15:07:52 <itchka> #startmeeting
15:07:52 <chwido> Woof! Let's start the meeting. It's Wed Aug  2 15:07:52 2017 UTC. The chair is itchka. Information about me at https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Chwido.
15:07:52 <chwido> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
15:07:52 <chwido> You should add extra chair(s) just in case, with #chair nick.
15:07:52 <chwido> Have a good meeting, don't bark too much!
15:07:58 <_TPG> \o/
15:08:19 <itchka> Can't let you escape :)
15:09:07 <itchka> now we have an znc server others who aren't here can catch up.
15:09:33 <itchka> _TPG: How long do you have?
15:09:42 <_TPG> itchka: how to use znc ?
15:10:16 <_TPG> 20 minutes, then i need to drive home, and then i can join again, so i'll be back around 18:30
15:10:20 * ben79 Hi
15:10:34 <itchka> jasper.openmandriva.org:43210 (SSL)
15:11:12 <itchka> is where the znc server is I think you can sign up through a web interface at the same address.
15:11:39 <itchka> Have a word with ashledombos if there's a problem. He set it up for me.
15:11:57 <itchka> Hi ben79
15:12:09 <_TPG> thx
15:12:53 <itchka> Ok lets start
15:12:58 <itchka> #item 1
15:13:06 <itchka> #topic Release Report
15:13:14 <itchka> Off you go _TPG
15:13:38 <_TPG> imho, everything is almost done to have a 3.03
15:13:39 <_TPG> release
15:13:53 <_TPG> what is left is kernel-release 4.12.x
15:14:34 <_TPG> well i was thinking to update glibc and binutils for 3.03 but this needs bero decision
15:14:45 <_TPG> these two may give a noticeable speedup
15:15:07 <christann> Hi all
15:15:32 <itchka> Best check with bero on that one would that mean that our gcc would also be updated?
15:16:00 <itchka> Our current version micompiles erlang
15:16:08 <itchka> miscompile
15:17:16 <itchka> I found a could of issues on the last iso which you may have already fixed.
15:17:22 <itchka> couple
15:18:15 <itchka> The main one was that Device Synchronisation just doesn't work. Nothing ahppens when you select the item.
15:18:59 <itchka> kwave crashes
15:19:21 <itchka> and fcitx doesn't start.
15:19:24 <_TPG> well we should focus on kernel-release 4.12.x which will give us a zstd support
15:19:34 <_TPG> itchka: file a bug report
15:19:52 <itchka> I will just been a bit short on time.
15:21:16 <itchka> The installer is up to it's tricka again. It will be interesting to see whether zstd makes any different to that.
15:21:34 <_TPG> imho release is blocked by kernel-release update
15:21:43 <_TPG> anyone wants to help to fix it ?
15:22:04 <itchka> bero said he would try and look today.
15:22:08 <fedya> hi
15:22:18 <itchka> hi fedya
15:22:39 <_TPG> ok
15:23:00 <_TPG> after that i'll be able to build an iso with zstd support
15:23:09 <itchka> _TPG:  He will also update all the keys.
15:23:33 <_TPG> itchka: ok, but i've updated some of them to match 4.12
15:25:11 <itchka> When I built it yesterday, locally I had to press enter many times :) At one point I went to sleep!
15:25:51 <fedya> _TPG btw i can't build kernel-release on my pc, because it want to build arm too :D
15:25:53 <fedya> weird
15:26:07 <fedya> and system with splitted configs it's bad idea
15:26:21 <fedya> because i'm not found how you guys did it
15:26:28 <itchka> _TPG: Any more on release  or shall we move on?
15:26:42 <_TPG> itchka: imho that's all
15:26:49 <itchka> Ok
15:26:51 <_TPG> well you may do the testing :)
15:26:56 <itchka> #item 2
15:27:24 <itchka> #topic New Boot Menu
15:27:58 <itchka> I have been working on a new addition to the installed grub boot menu.
