_TPG> Xu_R, i've started new page which can be moved to something better place https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Contribute
14:53:37 <_TPG> benatto, i think i can't find something similiar on free world
14:53:45 <_TPG> skype is close, but you know
14:54:06 <benatto> _TPG: yes....
14:54:11 <matthewnportner> _TPG would join.me work for an alternative to lync
14:54:20 <_TPG> having such software would help mentoring and showing people how to work with stuff
14:54:54 <benatto> matthewnportner: isn't it just for windows?
14:55:04 <_TPG> matthewnportner, looks like it is not so free software
14:55:27 <matthewnportner> oh lol didnt realise it was paid i thought it just used browser plugins
14:55:30 <denis_silakov> one can try jitsi
14:55:39 <matthewnportner> what if we use ekiga for video conferencing
14:56:16 <benatto> denis_silakov: jitsi seems to be cool
14:56:31 <_TPG> denis_silakov, sounds nice
14:56:39 <matthewnportner> _tpg we could look into openmeeting real similar to join.me
14:57:06 <_TPG> wonder if it allow users to give acces to work on your desktop
14:57:11 <matthewnportner> https://code.google.com/p/openmeetings/
14:57:12 <_TPG> like Lync does
14:57:33 <matthewnportner> that id dont know _TPG im stil looking at it but i would think it should
14:57:52 <_TPG> ok we have some links will test them
14:58:13 * Xu_R wonders if we're going overboard with the definition of mentoring
14:58:14 <matthewnportner> ok looks like its a possibly great solution
14:58:25 <_TPG> hope this will be a good start for mentoring program, because interaction on e-mails or IRC takes ages
14:58:49 <matthewnportner> a mentor needs to sometimes see or control screen to help effectively i dont think its overboard at all
14:58:58 <_TPG> matthewnportner, +1
14:59:29 <Xu_R> True.
14:59:48 <benatto> +1
14:59:51 <_TPG> that's why me and almost all use Lync on my daily job, because people will understand very quickly if you show them, compared to writing or talking
15:00:44 <itchka> It certainly would help a lot when language is a difficulty
15:00:58 <_TPG> matthewnportner, seems like you get the idea, will you do some research and give some feedback which tool we should use ?
15:01:19 <_TPG> itchka, +1
15:01:45 <avokhmin> Why not http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx ?
15:01:52 <_TPG> sometimes i feel like we are still in '90
15:01:55 <matthewnportner> _TPG i certainly can help there so far im leaning toward openmeeting so long as it has all needed basic features
15:02:40 <matthewnportner> i didnt think we wanted total remote desktop but teamviewer is a nice solution
15:02:52 <matthewnportner> ill get back to you _TPG on it sure
15:02:58 <_TPG> matthewnportner, please do the research, main features for such kind of software is video/audo calls, screen share and screen interaction for all users, recording, drawing
15:03:08 <_TPG> matthewnportner, thanks
15:03:42 <_TPG> avokhmin, never used it, well if it work out of box and you can start meeting just in one click and have above features, then why not
15:03:50 <matthewnportner> np i think with open meeting you can interact with several at once which might be nice teamviewer not so much but well see
15:03:57 <matthewnportner> maybe we dont need that feature
15:04:24 <matthewnportner> teamviewer is basically a remote desktop app i believe
15:04:27 <_TPG> so let's resume
15:04:38 <itchka> It's usually one person with another unless it's some kind of training session.
15:05:17 <_TPG> to have mentoring program we need a tool that will ease interaction with people, like having video/audio calls, screen sharing and screen interaction
15:05:38 <_TPG> for me this is a ground base, wdyt ?
15:05:45 <itchka> +1
15:06:31 <matthewnportner> _TPG totally agree on base
15:06:50 <_TPG> +1
15:07:11 <Xu_R> +1
15:07:29 <itchka> Though I'm not sure video is absolutely necessary. Bandwidth issues in some countries?
