15:51:30 <itchka> #startmeeting
15:51:30 <chwido> Woof! Let's start the meeting. It's Wed Sep 16 15:51:30 2015 UTC. The chair is itchka. Information about me at https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Chwido.
15:51:30 <chwido> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
15:51:30 <chwido> You should add extra chair(s) just in case, with #chair nick.
15:51:30 <chwido> Have a good meeting, don't bark too much!
15:51:42 <itchka> Ok lets see who is around
15:52:02 <itchka> bero: bero2: ping
15:52:18 <itchka> Xu_R: ping
15:53:11 <itchka> franciscopk: Hi
15:53:18 <franciscopk> hey :)
15:53:40 <itchka> franciscopk: I'm sorry I missed you yesterday
15:53:56 <klebedeff> agenda: https://project.openmandriva.org/meetings/32
15:54:01 <franciscopk> no problem =
15:54:01 <itchka> ben79: ping
15:54:02 <franciscopk> =]
15:54:14 <itchka> klebedeff: Thanks :)
15:54:22 <klebedeff> :)
15:55:10 <itchka> crisb_: ping
15:55:25 <klebedeff> fedya: crisb_ linukiss nicco oiram73 OnlyHuman pcpa Pharaoh_Atem plfiorini
15:55:43 <klebedeff> we can start with first topic meanwhile, since it is quite clear...
15:55:57 <itchka> why not
15:56:00 <itchka> #item 1
15:56:11 <klebedeff> #topic Loomio and doodle over time of meetings + alternative decision tools (short)
15:56:19 <klebedeff> (OK that I posted it?:)
15:56:26 <itchka> #topic Loomio and doodle over time of meetings + alternative decision tool
15:56:27 <fedya> ++
15:56:40 <klebedeff> related links: https://www.loomio.org/d/pynkOgVR/tc-meetings
15:56:44 <itchka> Ok fire away Kate
15:56:50 <klebedeff> http://doodle.com/poll/ebhfxwdxg5iat59s
15:57:31 <klebedeff> the Loomio and even small Doodle show 1 obvious thing: meetings are very hard to bring to one godo point, especially when we have more participants (which is good:)
15:58:43 <klebedeff> of given options 17.00 UTC is leading for the moment, though taking this time (just as any other) cuts out other people, who'S opinions and input are very valuable and important
15:58:52 <klebedeff> no gooddecision possible, only certain compromises
15:59:27 <klebedeff> the way out: to start moving all important talks and decisions to discussion tools: discourse, loomio
15:59:59 <klebedeff> simply all of them. Giving very particular topic and limited time for discussion (3 days, for some cases week)
16:00:28 <klebedeff> meetings stay, but become very short and much more efficient, more ot discuss which topics get kicked off etc
16:00:37 <klebedeff> *end of speech
16:03:14 <itchka> Ok. This will always be a problem it is true but the human interaction is very importatnt. There needs to be a mix of the two approaches.
16:04:20 <klebedeff> nobody says to cancel meetings:)  we need to very much unload them
16:04:53 <OnlyHuman> chwido: bark teabreak
16:04:54 * chwido barks at teabreak.
16:05:23 <itchka> We do not have a full poll of the times yet. I think it would be better if we had that first and then discussed strategies for dealing with the situation.
16:08:44 <klebedeff> itchka: i am sorry no to agree. People hate doodles:), and when it comes to discussing regular times, especially. It is not easy to plan all wednesdays )or other day) in advance
16:09:21 <klebedeff> we will not get a better picture, look now, even with few participants ther is already a disagreement, it can get onyl worse
16:09:48 <klebedeff> we will have ot fix the less inconvenient time (and any time will be still inconveninet for someone)
16:11:09 <itchka> Well that's fine but if people wish to participate then there has to be some discipline so we have to have a way of finding out which time they positively can't do. If it's not a doodle then it will have to be some sort of other information gathering method that fulfils the sam purpose.
16:11:16 <itchka> sam = same
16:13:29 <klebedeff> what that could be? given we now had loomio and doodle
16:13:47 <klebedeff> *I  am not opposing, just trying to understand
16:14:06 <klebedeff> for now mostly people not_objected to 17.00 UTC
16:16:25 <itchka> Just a simple email might work. With 17:00 UTC many people turn up late and in practice we don't really get started till more like 18:00 UTC as it is.
16:16:57 <klebedeff> wait-wait wait!
