15:17:23 <itchka> #startmeeting
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15:18:30 <itchka> First agenda item is really _TPG but I can say a little about it or should we wait for TPG?
15:18:46 <itchka> 1: Alpha Release
15:19:02 <klebedeff> it is bero s topic
15:19:25 <klebedeff> TPG said he probably will come but late
15:19:42 <bero> Well... things are essentially looking good right now, except KDE5 doesn't work because of Qt 5.5 changes
15:20:10 <bero> So we're on track for another LXQt based release, and hopefully we'll have a fix for KDE5 soon
15:20:26 <bero> itchka: do you have any bugs that need to be fixed before the release?
15:21:10 <proyvind> I noticed plymout-quit-wait.service behaving funky...
15:22:13 <itchka> bero: I am in the process of preparing a list. I reviewed all the current bugs last night and there are very few that are big issues. However there are a couple that I notice haven't been reported yet. So I'll see to that and then publish a list for you devs to attack.
15:23:32 <itchka> I am a little concerned about some aspects of Calamares which I consider to be bugs but it could be argued that they are just a different way of doing things.
15:25:03 <itchka> bero: The main issue is that the default partitioning screen just creates a root slice. There's no /home slice
15:26:02 <itchka> proyvind: I think that issue is resolved now but if it isn't please file some details.
15:26:03 <tapwag> One person in the German forum has an issue with the "smartcard" daemon
15:26:54 <itchka> tapwag: Could you help him file a bug in English please.
15:27:03 <tapwag> I don't know if this is installed as standard..
15:28:15 <itchka> tapwag: When you say smartcard is that a modem I'm not sure what piece of hardware you are referring to.
15:28:48 <tapwag> itchka, It is a smartcard reader called ReinerSCT
15:29:23 <tapwag> Apparently he wants to run an online banking application called Moneyplex but I wasn't aware that they offer Mandriva packages
15:29:47 <klebedeff> tapwag: the best would be to get a bug report, could you please support guy to file that?
15:29:49 <tapwag> It's a proprietary software from a company called "matrica" if I am not mistaken
15:31:18 <tapwag> klebedeff, Yes, just posted an answer in the German forum
15:31:48 <klebedeff> good
15:31:50 <itchka> tapwag: Ask him to file a bug. If it's an out of dat library or similar we might be able to fix it but it will need a decent bug report and probably interaction with the user.
15:31:51 <tapwag> But as far as I understand it, he is using the stable version
15:32:30 <klebedeff> this sounds like an issue, which is not about Alpha status, but subject to bug filing, well, to me
15:32:44 <itchka> Yes
15:32:59 <itchka> But it's dealt with now.
15:33:10 <tapwag> It is, let's move on
15:33:34 <bero> I think that thing is essentially an NFC reader, I know someone used it to read data from biometric passports
15:35:28 <itchka> bero: What's the ETA for a working KDE-5?
15:35:52 <bero> No ETA because we're waiting for upstream (Qt) to fix the issue causing it
15:36:10 <bero> they've acknowledged the problem but otherwise there's no feedback from them so far
15:36:26 <itchka> bero: So when it's fixed do we release another alpha?
15:36:37 <bero> IMO yes, we need KDE5 tested
15:37:47 <itchka> Any dissenters on that choice?
15:38:14 <bero> would be good to get TPG's opinion
15:38:21 <bero> but I think he'll essentially agree
15:38:31 <tapwag> Fine with me
15:38:47 <itchka> So we will carry that to the next agenda.
15:39:25 <itchka> #action Add discussion on second alpha release when KDE-5 is ready
15:39:28 <tapwag> Is Trolltech still doing Qt?
