16:12:43 <itchka> #startmeeting
16:12:43 <chwido> Woof! Let's start the meeting. It's Wed Feb 17 16:12:43 2016 UTC. The chair is itchka. Information about me at https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Chwido.
16:12:43 <chwido> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
16:12:43 <chwido> You should add extra chair(s) just in case, with #chair nick.
16:12:43 <chwido> Have a good meeting, don't bark too much!
16:12:56 <itchka> #item 1
16:13:08 <itchka> #topic Release Report
16:13:33 <itchka> bero: Since TPG is not about can you give us an update please?
16:19:37 <itchka> bero: ping
16:24:09 <bero> So everything is looking good for me...
16:24:20 <bero> cooker is stabilizing, abf move went fairly smooth
16:24:27 <bero> just a couple of bugs left
16:25:41 <bero> unfortunately, the dogs need to go outside just now
16:25:52 <bero> will have to be gone for 20min or so
16:26:32 <itchka> Ok we will hang on
16:26:56 <itchka> I wonder why we haven't seen an ISO does asnyone know?
16:27:44 * n3npq notes that asking "Do you need i586/i686 support?" from specific important projects removes opinions and discusssions and likely leads to pleasant interactions about what is really needed as a side effect.
16:28:45 <fedya> n3npq hey :3 where is your hardware
16:29:13 <n3npq> 5' behind my left shoulder. what do you ask?
16:30:33 <fedya> n3npq all your hardare are belong to us http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2411/2055363800_b7dd36c8d5.jpg
16:31:20 <n3npq> fedya: so you wish ya kinda gotta let me know things like that
16:31:43 <n3npq> but I'm glad to see docker0 functioning
16:32:02 <itchka> n3npq: We can bring that up under aob if you like. I have done a little research and will do some more. We need to have an informed discussion on that subject so that any recommendation to the members is backed with solid facts and not subjective personal opinions.
16:32:09 <OnlyHuman> chwido: bark linuxdistros
16:32:10 * chwido barks at linuxdistros while permantly staring at his right leg.
16:33:01 <n3npq> itchka: ok. deployment plan is preferred to a random walk into the future
16:46:14 <fedya> n3npq jeff could you explain whay a kind of PLAN you want?
16:48:51 <n3npq> I need to know things like new networks appearing here, there are firewalls and more. I have quite a few internet devices and can't approach the problem of sysadmin reactively
16:49:25 <fedya> n3npq networks not important, just run docker daemon
16:49:26 <n3npq> I'm not at all averse to change … but I need some way to understand what is happening before I have to sort the mess
16:50:38 <n3npq> fedya: take the blinders off please: I have other devices and configuration that depends on networking here.
16:51:18 <n3npq> and the core issue is going to be "Who fixes it if it breaks?" and "What problems need to be solved?"
16:55:12 <fedya> okay
17:00:44 <fedya> i dunno what i need to say you about docker network in fedora
17:00:45 <fedya> lol
17:01:29 <fedya> n3npq we use this и,
17:03:09 <itchka> fedya: Possibly i586 support in kernel?
17:03:25 <fedya> even
17:04:49 <itchka> n3npq: Are the servers that we can use being used for any other purpose?
17:11:36 <fedya> when meeting?
17:13:10 <HisShadow> already started
17:15:02 <itchka> We could conceivably use the OM server setup we use on the new ABF as it seems very reliable and has everything required. Once installed a simple network controlled power switch is just about all that's required so we can reboot it it we screw up. If a USB stick with a bootable live system is left connected to boot as default and grub is set up to boot this or the server install from the live image this would give
17:15:03 <itchka> a fairly robust setup. Might need a little work but not a great deal.
17:15:38 <n3npq> fedya: yes used for other purposes: my development. but even if unused, I need to ensure that I can upgrade and reboot successfully, which means I have to know what to expect.
17:15:41 <itchka> fedya: We are waiting for bero to return
17:16:01 <bero> back
17:18:51 <itchka> Hi bero
17:19:21 <bero> fedya: btw, my home network uses, so we might face some issues with my boxes
17:19:57 <itchka> bero: We have seen no iso from _TPG is there a problem?