15:07:58 <_TPG> itchka, well yes, but you can always fallback to IRC or ML
15:08:31 <_TPG> #agreed to have mentoring program we need a tool that will ease interaction with people, like having video/audio calls, screen sharing and screen interaction
15:08:36 <itchka> I think as long as you had audio it would be fine
15:09:01 <_TPG> ok i need to get back my home, so let's make some pause
15:09:22 <_TPG> meanwhile please think about some new ideas :)
15:09:24 <itchka> Ok _TPG
15:09:27 <_TPG> bbl
15:09:36 <_TPG> 3 topics left
15:09:54 <matthewnportner> teamviewer is only free for personal use so a non option
15:10:03 <matthewnportner> but it does support meetings
15:10:21 <avokhmin> + easy installation
15:10:51 <matthewnportner> right
15:11:29 <matthewnportner> im sure we could package the tarball for omv
15:11:52 <itchka> Xu_R: I noticed there were still a few arm builds in kahinah
15:11:53 <matthewnportner> but its got licensing limitations since we are an org
15:12:52 <Xu_R> itchka: hmm... I think we're okay, we'll clear those when we go through clearing the rest of these testing builds
15:13:32 <avokhmin> why not to use it as personal?
15:14:27 <itchka> Xu_R: Ok also there's x86 one that always seems to lead to a 404 which I can't remove. It probable doesn't have a build list any more
15:15:02 <Xu_R> itchka: 272? Yeah, that's actually a bug on my end - it's still there, but the UI is rendering wrong
15:15:03 <itchka> avokhmin: I wondered about that it would only be the mentor and the mentee
15:15:42 <itchka> Xu_R: Ok I'll ignore that one and leave you to sort it out.
15:15:46 <Xu_R> I think we should just leave the specifics of communicating to the mentor and mentee if we cannot find some sort of cross-platform solution
15:18:34 <itchka> Xu_R: One last thing on kahinah. Where do the packages sit before we release them. Are they in some kind of repo or what? It a real pain to install and test some of them especially when a package actually contains multiple rpm's
15:18:53 <Xu_R> itchka: well, they _should_ sit in updates-testing...
15:19:11 <Xu_R> See, the issue is that when I call Kahinah from my laptop with my own credentials, packages do get pushed to testing
15:19:13 <pcpa> I think email and irc are the best ways, having both in a close timezone would also help
15:19:23 <Xu_R> But when I migrate it to jasper nothing happens.
15:21:39 <itchka> Xu_R: So you are saying that unless you move them "manually" they don't move?
15:22:03 <Xu_R> itchka: essentially. I have to keep testing to see why this behaviour is happeninig
15:22:52 <itchka> Xu_R: So I can't connect to repo for easy downloads.
15:23:53 <Xu_R> itchka: unfortunately. There are container paths, though, so maybe I could hook into those somehow... But for really easy downloads, I need to develop a backend API for Kahinah so you don't even have to touch the GUI :|
15:24:59 <itchka> Xu_R: I would have thought connecting to a testing repo using urpmi would be really easy. Clearly not :)
15:25:13 <Xu_R> I wish :P
15:25:59 <itchka> biam
15:43:04 <_TPG> i'm back
15:43:20 <_TPG> sorry for delay, there were too much cars on my road
15:43:34 <_TPG> so where do we have finished ?
15:44:38 <mnportner> We left off with openmeeting going to move on from that
15:44:48 <bero_> I got disconnected in the middle (****ing conference connectivity), so don't really know
15:45:08 <mnportner> Fyi I'm mobile so may or may not be here at times should hopefully stay
15:46:59 <_TPG> ok
15:47:17 <_TPG> resume this topic
15:47:40 <_TPG> me and avokhminwill focus on wiki page for newcomers
15:47:59 <_TPG> matthewnportner will do the research on nice conferencing software
15:48:09 <_TPG> we start a mentoring program
15:48:36 <_TPG> i think last one needs a dedicated meeting, to establish some rules etc.