15:41:00 <jofazepa> sorry for being late
15:41:19 <tapwag> jofazepa, No problem
15:41:39 <jofazepa> trolltech no longer exists
15:41:53 <jofazepa> now qt is owned by a Digia
15:42:25 <jofazepa> the nokia - microsoft deal just made trolltech a "sell" business in nokia
15:42:51 <tapwag> Didn't know about that, thanks for the info
15:44:07 <itchka> We meet once more before the alpha release date; if by some slim chance KDE-5 is ready should we ship it?
15:44:21 <bero> Actually Digia has spun off the Qt unit to a new company called "The Qt Company" which essentially is what Trolltech used to be
15:45:06 <bero> IMO yes, if it's ready we should provide both an LXQt and a KDE5 ISO so we can get more feedback
15:45:11 <jofazepa> bero: yes. because they hired lot's of ex trolltech employers :-)
15:46:05 <jofazepa> i vote for a dual iso if available, because people are really "hungry" of kde5 and we need to feed them
15:46:37 <jofazepa> bero: also we should start thinking, as we are qt mainly distro, to be knowned as the QT distro...
15:47:09 <itchka> klebedeff: This will affect the release announcements we will need two to be prepared so as we are ready for either situation.
15:47:24 <bero> jofazepa: agreed about that. But we currently can't really do dual iso because we don't have installer support for choosing
15:47:37 <klebedeff> I hope for jofazepa help with that:)
15:48:27 <jofazepa> bero: oh yes. you have already told me that... ups. we need two isos :-)
15:48:34 <klebedeff> *announcement I mean
15:48:59 <jofazepa> klebedeff: today I've already posted the date of release on social netowrks
15:49:20 <jofazepa> thinking on a good way to make the message reach what we want
15:49:22 <itchka> #action Two release announcements must be prepared in case we release with KDE-5 rather than LXQt
15:49:34 <klebedeff> jofazepa: we have currently issue with pad, so I will do google link, let's prepare the text together
15:49:53 <jofazepa> the fact is that people will be waiting for the 25 of april (release of debian jessie 8) and that will afect the impact of our announcement
15:49:54 <jofazepa> so...
15:50:06 <jofazepa> (oh no not google...) :-)
15:50:07 <klebedeff> Rugyada makes screenshots, Avokhmin does video
15:50:34 <klebedeff> jofazepa: easy, easy....:))
15:50:52 <klebedeff> infra is working, I hope current issue with pad will be fixed soon
15:50:53 <jofazepa> I'm easy like sunday morning
15:51:18 <klebedeff> yep:)
15:51:26 <itchka> klebedeff: If you are going to do all that there needs to be a cut-off date for the KDE-5 decision.
15:51:44 <klebedeff> not really
15:52:01 <klebedeff> we do now, if we will need to change, well, we will change
15:52:30 <itchka> Kate you can't do screenshots of a non-existant KDE-5 :)
15:52:37 <klebedeff> there must be a notice though. We do read IRC etc, but there should be a separate dedicated email I think - about how we go in the end of the day
15:52:52 <klebedeff> that is what I say Colin
15:52:54 <bero> I think we'll do the LXQt release either way (because there's no way we can give KDE-5 enough testing)
15:52:58 <jofazepa> itchka: you don't know the gimp!
15:53:00 <klebedeff> we do as it is now
15:53:14 <bero> so if KDE-5 is ready too, we'll essentially just have to add some stuff about it
15:53:22 <bero> or even a 2nd announcement
15:53:22 <klebedeff> if things change, there must be a separate notification,
15:53:37 <jofazepa> we can do one think
15:53:44 <klebedeff> + 1 to bero
15:54:08 <klebedeff> he words it better than me:)
15:54:12 <jofazepa> we can do an annoucement like bero say, if not ready, the original annoucement has a prevision on the release of the kde 5 iso
15:54:45 <jofazepa> like "scences of the next chapters" creating some anxiety on users but good anxiety
15:54:47 <klebedeff> yeeep
15:54:50 <itchka> Sounds good to me.