15:29:48 <itchka> Asking users to make entries on the grub2 command line is not ideal so I thought I woould try and implement a Troubleshooting menu.
15:29:54 <itchka> Here is the result.
15:30:06 <itchka> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-vbk52SZVzAVFpSSjNWZDFHNFk/view?usp=sharing
15:30:08 <itchka> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-vbk52SZVzAbzV4ZHZFeEdYVHM/view?usp=sharing
15:30:31 <itchka> So far it has three items.
15:30:44 <itchka> Boot into basic graphics mode
15:30:59 <itchka> Boot into multi-user mode
15:31:38 <itchka> and finally boot with the nouveau module blacklisted in the initrd.
15:32:08 <itchka> I would like to add this top the upcoming release.
15:32:36 <ben79> interesting, seems would be very helpful
15:32:52 <itchka> It is implemented withing /etc/grub.d/10_linux and is entirely automatic.
15:33:52 <itchka> The command lines can be changes in the variables in /etc/default/grub and it can also be disabled by a by setting a variable in the same file.
15:34:28 <christann> Looks good.
15:37:30 <_TPG> ok, now let's pick up a person who will implement this new menu into grub and omdv-build-iso
15:37:35 <_TPG> any volunteers ?
15:38:39 <itchka> If I update the grub2 package it will be available system wide on installation of the grub2 package
15:38:59 <itchka> That was my other question
15:40:25 <itchka> There are half a dozen patches that deal with "vendor" configuration and if I implement this the will be at least 4 more. Is everyone happy for me to consolidate all the vendors mods into one patch?
15:40:28 <fedya> how looks new menu?
15:40:53 <itchka> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-vbk52SZVzAVFpSSjNWZDFHNFk/view?usp=sharing
15:40:55 <itchka> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-vbk52SZVzAbzV4ZHZFeEdYVHM/view?usp=sharing
15:41:02 <itchka> fedya: ^^
15:41:30 <_TPG> itchka: nope, you have to update current menu, after grub update, and not loose any boot entries
15:42:37 <itchka> _TPG: Ok I'll look at it
15:43:20 <itchka> What I've done is only an extension of the existing grub2 automated system.
15:43:42 <itchka> invoked by grub2-mkconfig
15:45:04 <itchka> Is it ok to consolidate the patches?
15:46:37 <itchka> Anything else need adding to the menu?
15:50:07 <itchka> I can add all the extra stuff in omdv-build-iso to the automated generator too now I I have figured out how it works
15:51:23 <_TPG> ok bbl
15:53:04 <itchka> Well I guess that's a yes then :)
15:54:21 <christann> I vote yes.
15:55:36 <itchka> ben79: I am going to try and fix the issue with XFDrake not honouring the boot system. The reason this is now happening is because we are using kernel-install instead of our own rpm %{post} scripts.
15:57:01 <itchka> XfDrake is probably unaware of this.
15:58:36 <ben79> itchka: OK
15:59:17 <itchka> Ok lets move on.
16:00:02 <itchka> #item 3
16:00:26 <itchka> #topic  Spectrum2: Do we provide it?
16:01:28 <fedya> what it is?
16:01:29 <itchka> Hopefully we have a guest here who will give a brief overview of what spectrum2 is and what it does.
16:01:40 <itchka> Zonbie: ping
16:01:54 <itchka> Zombie:  ping
16:02:38 <itchka> Ok I will paste an earlier expose
16:03:29 <itchka> 08:57] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ What spectrum 2 does, is create Server instances of Pidgin/libpurple that connect to ejabberd in "Component Mode"
16:03:31 <itchka> ‎[08:57] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ Which in turn connect to Proprietary networks like AIM, Yahoo, Skype, FaceBook and Discord.
16:03:32 <itchka> ‎[08:58] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ Android devices can't run Pidgin.
16:03:33 <itchka> ‎[08:59] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ But they can run XMPP Clients like Xabber.
