15:13:08 <itchka> #startmeeting
15:13:08 <chwido> Woof! Let's start the meeting. It's Wed Jul 27 15:13:08 2016 UTC. The chair is itchka. Information about me at https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Chwido.
15:13:08 <chwido> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
15:13:08 <chwido> You should add extra chair(s) just in case, with #chair nick.
15:13:08 <chwido> Have a good meeting, don't bark too much!
15:13:30 <ben79> RE: RC2 what about RC1 isn't ready for release?
15:14:05 <ben79> In other words if we leave RC1 intact do we need an RC2?
15:15:53 <itchka> Good question. I can't really answer that I guess we could cherry pick from kahinah what fixes bugs and what breaks things.
15:17:28 <itchka> I have been speaking to Nicco and he is currently preparing a new kernel which should be ready some time next week. I would like to include that.
15:17:58 <ben79> Well I'm referring to leaving RC1 intact and not adding new packages, if we add new packages we'd probably need an RC2
15:18:50 <ben79> It just seems to me that this burden to add new packages the moment something new comes out is one of the reasons this release is taking so longggg.
15:19:27 <ben79> If we're going to include a new kernel we definitly need a RC2.
15:19:34 <itchka> Absolutely but as I understand it we have a broken systemd in the testing repos so we can't use all the updates in kahinah to produce a working RC2.
15:21:02 <itchka> I agree with you on the package adding we are not on the rolling release model yet.
15:23:37 <itchka> We can't easily move to a rolling release mode until we can sort out  batch package managment in kahinah.
15:25:40 <itchka> HisShadow: Are you there?
15:26:21 <itchka> Or incorporate package voting into ABF
15:34:25 <itchka> Anyone got any ideas on this one?
15:35:33 <fedya> [fedya@fedya-pc ~]$ VirtualBox
15:35:35 <fedya> Could not find VirtualBox installation. Please reinstall.
15:35:36 <fedya> hmm
15:35:42 <fedya> after update i can't run vbox
15:36:29 <itchka> That's a pain.
15:37:07 <itchka> I've never seen that message before
15:38:34 <itchka> firefox
15:39:32 <itchka> Whoops
15:40:20 <ben79> fedya: I have same problem with VirtualBox
15:44:47 <itchka> Any ideas why?
15:45:54 <itchka> bero: ping
15:46:35 <itchka> Well I guess we can move onto the next item
15:46:40 <itchka> #item 2
15:47:23 <itchka> #topic OMLx 2.3
15:48:11 <itchka> A number of people would like to see a new release of 2014 under the guise of OMLx 2.3
15:52:45 <itchka> I have updated the build tools so that it can be built and I have working versions here but they need testing for booting as Cristina is experiencing a problem with booting which I am not seeing.
15:52:53 <ben79> I think a 2014.3 release is wise as is continuing support for a while.
15:56:12 <itchka> It features in the rolling release model too.
15:56:59 <itchka> I have an iso up on Google I'll post a link in the QA list.
15:58:23 <itchka> The only question is when do we release it? Before 3.0 RC2 after or much later whjen the rolling release is running assuming we adopt it.
16:02:02 <HisShadow> itchka: I'm here
16:02:45 <itchka> Hi We have a some issues with kahinah that it would be good to discuss
16:04:41 <itchka> There are circumstance where groups of programs need voting on and be released or rejected as a block. At this time we have no way of dealing with this.
16:06:14 <itchka> Qt5 and KF5 and kde apps are the main exaples.
16:06:22 <itchka> examples
16:07:26 <HisShadow> hmm
16:08:37 <itchka> HisShadow: Maybe we are getting to the point where the kahinah function becomes part of ABF.
16:11:36 <itchka> What do you thinK?
16:12:03 <HisShadow> yes, I think you are right
16:12:40 <itchka> Is it doable?
16:14:27 <itchka> We do have the build lists which are used to create these groups of packages so we can use these as the foundation. I can draw up a spec of what is required if you like.
16:15:36 <itchka> rugyada: Do youi have pae turned on in Virtual Box when you were testing?
16:15:56 <rugyada> yes in i586
16:16:52 <itchka> Try turning it on in the 64bit setup.
16:17:21 <HisShadow> itchka: unfourtenately I got a job now, so less free time, you can make a spec though, I'll see what i can do
16:18:29 <itchka> Ok I will do an outline spec and we can discuss. Glad you have a job..
16:21:29 <rugyada> all ISOs are working fine with the same vb configuration, not your experimental builds... nor mine.  sorry for in & out, I have a lot of connection troubles
16:21:56 <itchka> The i586 was OK
16:22:31 <itchka> That booted which was all I was interested in the startx bit doesn'ty really matter.
16:23:45 <itchka> I wonder If you have some hardware problem. I have seen all your connection problems do you get that on all the machines you use?