15:55:48 <bero> And if we aren't ready for the kde5 release, we should probably mention it as well (just announcing that it'll be there for the beta), to make sure KDE guys don't think we're dropping them
15:56:00 <itchka> Anything more on alpha release?
15:56:26 <klebedeff> #action jofazepa klebedeff prepare the announcement text, rugyada screenshots, avokhmin video
15:57:01 <klebedeff> bero agreed
15:57:24 <bero> yes, essentially that's all I had on the alpha
15:58:41 <itchka> ok next topic
15:58:47 <klebedeff> itchka: can we please take in the small topic about prizes now?
15:59:04 <itchka> Do you want to do that now?
15:59:07 <klebedeff> it is 3 minutes, not to risk leaving it out
15:59:28 <itchka> ok
15:59:28 <klebedeff> rather urgent
15:59:56 <klebedeff> #topic  facebook shares raffle
16:00:11 <itchka> The floor is yours Kate
16:00:33 <klebedeff> when having a campaign, we announced that we make a raffle, including customized (size) T- shirts for those who share the posts
16:00:45 <klebedeff> itchka:  just for few minutes:)
16:00:56 <klebedeff> delivery time is May
16:01:16 <klebedeff> as well we will have to deliver some prizes within release (fall of fame)
16:01:24 <klebedeff> wall
16:01:42 <jofazepa> (fall of fame is the Mandriva Sa story...)
16:01:59 <klebedeff> so 1. facebook raffle, I plan to take random3 names from the shares and announce them, since we have no box to put the names in:)
16:02:26 <klebedeff> does anybody have objections?
16:03:12 <jofazepa> you can do it like see how many shares, pick 3 random numbers until the maximum of shares and choose them thay way: sahre number x, number y and number z
16:03:15 <itchka> Not from here.
16:03:21 <bero> Let's extend it to the other networks, I don't think we want to be too closely associated with facebook aka nsaspyware
16:03:39 <klebedeff> jofazepa: there is no list with number bullets:)
16:03:49 <jofazepa> klebedeff: ok!
16:03:53 <klebedeff> bero it was announced for FB:)
16:04:06 <jofazepa> bero: I manage all the others and the "raffle" sas just for facebook
16:04:10 <klebedeff> we now only have to fulfill what is announced
16:04:36 <klebedeff> if there will be no objections, I make a "raffle" for FB
16:05:01 <klebedeff> good point about other networks - do we want to do same there, despite we did not promise that?
16:05:39 <klebedeff> jofazepa: ?
16:05:45 <jofazepa> bero: by the way we need to grow outside fb and twitter here is the openmandriva diaspora invite https://joindiaspora.com/i/160b857ccdb6
16:05:48 <klebedeff> wdyt?
16:06:07 <jofazepa> we have twitter with large following
16:06:14 <jofazepa> diaspora with medium following
16:06:26 <jofazepa> the others are two small
16:06:31 <jofazepa> but I guess we can sum them all
16:06:36 <klebedeff> we could do following
16:06:37 <jofazepa> and offer 1 treat
16:06:53 <klebedeff> we make 3 treats for FB, as was announced and promised
16:07:11 <klebedeff> same time we make new raffles, with 1 treat per network/share
16:07:24 <klebedeff> for sharing the announcement about Alpha
16:07:30 <jofazepa> I agree
16:07:40 <klebedeff> ?
16:08:01 <klebedeff> we can insert that into announcement
16:08:25 <klebedeff> if no objections I fix action?