16:17:19 <klebedeff> https://www.google.de/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=utc%20time%20now
16:17:35 <klebedeff> it is 2 hours later than usual, previous start
16:17:37 <klebedeff> UTC!!!
16:17:49 <klebedeff> previously we had meetings 15.00 UTC
16:18:39 <klebedeff> Email as decisions tool you mean or another poll for new time?
16:18:47 <itchka> Let's just sat an hour later than the advertised start. That removes the UTC confusion.
16:19:14 <klebedeff> I did not get it:)
16:19:28 <itchka> I am talking of email for this particular decision no other.
16:19:51 <itchka> You say people don't tlike doodles
16:19:55 * bero is back
16:20:05 <itchka> Hi bero
16:20:15 <klebedeff> people would justified ask why we had loomio then?:)
16:20:31 <klebedeff> but personally i - do not object in any way:)
16:21:06 <itchka> Maybe we should look at it as a come and go thing and try and tailor the agenda to at least deal with really important items during a core time.
16:21:57 * bero abstained from the loomio poll because either time works for me (but depending on dogs' need to go outside, conferences etc., can't make any of the possible times all the time)
16:22:23 <klebedeff_> what should be course of action?
16:22:48 <klebedeff_> we fix for now 17.00 UTC as per Loomio or leave 15.00 UTC as it was till next week?
16:23:48 <bero> Probably 17.00 is better - gives us a bigger chance of having TPG there
16:24:25 <ben79> itchka: answering ping, had to step away for a bit
16:25:58 <itchka> I tend to agrre with this but crisb is really cut out if we do that.
16:26:52 <klebedeff_> that is why it is suggested to tend to having decisions out of meetings, not to miss important members
16:27:18 <klebedeff_> as for time good for all - compromise look like impossible:((
16:27:52 <itchka> I am looking at the Loomio but I am am now a little confused you say UTC London but London is not on UTC at the moment
16:28:38 <klebedeff_> *basically I was just trying to bring all that to common, to me personally the time between suggested does not matter
16:29:09 <bero> itchka: I think UK winter time is the same as UTC, summer time is 1hr different
16:29:15 <bero> UTC doesn't do daylight saving
16:29:25 <itchka> exactly
16:30:18 <klebedeff_> *I give up really, I was clear with CEST..
16:30:40 <klebedeff_> *give a shout if I will be of help:)
16:31:28 <bero> http://timeanddate.com/ is quite useful
16:34:00 <itchka> I think given the confusion I will produce an email which people can fill in a simple attachment which has the times they can attend and what their timezone is and we will collate the times to utc when we receive the replies.
16:35:40 <itchka> With regards to major decisions they should always go to Loomio for maximum participation if not discussion.
16:37:14 <itchka> We will have to define what constitutes a major decision so that it's clear when an issue requiring a decision comes up that we have a predefined criteria.
16:37:57 <klebedeff_> *probably too complicated?:)
16:39:18 <itchka> I don't think so it only needs to be a quorum. No meeting should take a decision unless there at least N voting members all others decisions are referred to Loomio
16:40:16 <klebedeff_> ah, quorum clear yes
16:40:33 <itchka> Simple leave the chairman with a veto to push the decision to Loomio anyway just as a safeguard or in case of disagreement.
16:40:50 <itchka> Job done
16:40:52 <klebedeff_> another option: discussion in meeting, finishing talk and decision - in Loomio
16:41:18 <itchka> I take that as read
16:41:32 <klebedeff_> this way nobody is excluded from decision (Loomio), and live discussion takes place as well
16:42:35 <itchka> We would need to formalise this
16:43:38 <klebedeff_> "every agenda item, which is not progress report or information, but requires decision, is moved to Loomio by its author after discussion in TC"
16:43:50 <klebedeff_> ?
16:45:40 <itchka> No that is not what I mean't/said there is nothing wrong with the meeting taking a decision as long as there are sufficient voting members present.
16:46:19 <klebedeff_> i understood you yes, suggested expanding that idea, to give chance for all
16:49:49 <itchka> I don't feel that Loomio is a tool that encourages people to take responsibility for their decisions it is a necessary evil when all else fails it should not be the solution to everything.
16:50:45 <klebedeff_> what next step can we take with this topic?
16:52:45 <itchka> The first thing we must do is decide the date and time of the nxt meeting so that there is no confusion. It might be necessary to send personal mail to users to ensure that they know for certain given the recent confusion.