17:20:22 <HisShadow> bero: rancher uses it seems
17:21:07 <bero> itchka: no, but there was a problem with abf.io downtime earlier (which accelerated our move to abf.oma), maybe that blocked building the iso
17:21:19 <bero> not sure, haven't seen _TPG in a couple of days
17:22:24 <itchka> bero: Me neither.
17:23:17 <itchka> is abf.io still broken?
17:24:35 <HisShadow> if you want, I can try building an iso for you, just tell me the product name on abf.io
17:26:37 <itchka> HisShadow: Probably not yet it looks like _TPG might be having some problems with grub I note that he was rebuilding it yesterday.
17:27:39 <bero> hmm... grub seems to work fine here
17:29:47 <itchka> There must be some reason why he rebuilt it.
17:30:25 <itchka> abf.io seems to be working again as far as I can see/.
17:31:21 <HisShadow> https://github.com/OpenMandrivaAssociation/grub2/commit/5b1167a73b3ce2ac2b8fa353ae92c86967c88292 this is yesterday's patch in grub2 repo
17:31:41 <itchka> I'm loathe to put out an iso without without _TPG's approval.
17:32:55 <itchka> Hmm looks like a fix of some sort.
17:33:24 <itchka> I think I'll mail him.
17:37:17 <itchka> There's not much more we can do on release stuff. Let's move the meeting on.
17:37:25 <itchka> #item 2
17:37:42 <itchka> #topic New ABF report.
17:38:15 <itchka> fedya: HisShadow: How is it going?
17:39:18 <fedya> itchka is working fine
17:39:40 <fedya> iso building working well
17:39:45 <fedya> cached chroots too
17:41:42 <fedya> need to adapy build-rpm.sh to use cached chroots
17:41:46 <fedya> i know how to do it
17:41:51 <fedya> but need a bit of time
17:43:05 <bero> early weird issuess (like i586 clang trying to build x86_64 binaries when built on abf.oma, but doing the right thing when built on abf.io) are already rooted out
17:43:12 <bero> overall looks really good now
17:43:23 <bero> most of the time seems faster than abf.io too
17:43:57 <n3npq> bero: is there a status display?
17:44:46 <bero> n3npq: depends on what you mean. Packages being built etc. are here: http://abf.openmandriva.org/build_lists#?utf8=%E2%9C%93&filter[ownership]=owned&per_page=25&page=1&autoreload=true
17:45:04 <n3npq> I'm interested in the build components more than the package results
17:45:39 <bero> you're probably looking for https://rancher.openmandriva.org/apps - not sure if you have an account there
17:45:46 <bero> fedya: can you give n3npq access?
17:46:44 <itchka> fedya: Thanks that all sounds very good. Is there anything else apart from build-rpm.sh?
17:48:08 <HisShadow> itchka: I still need to implement increase release tag, I've been thinking about it and I think I now know how to do it so that it works with github, just need to write it
17:48:33 <fedya> n3npq ,L=imG:{*B}F)DvU
17:49:10 <fedya> change it
17:49:56 <itchka> HisShadow: Thanks :) Yes that is quite an important one. We need that to be fully operational for mass builds.
17:50:34 <itchka> at least I think we do...:)
17:50:49 <n3npq> fedya: done, thanks
17:52:42 <HisShadow> itchka: is it possible to create an email account like xxx@openmandriva.org or something like that? I need to make another bot github account
17:53:58 <fedya> need to ask anurag or rjadot
17:57:24 <itchka> HisShadow: Does it have to be truly separate I believe the current abf@openmandriva.org can have aliases.
17:57:53 <itchka> ashledombos: Ping
17:58:25 <HisShadow> itchka: I just need to register account with it, it won't be used for anything else
17:59:08 <n3npq> bero: does it make sense to try to add *.jbj.org machines at ranceher?
17:59:13 <itchka> HisShadow: In that case I think an alias will work let me check the method
17:59:20 <n3npq> rancher
17:59:51 <HisShadow> n3npq: what do these machines do?