16:08:49 <itchka> I have no objections as long as we can finance the "treats"
16:09:03 <tapwag> same here, no objections
16:09:28 <klebedeff> finance for treats is covered separately, that is fine
16:09:34 <jofazepa> not really necessary, we can make it on the social networks as we announce the alpha, and create a general hastag for it like #OpenMandrivaRaffles
16:09:34 <klebedeff> OK then
16:10:15 <klebedeff> #action klebedeff announces winners for FB raffle, info about new raffles (1 per social network) is inserted into Alpha announcement
16:10:35 <klebedeff> 2. wall of fame and other prizes
16:11:12 <klebedeff> those are not complicated to do, they were planned this way, but someone needs to coordinate it, to make sure that we dliver everything
16:11:25 <klebedeff> I want to ask jofazepa  for help in this
16:11:50 <klebedeff> work will belong mainly to rugyada;), we need to be around and deliver
16:12:02 <jofazepa> what help do you need
16:12:17 <klebedeff> also to make sure that needed info get into the release (where applicable)
16:12:35 <klebedeff> coordinate that we make all prizes and make sure we deliver them
16:12:51 <jofazepa> klebedeff: I'll help you, we talk the details later, ok?
16:13:00 <klebedeff> OK, thanks
16:13:30 <klebedeff> #action prizes deliver  for campaign to be coordinated by jofazepa  and klebedeff
16:13:44 <klebedeff> itchka:  I finished, thank you:)
16:14:18 <klebedeff> * klebedeff will restart computer and back in 10 sec
16:14:22 <itchka> Ok next topic
16:14:58 <itchka> #topic  2. Training seminars for would be Bug Hunters. Make these very public on the web but viewable only to registered members who have at least downloaded the iso. In fact they should only be accesible from the live iso
16:15:43 <itchka> This is an idea of mine to try and attact young developers.
16:16:56 <itchka> We could cover a number of types of faults that occur in programs.
16:17:00 <itchka> and builds
16:17:03 <tapwag> There is also lots of material in the old Mandriva wiki
16:17:13 <tapwag> which we could build upon
16:17:35 <jofazepa> those seminars will be "live" or will be "a collection of materials"?
16:18:00 <itchka> I feel they ought to be in the form of a seminar
16:18:23 <itchka> so "live" with a narrator
16:18:35 <jofazepa> ok, so more like a workshop, because will have applied
16:18:58 <fedya> i'm bit late
16:19:23 <itchka> To an extent yes
16:19:26 <klebedeff> hi fedya :)
16:19:48 <jofazepa> I think that is a good idea but could lead to be hard to manage if we try to narrow the assistance down, and also it would be nice to have a way to have time for "exercices" and "questions, debate"
16:20:01 <jofazepa> the infrastructure is crucial
16:20:15 <tapwag> Hello fedya
16:21:13 <itchka> I see you mean by "live" interactive. I think that would be too hard to manage. I mean't by live as in video footage with commentry.
16:21:32 <tapwag> itchka, Do you have a specific date in mind?
16:22:50 <itchka> tapwag: No I do not at this time I am seeking feedback and some help with any techniques I am not familiar with.
16:22:51 <jofazepa> we can make a mix of an AMA, with someone, make it public, with a specific theme (as you suggested) , but we will need simething like webhuddle
16:23:25 <jofazepa> itchka: oh! so like a video tutorial but seminar...
16:24:10 <ben79> video tutorials sounds like great idea
16:24:13 <jofazepa> I was thinking on something that we could announce, attract people from more places, even people that uses other distros, and be "live" real "live", that would have the dimension of contact... buit ok
16:24:41 <itchka> jofazepa: I see the point you are making about getting people to engage with you. Perhaps we could use the seminar format but pose some challenges at the end. To be examined at a future dat.
16:24:49 <avokhmin> > Make these very public on the web but viewable only to registered members who have at least downloaded the iso.
16:24:52 <jofazepa> for that we just need a blonde chick and geek with good diction :-)
16:24:55 <avokhmin> by token ?
16:25:18 <itchka> dat=date
16:25:39 <itchka> Well we have the blonde chick :)
16:25:48 <itchka> In fact I think we have two
16:25:55 <jofazepa> avokhmin: I disagree with "closing" the distribution, it should be free as our values, that way we spread the name of openmandriva widly and people will see us as better :-)
16:26:12 <jofazepa> itchka: then the blond chick explains the things to the geek :-)
16:26:23 <avokhmin> yeah, I think it should be open for all
16:27:49 <jofazepa> if we make those seminar/tutorial videos we should, besides building a library, spread them to the main linux tutorial/pod/videocast people around
16:28:08 <itchka> It would be open to all but I guess if the bugs were kinda related to our particular setup they would need to download the iso anyway.