16:03:35 <itchka> ‎[08:59] ‎<‎bero‎>‎ And people who dislike a certain horrible UI library don't want to run pidgin but have a choice of xmpp clients ;)
16:03:36 <itchka> ‎[09:01] ‎<‎itchka‎>‎ I can't imagine what UI library that would be :)
16:03:38 <itchka> ‎[09:01] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ What Spectrum 2 Does, is defines a service, and uses MySQL to map A Given "Social Media Account" to an OpenLDAP User  account UUID.
16:03:40 <itchka> ‎[09:02] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ Each Spectrum 2 service must use a unique XMPP Component Port.
16:03:41 <itchka> ‎[09:02] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ so for instance: aim --> 5653
16:03:42 <itchka> ‎[09:03] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ so for instance: yahoo --> 5654
16:03:44 <itchka> ‎[09:03] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ so for instance: Skype --> 5655
16:03:45 <itchka> ‎[09:03] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ Etc etc etc
16:03:47 <itchka> ‎[09:04] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ So lets say you have xmpp-server.domain.com
16:03:48 <itchka> ‎[09:04] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ there would be an internally resolved aim.xmpp-server.domain.com
16:03:50 <itchka> ‎[09:04] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ there would be an internally resolved skype.xmpp-server.domain.com
16:03:51 <itchka> ‎[09:04] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ So on and so fourth.
16:03:53 <itchka> ‎[09:05] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ As Advertised XMPP services.
16:03:54 <itchka> ‎[09:05] ‎<‎itchka‎>‎ Got it
16:03:56 <itchka> ‎[09:07] ‎<‎bero‎>‎ Sounds like something we may want to offer as an internet service as well as packaging it... Not everyone is running their own server
16:03:57 <itchka> ‎[09:07] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ What Spectrum 2 would then do is resolve all the user names and Aliases, creating another MySQL Table for that, map all the Avatar Icons, and use all Pidgin Protocol Icons for each service, and break them up into XMPP groups.
16:03:59 <itchka> ‎[09:07] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ Here is the thing.
16:04:00 <itchka> ‎[09:08] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ spectrum2 doesn't actually link against ejabberd.
16:04:02 <itchka> ‎[09:08] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ It communicates on a network Port.
16:04:03 <itchka> ‎[09:08] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ it uses the various XEP standards, Particularly XEP-0321
16:04:05 <itchka> ‎[09:08] ‎<‎itchka‎>‎ Sort of a docker kinda idea
16:04:06 <itchka> ‎[09:09] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ if you are running ejabberd 2.2.15 or whatever.
16:04:08 <itchka> ‎[09:09] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ ejabberd is going to freak out because spectrum2 is sending it a bunch of instrunctions it doesn't know what to do.
16:04:09 <itchka> ‎[09:10] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ It will still work, but User aliases have to be defined manually.
16:04:11 <itchka> ‎[09:10] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ Binary attachments won't work.
16:04:12 <itchka> ‎[09:10] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ which means no Avatars.
16:04:14 <itchka> ‎[09:11] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ And your log files will have tons and tons of errors.
16:04:16 <itchka> ‎[09:12] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ Users with Samba 4 in AD mode can use RFC2307 Compatibility as a stand in for OpenLDAP.
16:04:17 <itchka> ‎[09:14] ‎<‎Zombie‎>‎ OK?
16:04:18 <itchka> ‎[09:14] ‎<‎itchka‎>‎ Yes I get the concept.
16:04:20 <itchka> Have a read :)
16:13:29 <itchka> I thought if we included it we could make a bit of a thing about it in our blog and maybe get a bit of attention for our trouble. Currently neither ROSA nor Mageia ship a working version.
16:23:26 <christann> Sounds like a good idea. Do we have the person-power to carry this out?
16:26:20 <itchka> Well there are about 12 erlang packages that need porting. I have got the Mageia  specs for them which will need updating to our standards and macros. I thought up QA guys could take it on as a bit of an educational thing learning about package building. It should be pretty straightforward.
