15:33:29 <_TPG> #startmeeting
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15:34:14 <_TPG> andrepm:  arisel avokhmin_ benatto fedya fedya|2 franciscopk galmeida_ gmoro itchka__ jkerr82508 JLP marja nicco__ pcpa proyvind rugyada utente Xu_R
15:34:23 <_TPG> ready for TC?
15:34:27 <Xu_R> here
15:34:31 <avokhmin_> +
15:34:33 <rugyada> hello
15:35:47 <_TPG> ok good to have you here
15:36:14 <_TPG> i haven't got time to send agenda, but imho this is quite simple
15:36:28 <_TPG> #topic 2014.1 release
15:36:42 <_TPG> there is a major blocker for 2014.1 to happen
15:36:53 <_TPG> it is related to ABF publishing
15:37:02 <_TPG> i586 hdlists are broken
15:38:08 <_TPG> and this means it is impossible to build i586 iso with all main/updates
15:38:29 <_TPG> also this affects x86_64 users who have enabled main32_updates repository
15:38:50 <_TPG> i've pinged about this error rosa guys but did not get any response
15:39:19 <_TPG> avokhmin_: do you know whether Denis or aburmashev are around ?
15:39:33 <_TPG> issue is visible here http://file-store.rosalinux.ru/api/v1/file_stores/c19c91d1f47050faf76f69eafe60b7773fb55ade.log?show=true
15:40:20 <avokhmin_> _TPG: I can switch back OM to OM LXC container. But before - we had a some problems with publication (packages not saved in abf-downloads after publishing)
15:41:01 <_TPG> avokhmin_: good you are here
15:41:21 <_TPG> avokhmin_: well there are two options
15:41:26 <avokhmin_> _TPG: Denis has a vacation, he will be absent 1-2 week
15:41:37 <_TPG> 1. temporaily use OMV LXC just for tests
15:42:04 <_TPG> 2. make abf smart and in case of omv package use omv lxc for publishing, in other cases rosa lxc
15:42:49 <avokhmin_> _TPG: for cooker, openmandriva2013.0, openmandriva2014.0 ?
15:43:14 <_TPG> avokhmin_: try only for openmandriva2014.0
15:43:27 <_TPG> we do not want to break cooker accidentaly
15:43:42 <_TPG> avokhmin_: can this be done fast ? :)
15:43:52 <avokhmin_> _TPG: done, try to publish
15:44:00 <avokhmin_> _TPG: for openmandriva2014.0
15:44:04 <_TPG> that's so fast
15:44:09 <avokhmin_> :D
15:44:24 <_TPG> avokhmin_: first i need to regenerate metadata for 2014.0/main
15:45:04 <avokhmin_> _TPG: fast - need ask aburmashev, slow - by button
15:45:25 <_TPG> avokhmin_: will try by button
15:46:03 <_TPG> ok if this will help, then today i'll produce isos
15:58:04 <_TPG> avokhmin_: looks like it is done http://file-store.rosalinux.ru/api/v1/file_stores/2589114f5c3283849834e0e18271757adef7527a.log?show=true
16:02:34 <fedya|2> i'm here
16:03:17 <_TPG> let's if this will help
16:13:03 <_TPG> avokhmin_: looks like regenerate metadata did not updated sythesis hdlists on abf-downloads
16:13:22 <_TPG> avokhmin_: they are old from 5 aug http://abf-downloads.rosalinux.ru/openmandriva2014.0/repository/x86_64/main/updates/media_info/
16:22:26 <_TPG> i mean they are not updated because on above link synthesis hdlist got old timestamp 05-Aug-2014 07:46
16:22:36 <_TPG> and i've regenerated it 5 mins ago
16:23:42 <OnlyHuman> chwido: bark OnlyHuman
16:23:43 * chwido barks at OnlyHuman.
16:43:13 <nicco__> hi
16:44:02 <nicco__> i want to report that in my ultrabook (intel core2) 4 Gb ram, the Firefox 31 crashes and close it very often
16:44:36 <nicco__> i have disabled the smooth scroll and video accelleration: nothing to do
16:45:02 <_TPG> avokhmin_: can you somehow fix this or ping aburmashev ?