16:28:54 <jofazepa> yes. we should focus on our things, but, the information and how to go around it, can be usefull to all.
16:29:02 <jofazepa> a good example is the ubuntu foruns
16:29:07 <jofazepa> it's focused on ubuntu
16:29:23 <jofazepa> but every linux user goes there somewhere in it's live :)
16:29:26 <ben79> and Arch Linux Wiki
16:29:31 <jofazepa> yup
16:29:56 <itchka> jofazepa: I don't disagree with you but if we are doing the work I think it is reasonable for us to extract the maximum benefit from it.
16:30:12 <avokhmin> Also, http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=open+mandriva - `16 results`
16:30:40 <jofazepa> itchka: I don't see how making them public available will change that. but maybe I'm just not getting it fully
16:32:10 <itchka> The point about the downloads is that we at least get them to try our distro. Maybe we should incorporate the "bugs" in the iso as a special release so they can fixe them?
16:32:54 <itchka> That would cover both issues.
16:33:11 <jofazepa> maybe we can make a dev iso to be used as using the tutorial
16:33:33 <jofazepa> in the beginning of the movie we jut point them out to a link and the dev realease number x
16:33:42 <avokhmin> dev iso , good idea
16:33:53 <jofazepa> that dev release has the bug that would be corrected during the set of tutorials
16:33:59 <jofazepa> or hunted down
16:34:06 <itchka> I think that may be the way forward.
16:34:06 <ben79> You certainly could make test .iso to go with a specfic video tutorial havein bug/bugs for user to find and report.
16:34:11 <OnlyHuman> I would have thought most people want as bug free distro as possible unless your having a contest for the buggiest distro
16:34:13 <avokhmin> with pre installed  some dev tools and etc
16:34:43 <ben79> We'd then need a bugzilla catagory for such manufactored bugs.
16:34:45 <jofazepa> we can also start producing dev isos, and the list of main bugs and post them in blog as dev relaseae X, main bugs, etc... as a recorrent procedure
16:34:47 <avokhmin> hm, maybe create LXC containers for each task?
16:34:57 <itchka> OnlyHuman: There are those who like a good puzzle :)
16:35:23 <avokhmin> or Docker containers
16:36:10 <ben79> Reporting and fixing bugs is the best way to make a distro as bug free as possible isn't it?
16:36:15 <OnlyHuman> itchka: well most devs imagine have their own agendas an search for most compatible distro to their liking
16:36:31 <avokhmin> and each user will be able to try to do something on any distributive (LXC || Docker)
16:37:57 <avokhmin> itchka: what do you think about: Video + (LXC || Docker)
16:38:09 <itchka> OnlyHuman: I'm thinking more of the younger ones who are still fluid and haven't really settled
16:38:41 <avokhmin> so, small task in container and video: how to fix it
16:38:51 <OnlyHuman> might be good if you can attract young college students in some way
16:39:08 <itchka> avokhmin: I think LXC  is a great idea small and easy to distribute
16:39:22 <avokhmin> Docker too
16:39:44 <OnlyHuman> maybe getting them full time employment in their chosen linux  field
16:40:02 <itchka> avokhmin: One snag though you might give too much away in solving the problem if you just distribute updates to the containers
16:40:19 <avokhmin> https://registry.hub.docker.com - we can create official page here and add 100500 small images
16:40:29 <itchka> OnlyHuman: Yes skill development is a good angle.
16:40:41 <OnlyHuman> :)
16:40:41 <avokhmin> for each task
16:41:40 <itchka> avokhmin:  I don't know docker is that a container manager?