16:53:44 <itchka> Next we will do an email poll so that we are sure that the timezone issue has not distorted the any information we have.
16:54:12 <klebedeff_> probably the other way around?:)
16:54:46 <itchka> Next we will draw up metting decision making crireria and publish them for comment.
16:54:46 <klebedeff_> we make email poll and following it have next meeting, especially that we have two weeks most likely (if there will no meeting next week)
16:56:04 <itchka> That is why I said we must decide the date and time of the next meeting we must at least say the date of the next meeting eben if we advise the time later.
16:56:49 <klebedeff_> let's action then:)
16:58:07 <itchka> #action: Advise Date of next meeting indicate time to be advised
16:59:56 <itchka> #action Do member poll (personal emails) with very clear meeting time questionaire. This should be filled in in their own timezone and they should indicate their own timezone.
17:02:55 <itchka> #action Create and publicise criteria for meeting decisions. Criteria should encourage meetings to take decision as long as there is  quorum. It will be the responsibilty of the chairperson to ensure that the meeting is quorate. The chair has may veto a meeting decision and force it to Loomio.
17:03:04 <itchka> Is that enough?
17:03:44 <itchka> We need to move on
17:03:58 <itchka> bero: are you around for a bit?
17:04:15 <klebedeff_> itchka: can we do gaming now pleas?
17:04:32 <bero> itchka: all day, might have to take the dogs outside in a bit though
17:04:36 <itchka> Yes ok
17:04:44 <bero> which means at some point I'll be gone for half an hour or so
17:05:08 <itchka> ok bero we will do the gaming item and then come to the release report.
17:05:09 <klebedeff_> gaming is almost just announcement
17:05:23 <itchka> #item 3
17:05:32 <klebedeff_> #topic gaming page
17:05:34 <klebedeff_> franciscopk: Kvok_
17:05:39 <itchka> #topic Gaming page
17:05:55 <franciscopk> =)
17:06:18 <itchka> off you go franciscopk
17:06:46 <franciscopk> Today I am trying to push portuguese version
17:07:09 <franciscopk> but I am getting ssl problems (maybe ssl cache problems)
17:07:15 <franciscopk> but the idea is launch today
17:08:07 <klebedeff_> franciscopk: great!!!
17:08:19 <klebedeff_> you wanted to send me few words for promoting post
17:08:25 <klebedeff_> that comes?
17:10:44 <franciscopk> yes I will
17:12:05 <franciscopk> I will put Kvok_ howto today too
17:12:09 <franciscopk> I have one question
17:12:13 <itchka> franciscopk: it may be worth asking about the br.openmandriva.org here too
17:12:19 <franciscopk> games.openmandriva.org will redirect to english default page
17:12:26 <franciscopk> games.openmandriva.org/en/
17:12:40 <franciscopk> Is it ok to use /en/  and /br/?
17:13:53 <franciscopk> or br.games.openmandriva.org
17:14:06 <franciscopk> i do not know which is oma standard
17:14:54 <klebedeff_> [19:12] <franciscopk> Is it ok to use /en/  and /br/?
17:15:03 <klebedeff_> this looks closer to normally used
17:15:59 <franciscopk> good, so will be /br/
17:16:16 <bero> glad to see it's named after my initials either way ;)
17:16:28 <itchka> :0
17:18:08 <franciscopk> so as soon as I fixed my local problem I will finish upload texts. Until that I am configuring themes, plugins bla bla
17:18:41 <franciscopk> ah, we decided to install drivers com om panel
17:18:50 <franciscopk> video card drivers*
17:19:02 <franciscopk> from OM panel*
17:19:25 <itchka> This is good work you are doing :)
17:19:29 <franciscopk> so how-to will be based on that
17:19:37 <Kvok_> as there were issues with the amd's installer
17:21:22 <franciscopk> now I have more free time, so the idea is put more gasoline on this
17:23:47 <klebedeff_> sounds like we move today:)
17:24:08 <itchka> Excellent! That is really good news. We will try to gather feedback
17:24:12 <franciscopk> yah, no more sorries =]
17:24:29 <klebedeff_> so next steps is that you finish it and all goes live today,and you send me few words as contribution to blog post, right?