17:59:59 <n3npq> if not, then I will try to parallel w a rancher.jbj.org setup here
18:00:49 <n3npq> HisShadow: I have 4 largely idel servers here: 3 dual 4cores, 1 i870
18:01:17 <n3npq> I also have the odd 6 armv7's and 2 aarch64's
18:03:32 <HisShadow> n3npq: oh, if those are the machines you're lending us, then you can add them at rancher so that we can deploy workers there
18:05:05 <n3npq> yes, but … these are fedora/centos servers, and I am sure to screw something up while fumbling. but if it makes sense to add @rancher.oma as goal, then I will start to study and rehearse knowing that as the goal
18:07:11 <HisShadow> to start you only need to launch 1 docker container, that'll register the machine with rancher, after that we can deploy containers from the web interface, since it's inside docker, there's little chance to actually break your host system.
18:09:11 <n3npq> there was talk about fedora/centos having random crashes with docker/rancher … so some exploration may be needed
18:09:46 <n3npq> if I understand the issue, then I can iterate on what is needed. atm, I have 15 mins of experience with rancher ;-)
18:10:14 <bero> n3npq: makes sense IMO, but fedya and HisShadow are the best guys to talk to there
18:10:42 <n3npq> bero: trying … working on "deployment plan" atm ;-)
18:11:27 <fedya> n3npq rancher is buggy software, but other stuff absolutely unusable
18:11:32 <fedya> like shipyard
18:12:28 <n3npq> yes, rancher had way too many recent checkins, and your bug last week abt cross-host networking indicated a work-in-progress.
18:12:42 <n3npq> I am amazed you succeeded in 1 week … congrats!
18:13:11 <n3npq> meanwhile its time I started doing my homework to figure out rancher and docker
18:13:24 <fedya> n3npq i understood how to fix this https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/3616
18:13:36 <fedya> n3npq rancher scriptkiddies so kids :D
18:14:04 <fedya> https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/3615 wrong link
18:14:23 <fedya> statistics not working on docker 1.9.1 +
18:15:06 <HisShadow> this is really a comment in one of their scripts "# I know, I know... I really try to avoid hacks, but it's just so hard..."
18:16:23 * n3npq notes that the art of hacking is knowing when to stop and do it right. ymmv
18:17:34 <n3npq> fedya: my i870 (8 cores +16Gb) is perhaps next to upgrade and attemnpt rancher/docker
18:17:58 <n3npq> I can add a 6TB RAID there too.
18:18:03 <n3npq> todo++
18:18:27 <n3npq> wp3.jbj.org
18:18:41 <fedya> n3npq make sure that docker run over overlayfs
18:18:53 <fedya> docker info - storage driver
18:18:55 <n3npq> currently centos6 slowly rotting
18:19:00 <fedya> must be overlayfs
18:19:45 <n3npq> first step is to upgrade to centos7 … or should I do fedora23?
18:20:11 <fedya> n3npq fedora
18:20:31 <n3npq> I need to stick with centos/fedora near term: bleeping package management eats one's life
18:20:39 <n3npq> fedora23 todo++
18:21:40 <n3npq> I should be able to get fedora23 on wp3.jbj.org by next week, this weekend if that helps
18:24:25 <n3npq> fedya: do you have a fork of rancher somewhere? likely helps if we all use the same code
18:24:49 <n3npq> or should I just use github rancher?
18:24:51 <fedya> n3npq use mainline
18:24:56 <n3npq> todo++
18:26:20 <n3npq> fedya: do you have IPv6? portmapping is a pain
18:26:36 <fedya> n3npq nope
18:26:56 <fedya> n3npq but i can build miredo
18:28:08 <n3npq> your life will be easier @jbj.org if yopu do IPv6. try sixxs aiccu: https://www.sixxs.net/faq/account/?faq=10steps
18:29:58 <n3npq> I use https://tunnelbroker.net because it drops straight into my AirportExtereme no fuss
18:36:19 <n3npq> what version of docker? 1.9.1 as in fedora? I'm also seeing 1.5 on Centos6 and 1.8.2 on centos7 … should I scrub out the old versions?
18:36:54 * n3npq sets out to find out with try-and-see
18:37:55 <fedya> n3npq https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/linux/fedora/ like this
18:38:26 <fedya> n3npq im happy with 1.9.1 or 1.10.1
18:40:01 <itchka> Ok not much more on abf at the moment lets move on to aob.