16:27:01 <itchka> I'm happy to lead the effort.
16:28:00 <itchka> We would need fedya or bero to create the package instances on abf as I don't have enough perms to add packages.
16:30:02 <ben79> Um, it is about time for me to make another stab at trying to learn some package management/building tasks
16:30:45 <ben79> the idea being to learn to do some of the yoeman tasks in that freeing people that actually know code for other stuff
16:30:50 <ben79> if that makes sense
16:30:56 <fedya> what it is package instance?
16:31:43 <itchka> fedya: Well I can create a new package in my personal repo but I can't crte
16:31:55 <itchka> create one in main or contrib
16:32:06 <itchka> The cat is at my keyboard again
16:32:44 <fedya> System role admin
16:32:45 <fedya> it's you
16:33:13 <fedya> itchka: try to create new package and show me a screenshot
16:33:19 <itchka> I tried but it created it in pernoal/main
16:33:26 <itchka> personal/main
16:33:30 <itchka> Ok
16:38:03 <itchka> fedya:
16:38:07 <itchka> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-vbk52SZVzARjJ3aW1uUDdMa1E/view?usp=sharing
16:39:13 <fedya> ok press Save button
16:39:19 <itchka> I don't want to import a source code rpm
16:39:27 <fedya> yes just press save button
16:39:58 <fedya> https://abf.openmandriva.org/openmandriva/erlang-rebar/build_lists
16:40:05 <fedya> exist
16:40:17 <itchka> fedya: I rpomise you it didn't work the last time :)
16:40:25 <fedya> :D
16:40:38 <itchka> fedya: Thanks
16:41:16 <itchka> Ok christann: ben79 we are set to go.
16:43:24 <itchka> I can play later tonight  if you like.
16:46:37 <itchka> fedya: When creating a new git repo in GitHub OpenMandrivaAssociation should I make it public or private?
16:46:46 <fedya> public
16:46:55 <itchka> KK thanks
16:49:15 <itchka> Well bero seemed positive about spectrum2 so lets do it and see where it leads us.
16:50:27 <itchka> Let's move on
16:51:12 <itchka> The guys in item 4 aren't about so I guess we will skip that one.
16:51:29 <itchka> Now it's ben79's spot
16:51:37 <itchka> #item 5
16:52:06 <itchka> #topic AIB Any Interesting Bugs
16:52:14 <ben79> 1st here's what has happened with bugs in last 2 weeks:
16:52:29 <ben79> 2197, 2198, 2199, 2201, 2202, Resolved
16:52:42 <ben79> 2184 Needinfo, may be fixed
16:53:00 <ben79> 2200 nothing happened
16:53:32 <ben79> So overall I think that's all rather good, Thanks to all involved
16:53:51 <ben79> Now there is one especially interesting new bug:
16:54:07 <ben79> Most interesting bug report 2203 - why have kernel-nrj-desktop-latest and not have kernel-nrj-desktop
16:54:26 <ben79> https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2203
16:54:55 <fedya> need to wipe all nrj rpms from all repos
16:55:02 <fedya> i will do
16:55:03 <ben79> interesting because the packages were removed from main/release repo and that's unusual
16:55:12 <itchka> The rpms are not in the repo. They have been removed I guess some were missed.
16:55:15 <fedya> i'm removed it time ago
16:55:23 <fedya> and probably not totally removed
16:55:26 <ben79> on the other hand it may be intentional because they were so old
16:55:47 <itchka> Sad in a way niccos kernels were pretty good.
16:56:03 <ben79> fedya: not a problem really just that we should also go ahaed and remove the rest I think
16:56:20 <itchka> fedya: You didn't remove the meta-packages
16:56:51 <itchka> You should leave them on 2014
16:57:06 <fedya> yes i keep 2014, but for 3.0 and cooker need to remove
16:57:16 <itchka> OK
16:57:33 <itchka> go ahead and then we can close the bug
16:57:41 <ben79> and of course we have a user that tried to install kernel-nrjQL-desktop-latest
16:58:30 <itchka> We will have to advise him/her that that branch is discontinued
16:59:01 <ben79> OK, that mystery is solved, I will close the bug.