17:24:39 <franciscopk> escuses***
17:24:43 <franciscopk> excuses***
17:24:43 <klebedeff_> :)
17:24:57 <franciscopk> yah
17:25:12 <klebedeff_> great:)
17:25:51 <franciscopk> as soon this problem fix =( http://screencloud.net/v/8BD
17:27:17 <itchka> That is a bit of a nasty problem :)
17:28:10 <itchka> but I'm sure you will fix it...
17:28:33 <itchka> #action franciscopk to provide some words for blog post
17:29:00 <klebedeff_> and notify when we shoot off:)
17:29:08 <franciscopk> itchka, probably ssl cache problem, because I changed some directories
17:29:18 <franciscopk> klebedeff_, =)
17:30:36 <itchka> Ok shall we move onto the next subject?
17:30:48 <franciscopk> yah
17:31:14 <itchka> #item 2
17:31:29 <itchka> #topic Release Report
17:31:34 <itchka> Over to you bero
17:32:18 <bero> Things are looking pretty good overall, but we still need to finish the big kdepim update that is preventing some people from updating successfully
17:32:25 <bero> problem as usual is too little manpower
17:32:51 <bero> I have it all working here, but I have a big conference next week (http://connect.linaro.org/) and some stuff to prepare for it
17:33:10 <bero> Other than that, some mass build failures still need fixing
17:34:00 <bero> and we should probably launch a new build of everything that failed before to see how much stuff already fixed itself (by library changes etc)
17:34:07 <bero> essentially that's it from my side
17:36:56 <itchka> Just as an adjunct to beros report I have now fixed omdv-build-iso so we can again build bootable isos. I will rebuild the rpm soon and this will enable users to build home-brew isos locally. This is the first release to have this feature.
17:37:40 <itchka> Also
17:39:03 <itchka> though fedya has gone I'm pleased to report that today we were able to boot an openmandriva kernel on a Hikey aarch64 board so congrats to fedya for getting things this far.
17:39:43 <itchka> #item 4
17:39:45 <bero> really nice
17:39:58 <bero> speaking of aarch64 boards, there's a new one out, I hope to get some samples at the conference
17:40:05 <itchka> #topic  Presenting and promoting OMA: best features and advantages
17:40:06 <klebedeff_> this is indeed great!
17:40:15 <bero> the nice thing about the new one is that it has free graphics drivers
17:40:20 <klebedeff_> and topic 4 is exactly about that
17:41:21 <klebedeff_> we discussed with franciscopk possibilities to promote the team efforts and here is what we came to
17:41:28 <itchka> bero: :) it will have when I manage to install the correct modules!!
17:41:58 <klebedeff_> if we look at other distros, there is always something what for it was chosen by it's current user:
17:42:14 <klebedeff_> Ubuntu, a lot of drivers compatibility and community doc - Mint, same features as Ubuntu plus great usability with gnome and third applications - Fedora, last features and a lot of repositories and community doc - Arch, last features with last updates, rolling release and biggest repository. Best official documentation, a reference for all Linux distros
17:42:32 <klebedeff_> could be whatever reason, but it is clear reason
17:42:47 <klebedeff_> when promoting, we need to stress very particular great things about us
17:43:10 <itchka> The problem is Kate that our stuff is so good that we can't pick out anything that shines out above the rest:)
17:43:17 <klebedeff_> which exactly feautures we promote? what makes us so advanced, user-friendly, worth?
17:43:33 <klebedeff_> itchka: let's do a list then itchka :)
17:44:30 <klebedeff_> I will make a Loomio, asking everybody please! to give his/her opinions of what is best we have
17:44:51 <klebedeff_> 1-3 namings per answer would be best I guess
17:45:13 <klebedeff_> would be glad to hear your thoughts now as well:)
17:45:21 <itchka> Everyone. I will say it again UI integration is where it's at ask a good number of people who support this distro why they uses Macs and you will see!
17:45:33 <bero> The reason why I use OMV is plainly "sanity" -- but we wouldn't be good community players if we implied all the others are insane ;)
17:46:05 <itchka> bero :)))))))
17:46:13 <klebedeff_> *and surely Francisco or me could be approaching you directly quite a lot with certain Qs later, please devote some time to answer Qs - we should market ourselves more:)
17:46:48 <klebedeff_> bero great:)
17:46:59 <klebedeff_> *details would still be appreciated;))))
17:47:45 <symbianflo> afternoon
17:47:46 <klebedeff_> that was it from my side, Loomio comes, please think of it, and please tolerate Qs from me and franciscopk :)
17:48:02 <klebedeff_> *unless someone wants to speak out
17:48:13 <itchka> Hi SF
17:48:21 <klebedeff_> and surely anybody is welcome to join the "Speaking" team!:)
17:48:24 <symbianflo> your pomposity...