15:50:10 <_TPG> ok i'll put these on project.openmandriva.org
15:50:25 <_TPG> #topic New ideas for next release
15:50:39 <_TPG> we gathered some of new ideas for new release
15:51:08 <_TPG> if you have any please file them on project.openmandriva.org
15:52:48 <_TPG> let's move to discussion on already registered ideas ok ?
15:55:41 <itchka> Ok
15:55:58 <_TPG> we have 19 ideas already https://project.openmandriva.org/versions/3
15:57:39 <itchka> I think we ought to llok first at the TODO list as this would help the newcomer and make us more efficient in fixing problems
15:58:32 <_TPG> itchka: todo list is fba.rosalinux.com :)
15:58:45 <_TPG> here is the road map
15:58:46 <_TPG> https://project.openmandriva.org/projects/cooker/roadmap
15:58:48 <itchka> We could use an istance of Bugzilla for this purpose
15:58:49 <_TPG> #link https://project.openmandriva.org/projects/cooker/roadmap
15:59:25 <_TPG> i'll move chronogically
15:59:36 <_TPG> maintenace 2013.0
15:59:41 <_TPG> one feature
15:59:50 <_TPG> #link https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/11
15:59:56 <OnlyHuman> :)
16:00:12 <bero_> And some glaring omissions I didn't get to post yet because of conference connectivity/availability -- such as move to KDE 5.x
16:00:27 <_TPG> idea is to drop some not needed rpms and other stuff to make mirrors life easier
16:00:55 <_TPG> bero_: i've put you as an asignee for this feature https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/11
16:01:00 <_TPG> are you ok with that ?
16:01:38 <_TPG> if there is someone else who have such powers, and can take this one ?
16:01:43 <bero_> yes, works for me... But in the case of the debuginfo files I actually think we should keep them around (just maybe in an extra repository so most mirrors don't have to carry them)
16:01:52 <bero_> They can be useful in some rare circumstances
16:02:03 <bero_> (e.g. getting a useful backtrace out of a crash we can't reproduce)
16:02:39 <_TPG> bero_: well this is 2013.0 which we are dropping support soon
16:03:04 <bero_> Right, we don't have to take care of 2013.0 anymore
16:03:26 <bero_> But we could save mirrors some more load by generally making debuginfo separate and not carried by every mirror
16:03:37 <bero_> I think maybe 1% of all users will ever install any debuginfo packages
16:03:43 <_TPG> bero_: and we can reduce some extra GB for mirrors
16:03:46 <bero_> so not having those mirrored as widely as the rest of the OS...
16:04:11 <_TPG> bero_: well i can fill new feature for to not mirror debuginfo files
16:05:32 <itchka> _TPG: Is there a policy for supporting prior releases? I can't see many wanting to use 2013 when 2014 is so much better.
16:05:39 <bero_> I just removed all 2013.0 debuginfo files
16:06:28 <bero_> itchka: Essentially the policy is that we decide for every release individually (e.g. we may want to have a release supported for 5 years or so at some point), but the default is support for an old release is dropped shortly after a newer better release is available
16:06:30 <_TPG> itchka: prolly no
16:06:37 <mnportner> I agree 2013 support should end in a few months
16:06:54 <_TPG> bero_: plese remove repository/log directory
16:07:14 <_TPG> it contain some ABF logs there which takes few hunderts of MiB
16:07:43 <bero_> done
16:08:10 <itchka> Could I suggest we declare EOL on 2013 end of June.
16:08:36 <_TPG> bero_: i assume that mirror.rosalabs.ru will update this, right ?
16:09:04 <_TPG> itchka: you decide what is better :)
16:10:18 <bero_> _TPG: AFAIK it will
16:10:36 <_TPG> bero_: so you removed *debuginfo*.rpm from openmandriva2013.0 all repos and subdirs, right?
16:10:49 <_TPG> if yes then i'm closing this one :)
16:10:56 <itchka> Is eveyone happy with the end of June? If so I'll get the necessary announcements organised
16:11:11 <_TPG> itchka: +1
16:11:31 <_TPG> itchka: should i add it to project.openmandriva.org for tracking preparations ?