16:42:09 <avokhmin> itchka: yeah, more friendly for users
16:42:15 <itchka> Ok
16:42:19 <OnlyHuman> if a charity maybe have volunteers from job centre
16:42:39 <ben79> LXC and/or Docker look like good way to do this.
16:43:02 <itchka> OnlyHuman: Another interesting idea
16:43:06 <avokhmin> https://docs.docker.com/installation/#installation supports a lot of platforms
16:43:12 <jofazepa> itchka: docker is platform and hardware independent is kind of most "promissing shit in developement" from the past years.. lol
16:43:59 <avokhmin> yeah, user can try on Windows too :D
16:44:34 <itchka> jofazepa: I'm an old goat and a bit to slow now to keep up with the news and trying to help get a distro out of the door :)
16:45:05 <jofazepa> itchka: these guys are trying to change the panorama suing docker intensely on the os layer https://coreos.com/
16:45:18 <itchka> OnlyHuman: Did you catch that ;)
16:45:56 <jofazepa> itchka: don't worry I don't like clouds, sunny guy here!
16:45:58 <OnlyHuman> itchka:  catch what?
16:46:27 <itchka> OnlyHuman; The reference to Docker on windows.
16:46:29 <avokhmin> itchka: about videos: http://railscasts.com maybe do something like this?
16:46:49 <itchka> avokhmin:  Looking
16:47:15 <avokhmin> we can record a video with specific task
16:47:54 <avokhmin> video + code + comments + container in our case
16:48:03 <OnlyHuman> itchka: sounds like could be interesting, if you have clue what your doing
16:48:06 <itchka> avohmin: Well that was going to be the next agenda item. A video tutorial for ABF
16:48:53 <avokhmin> it can be common
16:49:10 <itchka> Sure it can
16:49:14 <avokhmin> ABF has not many features)
16:50:01 <jofazepa> avokhmin: ABF need to par up with the others, thats true...
16:51:08 <jofazepa> having a good ABF tutorial could also help ABF get new projects
16:51:46 <itchka> avokhmin: I worked with someone today who has long experience of Linux and even builds his own packages and he bcertainly did not find it easy.
16:51:54 <avokhmin> :) We have only 2 developers on ABF
16:52:26 <itchka> I know that's not meant as a criticism I'm just pointing out the real need for a turotial
16:54:26 <itchka> bero: Do you think the dev team could come up with some contrived bugs. i though of using some from our own Bugzilla but that might be a bit obviouss.
16:57:16 <itchka> Are there any objections to moving forward with this?
16:58:16 <itchka> At least in principal
16:58:30 <avokhmin> https://project.openmandriva.org/work_packages/109 some issue about videos and etc... Need to create small examples/tasks which should be resolved
16:59:43 <itchka> Hmm I' getting 502
16:59:56 <jofazepa> me to
17:00:18 <avokhmin> itchka: yes, 502 now( but I found a link in logs
17:00:25 <avokhmin> in skype
17:01:06 <avokhmin> anyway: need a scenario/small tasks/...
17:01:42 <jofazepa> yes, small tasks and small videos
17:01:48 <jofazepa> small steps
17:01:52 <avokhmin> up to 10m
17:01:54 <avokhmin> yeah
17:02:44 <itchka> Is that debugging though or fixing install problems like "Why doesn't my video work"
17:03:56 <itchka> The idea is to attact those with programming ability...
17:04:03 <avokhmin> no, something like: 10 steps to setup VPN or xxx
17:04:52 <avokhmin> or: build custom NGINX
17:06:04 <itchka> avokhmin: I think those kind of videos are more related to computer managment not bugs. Having said that they will essitially use similar tools to provide the service.
17:07:34 <itchka> but to me it is separate and is user oriented rather than developer oriented.
17:09:16 <itchka> Time to close this item can someone sugget an action for this item?