17:48:26 <klebedeff_> hi symbianflo
17:48:32 <symbianflo> ma'am
17:48:35 <klebedeff_> :)
17:50:48 <itchka> shall we move to thenext subject?
17:51:14 <itchka> #item 5
17:51:24 <itchka> #topic Introduction of future topic: ABF
17:51:30 <symbianflo> can we talk about itchka ?
17:52:09 <itchka> His pomposity is not on the agenda today:)
17:53:10 <symbianflo> hmmm interesting do you thing he ain't no enough interesting to be discussed here :D ?
17:53:21 <itchka> agenda items are accepted though from humble underlings
17:53:56 <symbianflo> ma bad your highness, please don't let me stop ya
17:54:06 <itchka> :)
17:55:13 <itchka> As some of you know we had a little scare the other day when ROSA's domains expired and abf disappeared.
17:56:23 <itchka> Fortunately the situation has now been corrected but the incident has exposed our vulnerability to troubles with abf and as time goes on these can only become more likely.
17:57:13 <itchka> There has been some action by council to address the issue and soon we will be starting to try and commision our own abf.
17:58:08 <itchka> This will probably involve some initial inconveniance and will require the cooperation of all developers.
17:59:28 <symbianflo> itchka:  if I may, on github?
17:59:52 <itchka> Please do
18:00:17 <symbianflo> already done... abf on github?
18:01:20 <itchka> Our repos are on github but there are limitation according to avokhmin which may make it ultimately unworkable.
18:02:34 <itchka> The main limitation is the number of requests per hour
18:02:54 <itchka> To continue....
18:03:19 <itchka> We must start to work out a plan for migration. I would be good if all devs could give this some thought.
18:04:17 <itchka> We are at the stage where hopefully in the next few days we will have the servers to allow us to host our own filestore and git
18:04:18 <bero> In the worst case we can move the git repositories to my server
18:04:26 <bero> git repositories aren't that huge
18:04:58 <itchka> They are around 1TB at the moment
18:05:47 <itchka> arisel and I have got the filestore down to 1TB so this are becoming more manageable.
18:06:56 <symbianflo> We still need a decent build machine... with coputational power, to store  I don't think is such a big problem...
18:07:14 <itchka> I had hoped to have had some figures for the download server but for some reason this has not progressed and will have to wait until avokhmin returns from his holiday.
18:08:58 <itchka> symbianflo. avokhmin and i discussed a distributed approach but yes initially we have also rented a power server over and above the filestore machines.
18:09:26 <itchka> This will serve the build aspect.
18:10:50 <symbianflo> ok ok I 'm just saying , your majesty don't have to get mad on hes humble servant... :D
18:11:17 <itchka> We all need to be very single minded about getting this working because there are absolutely no guarantees about the continued availability of abf so we cannot afford to take a laissez faire attitude to this.
18:14:02 <itchka> I am thinking that we should have a working party for this with a chair who can lead this through to completion. It is too important to be leeft to whoever picks it up at the time.
18:14:22 <bero> true
18:14:37 <bero> the problem is that almost nobody has any insight into the inner workings of abf
18:14:52 <bero> we simply don't know how to install an instance of it, or how to connect a build machine
18:14:59 <bero> fedya knows how to connect a build machine
18:15:14 <bero> but other than that I think avokhmin is the only one who knows how to get it up
18:17:34 <itchka> Then we must have a meeting so we can pool our knowledge. Arisel and I worked with avokhmin to create a block diagram of abf. I will disseminate this which will help understanding. Hopefully this will help you to ask the necessary questions of avokhmin to fill in any gaps.
18:19:30 <itchka> I will ask fedya to help me to get a wandboard up here as I know he does this often hopefully this will give some insight into the X86_64 side of things.
18:22:37 <itchka> arisel: Has provisionally offered his help with setting up the filestore so we do have a little extra help with this.
18:28:22 <itchka> If you all wish it I am happy to lead this effort but it will have to be in a directorial and coordinational role as my level of expertise is not high enough for some aspects of the work and I would have to rely on others to advise the way forward. Alternatively we can elect someone from the dev community to do it. I don't mind. It's jsut importan that the project has a champion.