16:11:43 <bero_> _TPG: yes, and I've already closed it too ;)
16:11:53 <mnportner> End of June is great plenty of time for peeps to Migrate
16:11:54 <_TPG> bero_: \o/
16:11:55 <bero_> itchka: yes, even end of June seems long
16:12:20 <mnportner> Must people do Migrate fast
16:12:44 <mnportner> But 2 months past a working upgrade path should be proper
16:13:21 <_TPG> itchka: are you going to announce EOL or EOS for 2013.0 ?
16:13:25 <itchka> bero: Earlier if you like but as Matt points out migration is quite big job. It's taken me 2 weeks on and off (basically kamial2 is grief all round!!)
16:13:52 <bero_> IMO we can say end of June, not expecting a load of work on 2013.0 anyway
16:14:11 <mnportner> #agreed
16:14:48 <itchka> _TPG: I would favour EOL there is a massive bug in plasma which I could never track down because the core dump was always too big to capture.
16:15:25 <bero_> IMO EOL with clear instructions on updating to 2014.0 is fine
16:15:30 <_TPG> +1
16:15:46 <itchka> Ok will do
16:15:49 <_TPG> https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/43
16:16:03 <_TPG> so let's move to next topic ?
16:17:16 <_TPG> #link https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/12
16:17:25 <_TPG> same idea as for 2013.0
16:17:36 <_TPG> but this time there are more things to clean
16:17:57 <_TPG> 1. Remove -debuginfo.rpm files from main,contrib,non-free and restricted and its subdirectories
16:17:58 <_TPG> 2. Remove openmandriva2014.0/repository/log which have some old log from ABF
16:18:00 <_TPG> 4. Remove java packages with 2014.1 tag (there are corresponding ones with 2014.0 tag)
16:18:01 <_TPG> 5. Remove files with .rpm. from contrib repository. For instance -> R-foreach-1.3.2-1-mdv2013.0.x86_64.rpm.TDY7V5
16:18:14 <_TPG> 6. old 2013.0 rpms in */updates
16:18:31 <_TPG> bero_: are you ok with above ?
16:19:41 <itchka> _TPG: Surely not the debuginfo files. We are maintaining this release.
16:20:09 <_TPG> sure debuginfo can stay for a while :)
16:21:29 <bero_> _TPG: yes, agreed w/ itchka, debuginfo files should stay until/unless we move them to a separate repository
16:22:35 <itchka> matthewportner: When I installed your task-cinnamon it pulled in quite afew of those strangly name files which _TPG mentions
16:23:13 <_TPG> bero_: sure i've updated this one https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/12
16:23:16 <itchka> _TPG: Where do thos strangly named files in contrib come from?
16:23:30 <mnportner> Yeah idk for sure I'm still going back through to see if I can identify where its coming from itchka
16:23:43 <itchka> the ones like.rpm.TDY7V% etc
16:23:57 <mnportner> I fixed some bugs from yesterday though
16:24:05 <_TPG> looks like someone copied stuff
16:24:09 <_TPG> over the repos
16:24:38 <mnportner> It creates unnecessary data use
16:24:43 <_TPG> bero_: so it is ok for you to be asigneed for 2014.0 repo clean task ?
16:25:05 <symbianflo> hi folx , what did I missed ? :-D
16:25:09 <itchka> _TPG: For Matt's sake we may want to hang fire on deleting those until Matt has found out how they are being pulled in.
16:25:54 <_TPG> symbianflo: hi, are you on project.openmandriva.org ?
16:26:05 <_TPG> itchka: let's bero_ decide
16:26:20 <symbianflo> _TPG: sorry , meaning ?
16:26:30 <itchka> _TPG: OK
16:26:59 <_TPG> symbianflo: would be nice if you register on project.openmandriva.org, we are using this tool for next release to track new ideas and progress of development
16:27:35 <_TPG> brb phone
16:27:37 <mnportner> No itcka I'm fine with u all nuking them it'll help me track the source
16:28:09 <mnportner> Sorry auto correct hates me itchka
16:28:39 <symbianflo> _TPG: ok , but is not that i have time for all the issues you propose me  :-D, if you mean just to have the name there , then ok , but  that's that ...