17:10:08 <avokhmin> scenario/small tasks/ - the main
17:10:32 <avokhmin> who can do it?
17:11:04 <itchka> I will lead it but I will need help.
17:11:20 <ben79> I'll try to help
17:11:22 <itchka> and advice
17:11:55 <avokhmin> I can try to do videos, but I should know: what to record...
17:12:04 <ben79> I'm sorta closerer to the target audience anyway...
17:12:36 <ben79> closerer>closer
17:13:29 <itchka> ok perhaps here's the action, "itchka to create plan and determine and allocate tasks " will that do to get things going
17:13:43 <ben79> works for me
17:13:54 <itchka> all ?
17:16:04 <itchka> Objections ?
17:18:10 <itchka> ok
17:20:48 <itchka> #action: itchka to create plan and determine and allocate tasks for debugging videos
17:21:32 <itchka> Now we come to the last but important item on the agenda.
17:21:42 <itchka> #item Make immediate plans to promote 64Bit ARM while we still have a lead. First idea: interview with Bero and Fedya on the topic.
17:22:36 <klebedeff> indeed important
17:22:59 <klebedeff> we probably better brainstorm first, what else we could do, apart from interview?
17:23:07 <itchka> bero: Do you have a moment to speak on this
17:23:17 <klebedeff> fedya:
17:23:27 <bero> yes, just got back anyway
17:23:38 <bero> So IMO first of all we need to get things working...
17:24:09 <bero> Once we have at least the basic system up, I'm pretty sure if I ping the right people, we can be listed on the download page for 96boards
17:25:16 <itchka> Can we emulate or do we need hardware?
17:27:15 <itchka> bero: How can we move forward with the task?
17:27:45 <bero> The emulators are too slow to be useful, but we have some HiKey boards
17:29:38 <itchka> bero: Where are with with regard to something that boots and runs
17:30:03 <bero> I think it's still quite some work...
17:30:11 <bero> fedya: do you have a more current status on aarch64?
17:30:25 <bero> it's in so bad shape that we currently don't even try to build packages for it
17:30:41 <bero> I've been meaning to fix it for some time, but I just don't have the time right now :/
17:31:12 <fedya> bero: i lost ssh to xgene board
17:31:51 <fedya> there are issue with GOMP and gcc
17:32:00 <bero> I have a couple of HiKeys... I wonder what the best way to get them into the hands of people is
17:32:26 <itchka> bero: I think we need to distribute the hardware you have asap to committed devs so we can unbreak things.
17:32:44 <fedya> bero: could you send me it?
17:32:46 <fedya> what u need?
17:33:01 <bero> Will a board sent by mail arrive in Russia even if the EU brownshirts can get their hands on it and want to impose sanctions?
17:33:02 <klebedeff> *Kate probably will be in Moscow soon
17:33:27 <klebedeff> between Msk and Spb should be less problem
17:33:32 <fedya> bero: sanctions it's only for a few people and giant corporations
17:33:37 <bero> klebedeff: So I guess I could send you one of the HiKeys
17:33:50 <klebedeff> yes, but please with asap mail
17:33:58 <klebedeff> I could be on travel rather quick
17:34:00 <fedya> bero: for regular mail/comunications is not affected
17:34:17 <bero> fedya: Good... I hoped so, but I don't trust the EU brownshirts
17:34:23 <klebedeff> bero regular post could take up to 12 days, will you please check if there is quicker option?
17:34:48 <klebedeff> fedya: customs still could be long
17:34:54 <klebedeff> if I will go that will be better...
17:35:06 <bero> I'm currently in my parents' place, so it's probably closer to 1 day, no customs involved
17:35:13 <klebedeff> oh then yes
17:35:20 <klebedeff> the I get it with 24 hrs
17:36:45 <klebedeff> fedya: I will let you know of how it goes
17:36:54 <fedya> klebedeff: thanks
17:36:56 <itchka> I would like to do some work on this too
17:38:31 <itchka> bero: I am wondering whether we should actually create a server distro rather than a desktop first off. Ultimately there's a big space for this hardware in low power servers.