18:29:33 <bero> I can't take it right now -- too many conferences where I don't expect to be around much coming up
18:30:44 <itchka> I know _TPG is short on time.
18:32:12 <itchka> symbianflo: What about you?
18:36:14 <itchka> Ok well I'm not going to organise my own mandate so bero have a chat with the others and if you are all happy I'll do it.
18:36:20 <symbianflo> I'm thinking , 2 min please
18:36:52 <itchka> symbianflo: Ok sorry did not mean to rush anyone.
18:38:43 <itchka> lsmod
18:41:38 <symbianflo> Here is how I think, gents, this abf situation is very delicate, and as i see it should be discussed  between OMA decisionals and Rosa decisionals, since abf is 100% rosa made, and AFIK is A.Vokhmin's  baby, anyway he is suppose to be abf's mother or father, I guess  you  , your pomposity sit , contact the rosa guys and try to loan Vokhmin for a while until he set a abf elsewhere ...
18:42:36 <itchka> bero: Where does the kernel image live on a Hikey board is it on /dev/mmcblk0p6 ?
18:42:44 <symbianflo> or you can find another ruby genius to help with it, but I doubt it...
18:44:23 <bero> itchka: it can essentially live anywhere as long as the bootloader knows -- by default it should be on mmcblk0p6 (EMMC) or mmcblk1p1 (SD)
18:47:00 <itchka> symbianflo: I have already talked with avokhmin he is happy to do the work. We are very unsure about ROSA's status at the moment which includes avohkmins status with them.
18:47:24 <itchka> symbianflo: Thank you for your advice
18:47:25 <bero> dogs are requesting to go outside... bbiab
18:47:41 <itchka> bero: Ok thanks for the info btw
18:49:44 <symbianflo> bero: you mean outside from the dektop too ?
18:49:51 <symbianflo> #desktop
18:50:40 <itchka> :)))) very witty
18:51:37 <itchka> symbianflo: avokhmin is quite fired up about the idea especially when I asked to look at abf like Linus Torvalds looked at cvs and friends
18:52:01 <symbianflo> you can 't even imagine how  I hate that black dog on iso desktop... your beautifulness ...
18:53:46 <itchka> What is it about a tiny dog that evokes such strong emotions (you are not the only one who says that SF)
18:53:53 <symbianflo> itchka:  I'll tell you a secret... for free, even, just because you are the cap of tutti cap here... without Vokhmin rosa wouldn't had the ruby, and I mean no ruby at all..
18:55:35 <itchka> symbianflo: We are in good hands then :)
18:55:40 <symbianflo> and abf is pure ruby sir....
18:55:47 <OnlyHuman> best feature of omdv is the screensaver in my opinion
18:55:54 <symbianflo> you do the math
18:56:24 <itchka> There's noth like a word from OnlyHuman to bring us all back to earth:)))
18:56:36 <symbianflo> doh sorry your highness assign one of your goombah to do the math ...
18:57:19 <itchka> I don't have any "goombah" do you have any spare? :)
18:57:24 <symbianflo> OnlyHuman:  nope the best is "halt"
18:58:15 <symbianflo> your pomposity have plenty of them... don't be modest I ain't no from IRS...
18:58:50 <OnlyHuman> very nice photos
18:59:57 <OnlyHuman> can't see what else is outstanding and attractive over other distros
19:00:10 <itchka> SF you crack me up if you were in this part of the world you'd have to be Irish :)
19:01:14 <symbianflo> no can do , already got my yakee % of blood... sorry to delude your majesty...
19:02:04 <itchka> Anyways I think we have reached the end of the meeting.
19:03:02 <symbianflo> you think? there on your high horse you must be sure, your beautifulness ..
19:03:15 <OnlyHuman> chwido: bark seeoffdevs
19:03:15 * chwido barks at seeoffdevs and has lot's of fun doing so.
19:05:47 <itchka> Please keep an eye on your emails and also note that there will almost certainly not be a meeting next week as I am away, _TPG is away and bero is at a conference so it's unlikely we will have a chair. There's nothing to stop you all meeting and having some fun.
19:06:05 <itchka> Meeting will close in 5 minutes
19:13:10 <itchka> Thanks to everyone who contributed to todays effort. We move forward even if it is slowly
19:19:45 <itchka> #endmeeting