16:28:47 <itchka> natthewnportner: OK
16:29:08 <mnportner> Lol
16:29:40 <itchka> symbinaflo: Are you aware of strangely named rpms in contrib such as R-foreach-1.3.2-1-mdv2013.0.x86_64.rpm.TDY7V5 ?
16:30:17 <itchka> symbianflo: It's proposed we rid ourselves of them.
16:30:51 <bero_> _TPG: sure, can take care of deleting the files (but it'll probably wait for a few days given connectivity here sucks)
16:32:03 <symbianflo> itchka: ok now if you gonna adulate me , can you just use words that i can understand ? Please? :-D
16:33:20 <_TPG> symbianflo: we have strange *.rpm.* files on 2014.0 contrib repo like R-foreach-1.3.2-1-mdv2013.0.x86_64.rpm.TDY7V5
16:33:25 <_TPG> bero_: thanks
16:33:32 <itchka> symbianflo: Ok lots of files like this in contrib R-foreach-1.3.2-1-mdv2013.0.x86_64.rpm.TDY7V5 do you need them or can we delete.
16:35:17 <symbianflo> Looks like R suite ... ok if you decide to drop it , then all R packages should be dropped , beside all that REQ BR and suggests...
16:36:08 <bero_> symbianflo: We aren't talking about dropping R-* -- look at the filename closely (*.rpm.* rather than *.rpm). Looks like a temporary file created by an rsync gone wrong
16:37:20 <_TPG> :)
16:38:25 <symbianflo> if you mean this type : rpm.TDY7V5, then this should be just a backup file when genhdlist failed to overwright media.info dir
16:38:26 <mnportner> They seem totally pointless abf should go imho definately seem like temp files
16:38:59 <_TPG> symbianflo: sounds like a good clue
16:39:26 <mnportner> Right dump them :-)
16:39:34 <symbianflo> of course would be  nice to search the corespondent rpm, if in place , in this case R-foreach-1.3.2-1-mdv2013.0.x86_64.rpm
16:40:08 <_TPG> symbianflo: well i've checked and all of this strange files have corresponding good rpm file
16:40:54 <itchka> If you go to abf-downloads and go to contrib they don't show up in the html listing
16:40:55 <symbianflo> _TPG:  it happen often to me when I'm updating MRB and the swat cut me out in the middle of the upload ...
16:42:16 <_TPG> maybe we should ask Denis, prolly Rosa somehow managed these files by removing them in some cron job
16:42:53 <_TPG> anyways let's move to other topics
16:42:59 <_TPG> this time related to cooker
16:43:12 <symbianflo> this backup files should allow you to continue upload from where was interrupted ... but is useless , on second thought , those shouldn't live over  a new genhdlist ...
16:44:29 <itchka> _TPG: Could we just cover one small current operational issue about the restricted repo?
16:44:57 <_TPG> itchka: sure, i suggest to register it on project
16:44:57 <symbianflo> ah btw, xvid is in non-free should be moved to plf
16:45:57 <symbianflo> can you give me the link to register ?
16:46:07 <_TPG> symbianflo: project.openmandriva.org
16:46:12 <_TPG> quite simple :)
16:48:44 <_TPG> ok moving to next
16:48:44 <itchka> _TPG: I will to for the record. It's been suggested that the majority of MM applications be moved from contrib to restricted since in order to be of any use at all they need to contain patented stuff.
16:48:58 <_TPG> MM ?
16:49:05 <itchka> Multi-Media
16:50:13 <_TPG> itchka: so these are mostly unusable without patented suftware ?