16:59:10 <itchka> ben79: I'm sad to see 2184 is not resolved.
16:59:41 <ben79> well it's that we need the OP to test the package
17:00:41 <ben79> May be resolved and we just don't know.
17:01:02 <ben79> ie. NEEDINFO
17:01:37 <itchka> Ah ok I thought he had reported a failure. Blackcrack has a late card maybe he will test. Perhaps a blog announcement to say that it's available?
17:03:12 <itchka> ben79: Have you managed to test the latest iso?
17:03:36 <itchka> Can we compare notes?
17:06:56 <ben79> I've only briefly tested new .iso
17:07:21 <ben79> https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2205
17:07:36 <ben79> KNewStuff-5.36.0-1 missing .knsrc files (or lib64knewstuff)
17:07:49 <fedya> nrj removed
17:07:52 <ben79> one other new bug to note and hopefully fix:
17:08:08 <ben79> https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2204
17:08:25 <ben79> ackage Update Request: network-manager-applet
17:09:09 <ben79> As far as ISO sometimes Install works sometimes not, basically it looks like it is releated to speed
17:09:40 <ben79> in other words the slower the circumstance the more likely INSTALL will work
17:09:57 <itchka> ben79: I have update that it didn't build for arm7 but it's available for all the x86 arches
17:10:22 <itchka> You can close that one.
17:10:39 <ben79> itchka: you mean network-manager-applet?
17:10:45 <itchka> Yes
17:11:13 <ben79> OK
17:12:08 <ben79> I see in Kahinah: https://kahinah.rxu.tech/builds/2793
17:13:58 <itchka> I'm pretty happy with most of _TPGs stuff in kahinah I think we should give it all some karma and release it.
17:14:11 <christann> I agree
17:15:39 <itchka> Let's have you votes then guys and then we will set a time to hit the finalise button. This will be the first real test of the new kahinah
17:15:53 <ben79> I already voted those packages Accept
17:16:15 <ben79> so has christann
17:16:27 <christann> I have voted for some. Will check others.
17:16:32 <ben79> just need one more vote
17:16:56 <itchka> BTW you can make your life much easier if you use the search bar. It searches for sub-strings so you can put in a version number and get all the packages with that number.
17:17:29 <itchka> Ok I'll do some when the meeting is over
17:18:06 <itchka> ANy more bugs ben79?
17:18:18 <ben79> Nope that's it for bugs for now
17:18:37 <itchka> ok lets move on.
17:18:51 <itchka> #item 6
17:18:53 <itchka> #
17:18:55 <ben79> just notice in Kahinah there are 2 sets of libpng-2:1.6.31-1 packages
17:19:02 <itchka> #topic AOB
17:19:11 <ben79> one set from Nobodiesdead and one set from TPG
17:19:24 <ben79> guess that qualifies as AOB
17:19:59 <christann> Nobodiesdead is fedya.
17:20:17 <ben79> OK did not know that
17:20:28 <itchka> Not sure I understand you ben79?
17:21:16 <ben79> there are 2 sets of the same package version look at the top of: https://kahinah.rxu.tech/builds/testing
17:23:05 <itchka> Looks like they both updated the same package. They have the same version number so we will take the latest and I'll clear the other one.
17:23:37 <ben79> OK
17:24:31 <itchka> Sometimes this happens when someone updates a dependency and a package needs rebuilding against the updated dep.
17:24:59 <itchka> It's a pretty safe bet to take the latest one in these circumstances
17:26:40 <itchka> It's gone
17:35:04 <itchka> Ok I have done my voting. I'll mail TPG and tell him we will release tonight unless he has any objections.
17:36:22 <itchka> Anything more for the meeting?
17:51:03 <itchka> Ok wrapping up the meeting
17:51:09 <itchka> #endmeeting