16:45:55 <nicco__> i have downloaded and installed Chrome, and seems ok, while for this PC the current FF is too unstable
16:53:21 <symbianflo> afternoon
16:58:21 <_TPG> hi
17:16:43 <_TPG> ok do we have any topics letf for 2014.1 ?
17:31:29 <symbianflo> _TPG: of course, we have...
17:31:59 <symbianflo> postpone the release O:-) ?
17:34:50 <_TPG> well in case when ABF is blocker here, yes release seems to be postponed
17:35:50 <symbianflo> maybe for september...
17:39:12 <_TPG> no
17:39:18 <_TPG> after the ABF will be fixed
17:43:29 <_TPG> #topic 2015.0 release
17:44:01 <_TPG> those who are still interested please focus on fixing failed build packages for cooker from this list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h1Y5LBursY3bM0klUihoEfqrVt6G0G52dovTDJTnp3s/edit#gid=1282637628
17:47:31 <symbianflo> _TPG: AFIC 2015 can wait a couple of weeks, but I need rosa contrib perfect for september, so ...you have to understand me ...
17:49:21 <_TPG> symbianflo: sure i understand it
17:49:33 <_TPG> but we are already late with 2014.1 and 2015.0
17:51:22 <symbianflo> I've proposed a fix for 586plf 2014.0 nobody answered... even done the build... , so for now my higher purpose is rosa2014.1...sorry
17:52:52 <_TPG> symbianflo: where it is that fix ?
17:53:28 <symbianflo> on the OM cooker ml and QA ml
17:55:05 <symbianflo> https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/2088125
18:02:02 <nicco__> symbianflo: the OMV Maillists are borked...
18:02:19 <nicco__> so, nobody could read your msgs
18:03:45 <nicco__> I have informed about the broken ML, Infra said that is fixed, but really seems NOT
18:06:56 <_TPG> yeah ML looks borked to me too
18:09:05 <nicco__> surely none omv ml msg has reached the recipient since August 1
18:09:34 <nicco__> or even since few day before
18:09:51 <nicco__> TPG: Burma answered to our help request
18:10:08 <nicco__> TPG: read your mail!
18:12:25 <nicco__> TPG: he realized the issue is serious and he will try to fix for tomorrow
18:14:28 <_TPG> nicco__: yes i just saw it too, also replied
18:15:42 <_TPG> hdlists generation should be bulletproof
18:31:26 <symbianflo> so if the ml in broken how can i communicate with others?
18:31:29 <symbianflo> Ok let's do this right,NOW,  I've build x264_133 in my-personal only     for 586 and I'll ask
18:31:29 <symbianflo> A.Burmashev for help, to copy the rpms and the srpm in     2014.0/586/restricted
18:31:29 <symbianflo> ( and not 2014.0/586/restricted-updates)
18:31:29 <symbianflo> and regen the hdlist, if he can do this I guess we are good to go ,     what do you think
18:31:29 <symbianflo> about this?And maybe The QA will keep an eye out to publish it asap     ?
18:31:29 <symbianflo> Here is the build and the container:
18:31:29 <symbianflo> https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/2088125
18:31:30 <symbianflo> 
18:31:30 <symbianflo> 
18:31:31 <symbianflo> Waiting for your decision ASAP.
18:31:44 <symbianflo> l 02/08/2014 09:45,       issues.openmandriva ha scritto:
18:31:44 <symbianflo> Comment             # 12 on bug             827 from  jcl                 vanier                    The package vlc-2.1.4-3plf-plf2014.0.i586.rpm, which is the last update, still requires the package libx264_133 which is missing from the repos and rebuilding the db in the user's computer doesn't change that fact, I guess.
18:31:44 <symbianflo> You are receiving this mail because:                You are on the CC list for the bug.
18:33:00 <symbianflo> ok abf broken ml broken , and you still go for the release in mid august... awesome...
18:55:40 <_TPG> if there are not more topics i'll close this meeting in 10 mins
19:28:49 <_TPG> #endmeeting