16:50:44 <symbianflo> ok done
16:50:46 <mnportner> If that's the case then yes should be moved to restricted
16:50:58 <itchka> _TPG: Not so much unusable but unuseful
16:51:42 <_TPG> itchka: first we need to register this on project, second we need a list of these apps
16:52:08 <symbianflo> if  we can have mp3 code, aac code, a.s.o in contrib  is not a problem , but i doubt about it.
16:52:27 <itchka> _TPG: Unless your media collection is in ogg-vorbis and your vids are in an open source format (I know not what)  they aren't much use.
16:53:11 <symbianflo> your vid in OFF format , ok tell me that format ... :-D
16:53:21 <_TPG> itchka: Colin will you register this feature ?
16:53:22 <symbianflo> *OSS format
16:53:37 <itchka> _TPG: OK
16:53:41 <_TPG> thanks
16:54:03 <_TPG> moving to next
16:54:06 <_TPG> #link https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/15
16:54:15 <_TPG> this is from 2014.0 spec list
16:54:26 <_TPG> bero_: not sure above was implemented
16:57:07 <symbianflo> ping me if you need me,  please. ( the bugz are colling me ..)
16:57:27 <_TPG> #link https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/16
16:57:31 <_TPG> same goes with above
17:00:22 <bero_> symbianflo: WebM/VP9 is quite usable as an OSS video format... Just rare
17:01:27 <symbianflo> do you have your video collection in webm format ? and webm is just a container ... nort a format
17:01:33 <_TPG> bero_: should i drop above features ? these are from 2014.0 and not sure how this ended up
17:01:33 <bero_> _TPG: 15 wasn't done for 2014.0 because upstream was delayed -- the upstream release happened after our rc. Should definitely be doable for 2015.0
17:01:45 <_TPG> ok
17:02:20 <bero_> _TPG: Similar for 16, still should be done but was blocked by some upstream issues (they didn't get around to removing the hard dependency on users in ldap in time)
17:02:47 <_TPG> bero_: great, who shlould be assigned for those two ?
17:03:00 <bero_> symbianflo: WebM is a format, the spec for WebM says Matroska-like container with VP9 video data and Vorbis audio
17:03:10 <bero_> _TPG: Me for now, but if someone new wants to take them, fine
17:04:54 * bero_ has to leave, the conference is closing
17:05:13 <_TPG> ok
17:05:32 <_TPG> #link https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/20
17:05:35 <bero_> Just one comment before I have to leave: I strongly object to (Mis)feature 23 if that's being discussed later on
17:05:42 <bero_> (See the comment I posted on it)
17:06:00 <_TPG> bero_: i saw this
17:06:17 <_TPG> 20 is for enabling UEFI secureboot
17:06:30 <symbianflo> yes but i always can compress a mpeg4&& aac  and incapsulate as webm... so is is a format from my point of view ... but if you think that we have the most of the multimedia stack that use OSS just forget  it , ...
17:07:35 <bero_> People *should* start adopting real WebM... Unfortunately most haven't
17:07:52 <bero_> So I agree that for most people, pure non-patented OSS multimedia stuff is useless
17:09:07 <bero_> 20 is another free vs. works on weirdo hardware issue...
17:10:33 <bero_> In this particular case I think we should remain on the free side simply because  there's not a lot of hardware that actually insists on "secure"boot and we should do our thing to make sure it stays that way
17:10:54 <bero_> If you can put on everything you like despite a mandatory M$ signature, M$ wins.
17:11:03 <bero_> But this is a political issue, not so much a code related one...
17:11:58 <itchka> Hi andre
17:12:05 <andre_> hi
17:12:15 <_TPG> bero_: so there is no solution for secureboot ?
17:13:00 <_TPG> does shim help at all ?
17:13:39 <bero_> AFAIK there cannot be a purely free solution because the shim solution essentially means shipping a signed-by-the-Nazis shim that does very little (just loads something else)
17:13:39 <_TPG> http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/20303.html
17:14:02 <bero_> The whole point of insecureboot is making sure only stuff considered safe by M$ can be booted...
17:14:18 <bero_> really got to go now though, conference closing
17:14:31 <_TPG> bero_: so close this idea ?