18:40:26 <itchka> #item 3
18:40:53 <itchka> #topic Any Other Business.
18:41:49 <rugyada> I'd like to ask you if you can build a KDE4+KDM new ISO
18:42:36 <bero> fedya: Is abf at a point where we can build isos from the 2014 tree?
18:44:19 <HisShadow> yeah, I think it should work
18:44:28 <itchka> There has a been a discussion about this and the conclusion was that yes we can do this but it was suggested by _TPG that the X server should be updated to the later version. I seem to recall that several other upgrades were also suggested.
18:46:58 <rugyada> just for start to try something. it's a lot of time we don't have 2014.x fresh system to test
18:50:06 <rugyada> I'd like also to test new graphic look (you know: wallpaper, boot, kdm etc)
18:51:18 <rugyada> so it would be good to have something updated. If possible.
18:52:18 <HisShadow> rugyada: is this the one you want? https://abf.io/platforms/openmandriva2014.0/products/70
18:53:30 <rugyada> I think yes. there is another saying KDE4+KDM-x86_64 iso EFI
18:53:45 <rugyada> empty, anyway :)
18:53:57 <rugyada> https://abf.io/platforms/openmandriva2014.0/products/121
18:55:54 <rugyada> itchka should know which one is the right product, HisShadow
18:56:35 <itchka> Hang on I'll check
18:57:45 <rugyada> or this? https://abf.io/platforms/openmandriva2014.0/products/132
18:57:49 <n3npq> fedya: docker-1.10.1 + rancher http://ji.jbj.org:8080
18:57:57 <rugyada> dunno :)
18:58:25 <n3npq> I will have to resurrect cockpit-docker (bleeping package management name changes)
18:59:45 <itchka> All our iso build stuff seems to have gon from abf.io
18:59:59 <rugyada> itchka: yes
19:00:38 <itchka> That's a right royal pain
19:00:53 <rugyada> I guess the latter is where we found 2014.2 ISOs...
19:01:10 <itchka> That's why we don't have an iso for the latest beta I guess.
19:02:13 <itchka> 132 is the one we want yes..
19:03:03 <itchka> I guess I could build one locally if it comes to it.
19:03:15 <rugyada> we don't have beta because all latest build attempts failed
19:03:21 <rugyada> https://abf.io/platforms/cooker/products/136
19:03:29 <rugyada> Build failed
19:05:29 <rugyada> but, coming back to current topic, HisShadow so it seems 132 is the right product
19:05:56 <HisShadow> alright
19:06:17 <rugyada> thank you very much HisShadow
19:12:21 <ben79> In view of changes to ABF aren't we going to need new URL's for .iso's and original repositories?
19:12:31 <ben79> Sooner or later?
19:13:39 <ben79> So also mirror's will need changing/updating?
19:16:41 <_TPG> hi
19:17:00 <itchka> Hi _TPG good to see you.
19:17:10 <bero> hi _TPG
19:17:27 <bero> ben79: yes, mirrors should probably start pulling from the new URLs ASAP
19:17:33 <bero> http://abf-downloads.openmandriva.org/
19:18:44 <_TPG> btw i've synced cooker/{i586,x86_64} repositories with abf.io
19:19:07 <_TPG> so we have same rpms
19:19:09 <_TPG> itchka: hi
19:19:23 <bero> _TPG: when?
19:19:38 <_TPG> today
19:19:48 <_TPG> 1-2 hours ago
19:21:31 <HisShadow> _TPG: btw, do you know who synced 2014.0 there?
19:22:20 <bero> do we need to rebuilt the stuff that was built on abf.oma yesterday?
19:22:37 <_TPG> HisShadow: fedya ?
19:23:48 <_TPG> bero: yes, unless it was not build on abf.io
19:24:13 <bero> it was built on abf.io
19:24:25 <bero> I'm just wondering if we need to build it again because you synced the binaries
19:26:41 <bero> s/was built/was not built/ of course
19:27:47 <_TPG> bero: i can rebuild these if you like
19:28:21 <bero> yes, let's rebuild them to be on the safe side
19:29:37 <_TPG> ok
19:31:14 <rugyada> I'm done about my request, thank you for considering.