16:29:37 <rugyada_> as I'm testing in vbox, not sure if the issue can be related to real hw. yes, we suffer the connection pb in all our machines here. or it's a net issue or it's a router one :/
16:34:00 <rugyada> cannot go on this way :( will read the log later.
16:34:07 <itchka> Ok
16:34:39 <itchka> I am building another iso with the same kernel as the i586.
16:36:07 <rugyada> btw would be better if we can build iso in abf
16:36:56 <itchka> Then people will start thinking it's a release when it's not.
16:37:16 <rugyada> just name it somename_testing_xxx
16:37:36 <rugyada> or such.
16:38:29 <itchka> Since when has the name made any differnce :)
16:39:02 <rugyada> then curious people will become testers.
16:39:03 <OnlyHuman> there all test iso's :~)
16:39:08 <OnlyHuman> :)
16:40:23 <rugyada> name it internal_testing_iso_xxxxxx
16:41:41 <OnlyHuman> or personalise them, ie: fairly_ testing.iso   extremely_testing.iso
16:42:09 <rugyada> name is the last of problems, imho
16:43:05 <rugyada> itchka: did you fix iso-build tool with your latest fixes?
16:43:08 <OnlyHuman> chwido: bugdevstofix
16:43:17 <OnlyHuman> chwido: bark bugdevstofix
16:43:18 * chwido barks at bugdevstofix and makes clear that he won't stop soon.
16:45:58 <rugyada> surely at least the noto-serif-thai-fonts need fixing
16:48:11 <rugyada> and all those ((((CHANGE ME))) stuff as well
16:48:16 <itchka> Maybe when it is working at your end I might do that but for all I know it may only work on my box..
16:48:37 <rugyada> ah.. :)
16:48:52 <itchka> Yes I did they have all been pulled in so I'll build a new package.
16:50:16 <rugyada> that 2 at least should not break anything I guess.
16:53:39 <rugyada> thai-fonts is a real bug we discovered
16:54:04 <itchka> I remember when crisb and I were working on the last boot issues we discovered that some hardware would not noot with the nrjQL kernels but would boot with the nrj versions. Once installed they would boot with the nrjQL we never did find out why but we put a special option in the build tool so yuou could install with one kernel and then run with the fast one once you had installed.
16:55:05 <fedya> ben79 i fixed it
17:01:53 <itchka> I guess there's not much more to say about OmLx 2.3
17:03:38 <itchka> klebedeff: Hi
17:03:54 <klebedeff> hi
17:04:55 <bero> back
17:05:23 <bero> The VBox issue is *probably* because the vbox kernel modules are now in the kernel package -- need to rebuild the kernels after updating vbox
17:06:26 <itchka> Ouch
17:08:32 <itchka> bero: We did the release bit as I didn't think you were coming. Do you have anything to report?
17:13:42 <ben79> fedya: thanks
17:20:26 <bero> nothing in particular
17:20:38 <bero> I think we're all on the same page with the release
17:22:06 <itchka> The kde stuff seems ok but what about the new systemd are we going to use that for RC2?
17:27:02 <bero> I think it's TPG's call. He knows systemd best
17:28:11 <itchka> I'll mail him..meanwhile I'l get Xu_R to release all the kf5 stuff
17:28:42 <itchka> Nicco will have a new kernel sooon.
17:30:52 <ben79> I gotta go off to the wild blue yonder
17:30:55 <ben79> bbl
17:30:58 <itchka> Bye
17:32:03 <itchka> bero: I know you wanted to discuss the rolling release model again but there aren't many people about at the moment.
17:32:09 <bero> yes
17:32:19 <bero> makes more sense when especially TPG is around
17:34:01 <itchka> I have talked with HisShadow about the issues it will bring around kahinah and it seems it would make sense to incorporatye the kahinah function into abf.
17:36:39 <itchka> If we a¶e going to use the model there's quite a bit of preparatory work to do first. I think we need to evaluate this and turn it into tasks and some sort of plan of execution.
17:38:26 <itchka> Perhaps it's just me but there do seem to be some parts of it that are a bit hazy.
17:43:10 <itchka> Perhaps we should have specific meeting for the purpose.
17:55:17 <itchka> There's also this suggestion from an infra member which could possibly be incorporated into ABF.
17:58:27 <itchka> Which is a separate item on last weeks agenda.
18:04:28 <itchka> I'll leave that one hanging and move on to AOB
18:04:45 <itchka> #item 4
18:05:11 <itchka> #topic AOB
18:05:56 <itchka> If there are no items for this I'll close the meeting in ten minutes.
18:10:04 <HisShadow> itchka: what suggestion
18:17:40 <itchka> https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/automatic-iso-release-system/528
18:17:45 <itchka> This one
18:18:37 <itchka> HisShadow: ^^^
18:27:54 <itchka> #share Date for RC2 undecided.
18:28:03 <itchka> #endmeeting