17:14:32 <bero_> We may want to continue next week if my input is needed
17:14:34 <itchka> I have to feed the family I'll try and keep with it though
17:14:58 <_TPG> hmm maybe we should finish other day ?
17:15:04 <pcpa> I made this experimental package https://abf.rosalinux.ru/oem/shim but have no idea if it works
17:15:12 <_TPG> pcpa: :)
17:15:15 <pcpa> just asked conectiva/oem people to test it
17:16:08 <pcpa> but it is the unsigned one, and I believe the goal should be to just have some "signed" stub to load grub2 and from there ignore "secure mode"
17:16:17 <_TPG> pcpa: i think that i don't even know how this thing work at all
17:16:53 <pcpa> _TPG: I do not have much of an idea also, just got most of the stack built for oem/conectiva and am asking for testing :-)
17:18:21 <_TPG> are you tired ?
17:18:35 <_TPG> maybe we should finish other day ?
17:19:00 <itchka_> I guess it might make sense there's a lot to cover
17:19:14 <itchka_> and stuff to add
17:19:15 <pcpa> anyway, all I see is the need of a first stage that is accepted by the uefi bios, and that can load grub2
17:20:03 <_TPG> pcpa: +1
17:21:03 * IZhaqMelo have someone from Brazil
17:21:07 * IZhaqMelo ?
17:21:30 <_TPG> IZhaqMelo: hello yes we have some people for Brazil
17:22:00 <_TPG> ok enough of technical topics for now
17:22:23 <_TPG> let's have discussion on avokhmin topic
17:22:30 <avokhmin> =)
17:23:06 <avokhmin> `HORIZON 2020, Kickstarter, etc.`
17:23:50 <_TPG> #topic HORIZON 2020, Kickstarter, etc
17:24:00 <_TPG> avokhmin: these are fundin programs right ?
17:24:15 <avokhmin> yes
17:24:51 <avokhmin> about HORIZON 2020 - we can try to get money for cooperation with Brazil
17:25:16 <_TPG> what are requirements to sign up for this program ?
17:25:22 <avokhmin> small grants: up to 1 500 000 EUR...
17:25:33 <_TPG> indeed small
17:26:03 <avokhmin> - EUB 3 – 2015: Experimental Platforms (page 94)
17:26:12 <avokhmin> http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/doc/call/h2020/common/1605109-part_05i._ict_v1.2_en.pdf
17:27:28 <avokhmin> Specific Challenge: The objective of cooperation in the area of Experimental Platforms is to enable and promote the federation of experimental resources irrespective of their localization in Brazil and in Europe, with a view towards global experimentation across heterogeneous networks, both wired and wireless, and a variety of end-systems.
17:27:37 <avokhmin> and etc....
17:28:04 <_TPG> avokhmin: sounds like our ARM port fits there
17:28:07 <_TPG> right ?
17:28:24 <avokhmin> so, if we can think out any way, we can try to apply
17:29:14 <avokhmin> maybe
17:29:47 <avokhmin> Expected impact:
17:29:47 <avokhmin> Improving access to, and broadening the scope of, experimental facilities, as well as promoting experimentally-driven research with end-user involvement.
17:31:02 <avokhmin> `promoting experimentally-driven research with end-user involvement` - sounds as finding of contributors and ...
17:31:32 <_TPG> avokhmin: people who will be testing our ARM port maybe on some mobile devices ?
17:32:20 <avokhmin> who will be develop && testing
17:33:04 <_TPG> avokhmin: i think with a such small grant we will be able to attract some people for this task
17:33:17 * IZhaqMelo Hello I'm Everton Melo, here from Brazil -  São Paulo, met the project by employees of mandriva
17:33:32 <avokhmin> for example... We have a platform where people can build something. OM can coordinate groups. We already have a cooperation with Brazil...
17:33:34 <_TPG> IZhaqMelo: hello Everton, nice to see you here
17:33:47 <_TPG> avokhmin: also sounds good
17:33:55 <IZhaqMelo> interested in helping the project with packaging
17:33:58 * IZhaqMelo interested in helping the project with packaging
17:34:07 <_TPG> avokhmin: dealine for apply ?