17:38:59 <bero> itchka: true -- it's definitely worth doing both
17:39:22 <bero> itchka: could you send me your address again, I left it at home...
17:39:29 <bero> We should probably also get a board to TPG
17:39:39 <itchka> Ok I'll mail it to you
17:39:49 <itchka> Yes
17:41:12 <klebedeff> so, basically, it is early yet for related PR?
17:42:56 <bero> early, but probably not too early
17:43:03 <bero> does anyone else need a board?
17:45:32 <itchka> bero: I guess any spares should be connected to ABF to speed up builds or are we cross-compiling?
17:46:28 <bero> I still need to figure out how to connect build boxes into ABF -- none of the instructions I've seen so far actually worked
17:46:38 <bero> but yes, connecting them to ABF is the best thing to do
17:47:49 <itchka> bero: Would you be happy to be interviewed about ARM64 or would that compromise you. I think it would be possible perhaps to get a piece in LInux Voice.
17:47:51 <fedya> itchka: nowadays on abf we use native compiling, not crosscomp.
17:48:26 <itchka> fedya: So connecting them up is the very best idea :)
17:48:34 <bero> itchka: sure, we can do that, actually Linaro likes to draw some public attention to ARM64, so there's certainly no conflict
17:49:02 <klebedeff> is it time now to do that or later?
17:49:57 <bero> Hmm... Can't hurt to make sure people know we're working on something, but I think we don't want to spread hype for something that doesn't exist
17:50:17 <itchka> We would probably have to wait for a slot I'm sure they plan at least two issues in advance.
17:51:20 <klebedeff> it is probably worth preparing the text - and just amend it a bit and add pics on a later stage
17:51:23 <itchka> so it could easily be June, July before anything appears. Do you think that's long enough fedya?
17:51:30 <bero> true
17:51:48 <fedya> yes
17:52:23 <itchka> Ok I'll get in touch with them.
17:52:33 <fedya> well, i will try to connect it to abf right after i recieve board
17:52:38 <itchka> bero: are you going to be in the UK anytime soon?
17:52:57 <klebedeff> gents, will you please think of range of material you want to cover in the talk?
17:54:22 <klebedeff> fedya: bero itchka once you know, what we want to tell, we could have a separate small meeting to discuss things, and I would collect text to rework
17:54:37 <klebedeff> would it work this way for you?
17:55:05 <itchka> Ok by me.
17:56:00 <itchka> I'll go though some back issues and check out the sort of copy they seem to like.
17:56:09 <bero> itchka: I don't have any UK travel plans right now, but might be required to go to the ARM office in Cambridge on quick notice... So the answer would have to be "maybe"
17:56:28 <itchka> OK
17:56:29 <bero> I'm pretty sure we know what we can cover
17:56:58 <klebedeff> then I will make a doodle for 4 of us to arrange a meeting - in few days
17:57:15 <klebedeff> fedya: bero itchka
17:57:36 <itchka> Ok
17:57:39 <bero> works for me
17:57:41 <fedya> well i'm ready
17:58:09 <itchka> I'll do an action on that then.
17:59:48 <itchka> #action klebedeff to arrange meeting of bero fedya itchka and kelebededd to disuss interview for linux voice.
18:00:30 <klebedeff> http://doodle.com/4maektk3fg4ts4ym
18:03:18 <itchka> Ok Good thanks Kate.
18:03:39 <itchka> #topic Any other business?
18:05:28 <klebedeff> not from me for the moment
18:06:07 <itchka> Ok
18:07:01 <itchka> Meeting will close in 9 minutes at 15 past the hour.
18:07:49 <itchka> Thanks to all
18:07:57 <klebedeff> thank you itchka :)
18:15:14 <itchka> #endmeeting