19:31:17 <rugyada> Have a good evening. Bye
19:37:14 <_TPG> https://github.com/OpenMandrivaSoftware/docker-builder/blob/master/build-rpm.sh is missing cached root support
19:42:16 <_TPG> btw i'm updating KF5 and KAPPS
19:42:20 <_TPG> to latest versions
19:43:13 <bero> good test for abf
19:49:35 <itchka> Folks I have to go please continue your discussions. I will assign another chair who can close the meeting when you are finished.
19:49:45 <itchka> #chair bero
19:49:45 <chwido> Current chairs: bero itchka
20:00:29 <fedya> _TPG i will add cached chroots support at this week
20:01:05 <fedya> _TPG i'm overloaded with tasks
20:21:53 <bero> 1 more topic for AOB...
20:22:05 <bero> perl 5.22.1 and python 3.5.1 are out... do we update before 3?
20:22:18 <bero> I vote yes because it's ABI changes that will affect future 3.x releases
20:44:31 <HisShadow> _TPG: you erased my commits in omdv-build-iso :( or whoever synced it
21:10:24 <ben79> bero: Could you end meeting please?
21:15:01 <_TPG> HisShadow: :O!
21:19:21 <fedya> _TPG when you start kf5 rebuild?
21:19:38 <_TPG> fedya: i did it
21:19:43 <_TPG> but it failed
21:20:32 <fedya> _TPG i don't see any new builds on abf
21:20:51 <_TPG> there are a lot
21:20:53 <_TPG> just now
21:21:10 <fedya> ah now i see
21:21:35 <_TPG> fedya: hmm builds likes to fail for no reason https://abf.openmandriva.org/build_lists/1915
21:21:48 <_TPG> wait
21:21:58 <fedya> _TPG why no reasons?
21:22:00 <fedya> _TPG DEBUG util.py:265:  ...retrieving failed: curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
21:22:17 <_TPG> needs a retry when accesing hdlists
21:24:09 <fedya> _TPG need to rebuild mesa first
21:24:11 <fedya> i think
21:27:32 <_TPG> yeah
21:31:35 <_TPG> fedya: is there any new BUILD_TOKEN id ?
21:31:58 <_TPG> looks no
21:32:04 <_TPG> i've added my machine
21:39:44 <_TPG> fedya: i think it would be good to not clean mock-urpm chroot
21:39:59 <_TPG> just run urpmi.update inside
21:40:03 <_TPG> to speed up things
22:10:33 <itchka> I'm Back
22:11:23 <fedya__> n3npq sixxs closed registration of new users :(
22:11:35 <fedya__> if you can plz make port forward to new server
22:12:00 <n3npq> fedya_: I'll resurrect my id
22:12:21 <n3npq> meanwhile docker/rancher are not happy with IPv6 only
22:12:56 <fedya__> yes
22:13:15 <n3npq> its actually some forwarding problem
22:13:17 <n3npq> time="2016-02-17T22:03:51Z" level=error msg="Unable to create EventRouter" Err="Get http://ji.jbj.org:8080/v1: dial tcp: lookup ji.jbj.org on read udp> i/o timeout"
22:13:47 <n3npq> # host ji.jbj.org
22:13:48 <n3npq> ji.jbj.org has IPv6 address 2001:470:8:270:230:48ff:feb8:1de
22:15:42 <itchka> bero: We are so behind if we update Perl and Python it could be ages before things stabilise again and then it will be KDE an then systemd and we will be on the merry-go-round again.
22:16:28 <n3npq> itchka: fwd is the only way out … participation is mandatory
22:18:26 <itchka> n3npq: That's as may be but at some point you have to pause for breath or in the case of the merry-go-round to get un-giddied.
22:19:02 <n3npq> fedya: ah … class C subnetting on 172.16.1 may be the cause
22:22:34 <lixa> what’s mandriva?
22:23:10 <n3npq> a linux distribution
22:26:56 <lixa> so this isn’t about food?
22:27:17 <itchka> #endmeeting