17:34:20 <_TPG> IZhaqMelo: sounds awesome
17:34:21 <avokhmin> [21 April 2015]47
17:34:27 <avokhmin> Publication date: 15 October 201446
17:34:49 <avokhmin> so, we have a time. Maybe something else. I did fast review)
17:34:50 <itchka_> IZhaqMelo: A warm welcome to you. I'm itchka sort of QA
17:35:02 <_TPG> IZhaqMelo: please subscribe to our mailing list and sign in for account in www.abf.io
17:35:37 <_TPG> avokhmin: well we can try now, let's have a dedicated meeting for this one
17:35:56 <avokhmin> _TPG: sure
17:36:20 <_TPG> avokhmin: an other topics ?
17:36:33 <avokhmin> Kickstarter ?
17:37:04 <_TPG> yes
17:37:11 <avokhmin> yes, I thought that we can start some project on Kickstarter.
17:37:47 <avokhmin> for example creating CubeSat (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CubeSat)
17:37:59 <avokhmin> Goals:
17:37:59 <avokhmin> - operational safety of OS
17:37:59 <avokhmin> - some public mission, for example monitoring for Space debris (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_debris).
17:38:01 <avokhmin> Ecologi in last days is very popular theme. Maybe something else...
17:38:03 <avokhmin> - publicity for OMA and paid engagement
17:38:41 <avokhmin> it will be less than `HORIZON 2020`
17:39:02 <_TPG> sounds cool for me
17:39:44 <avokhmin> but with cube a lot of open questions...
17:40:28 <avokhmin> how, price, connection with Earth and etc... It will be really research task...
17:40:58 <_TPG> avokhmin: from my pov for both we need first a good ideas what we can offer
17:41:32 <avokhmin> yes
17:42:07 <_TPG> i think this need a special session
17:42:15 <itchka_> It sounds very interesting to me but it's a big challenge I would think.
17:42:26 <_TPG> a brainstorming session
17:42:31 <avokhmin> yes, we can create slow chat in skype with Kate for example
17:42:39 <_TPG> but hard to make it on IRC
17:44:32 <avokhmin> we can select specific date when all who interested in this will be able to discuss
17:44:47 <_TPG> my suggestion is to schedule this brainstorming session on skype starting next week
17:44:49 <avokhmin> after the meeting
17:44:55 <avokhmin> ok
17:44:58 <avokhmin> I can
17:45:08 <_TPG> goof
17:45:09 <_TPG> good
17:45:39 <avokhmin> ok, I have no other topics
17:45:55 <_TPG> avokhmin: thanks for explaining this two topics
17:46:03 <_TPG> we should really take care of them
17:46:41 <_TPG> if there are no more topics i'll close this TC meeting in 10 mins
17:46:46 <itchka_> _TPG: I have a short announcement
17:46:53 <_TPG> :)
17:47:11 <avokhmin> I repeated that has been in the email)
17:47:43 <_TPG> avokhmin: it is always better to explain more, you get more attention now
17:48:14 <itchka_> If any newcomers are here today perhaps you woulr like to make yourselves known so that we may offcially welcome you and introduce to you some of the team. Don't be shy we won't bite you :)
17:49:07 <itchka_> If you don't want so say then we welcome you anyway :)
17:49:16 <symbianflo> itchka_: hi I'm symbianflo and I have IMS...
17:49:57 <itchka_> A warm welcome to your twin symbianflo
17:50:14 <symbianflo> IMS aka = irritable male syndrome
17:50:27 <symbianflo> :-D
17:51:12 <itchka_> It come with age I had that last week!!
17:51:49 <symbianflo> niceeeeee
17:53:33 <symbianflo> IZhaqMelo: Hi and welcome to openmandriva, nor TPG will guide you through  the  packaging secretes
17:54:38 <_TPG> #endmeeting