15:15:51 <itchka> #startmeeting
15:15:51 <chwido> Woof! Let's start the meeting. It's Wed Oct  4 15:15:51 2017 UTC. The chair is itchka. Information about me at https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Chwido.
15:15:51 <chwido> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
15:15:51 <chwido> You should add extra chair(s) just in case, with #chair nick.
15:15:51 <chwido> Have a good meeting, don't bark too much!
15:16:45 <itchka> #item 1
15:17:31 <itchka> #topic Release of OmLx-3.03 Go or NOGO
15:17:52 <itchka> Opinions and issues guys?
15:19:24 <christann> I have no problems with it.
15:19:43 <itchka> Do you use kmail?
15:20:05 <christann> No I do not. I use thunderbird.
15:20:18 <itchka> Ok Thanks
15:20:24 <itchka> ben79?
15:22:40 <itchka> ben79 ANything to report?
15:24:46 <ben799> I don't have any problems with Lx 3.03, and I have tested KMail and it seems to work
15:27:11 <itchka> Unfortunately ben79 it doesn't work when you have lots of mails and use filters. The database is generating duplicate mail headers that don't exist and this means it never retrieves the bosies of the message.
15:27:58 <ben799> That is one of several reasons I use thnderbird
15:28:43 <ben799> but just to add an e-mail account and send and receive e-mails does work
15:29:06 <ben799> also KMail problems are probably upstream aren't they?
15:29:59 <itchka> kmail is really broken upstream and I don't think we can expect TPG to fix it. What really needs to happen is that kmail needs to be kept in sync with akonadi then these problems would be lessened. For me then this is not a blocker but I do think we should warn people in the release notes and suggest that they use Thunderbird.
15:31:00 <christann> I agree.
15:32:32 <itchka> ben79 ?
15:32:53 <itchka> Release notes flag?
15:34:06 <ben799> Yeah,
15:35:29 <itchka> OK. Other than that I cannot get graphicsmagick to work for me it will not convert files dis anyone else test this?
15:36:44 <christann> I will do so. I use gimp to convert files.
15:37:49 <ben799> haven't tested, but there is a new package in testing
15:38:20 <itchka> Yes that one doesn't work for me nor did the previous one.
15:42:04 <itchka> I've checked and nothing important depends on it.
15:43:04 <itchka> photoqt, ocatve and darktable none of which I have know ledge of.
15:43:11 <itchka> photoqt, ocatve and darktable none of which I have know ledge of.
15:46:26 <christann> digikam certainly doesn't.
15:47:42 <itchka> christann: Is it broken for you.
15:48:56 <christann> I do not use graphicsmagic. Digikam is working well here.
15:49:09 <itchka> graphicsmagick
15:49:16 <itchka> Ok
15:49:31 <itchka> I'll file a bug.
15:50:05 <Son_Goku> itchka: driving to work, bbs as Pharaoh_Atem
15:50:12 <Son_Goku> then I can talk about dnf stuff
15:50:18 <Son_Goku> should be ~20 min
15:50:19 <itchka> Ok thanks
15:57:49 <itchka> Ok then I'll do the change to release notes for Tbird.
15:58:12 <itchka> What about giorgios issue of sddm locking up?
16:05:33 <fedya> hi
16:06:21 <ben799> I don't know what to say about giorgio's sddm issue, haven't tried to reproduce
16:06:40 <itchka> Hi fedya
16:07:06 <itchka> The subject is the release of OmLx-3.03
16:07:21 <ben799> hi fedya
16:08:12 <fedya> howdy
16:09:19 <ben79> I have other computer logged out and will see after 3 minutes if it hangs up
16:09:27 <itchka> fedya: Do you have any comments about the 3.03 release. Do you think it's ok?
16:09:44 <fedya> i have nothing against it
16:09:52 <fedya> at least for me everything working as expected
16:09:52 <itchka> ben79: I have just tried it in VB as well we will see.
16:09:55 <ben79> don't know if giorgio's issue is hardware related but the computers with that issue are dreaded radeon
16:10:02 <itchka> Thanks fedya
16:10:49 <itchka> There have been some changes to sddm config.
16:10:51 <ben79> Well, he's using computers in a school setting and I imagine a box might sit on login screen for a long time till some one needs to login
16:11:27 <ben79> so I can see why it's a big issue for hem
16:11:32 <ben79> hem=him
16:12:03 <itchka> Yes we need to find away round it. Screensaver perhaps?
16:13:12 <itchka> I might diff the sddm.conf files and see what the changes ar
16:13:29 <itchka> are
16:13:50 <ben79> that sounds like a good place to start
16:17:28 <itchka> I don't see much else in the bug list that could conceivably cause an issue.
16:17:50 <itchka> There's a huge amount of updating to do though.
16:18:06 <ben79> reading his explanation makes me wonder if it is more of a desktop/software KDE/Plasma or even QT issue than hardware
16:18:24 <ben79> But so far can not reproduce
16:18:43 <itchka> Just about to try my VM
16:20:17 <itchka> No problem here either.
16:22:07 <itchka> I'll diff the files now
16:23:17 <ben799> OK, I just can't reproduce giorgio's problem so
16:23:55 <ben79> I'd say we need to investigate if it is upstream issue, if issue happens in other distros,
16:24:30 <ben79> and to solve what logs and when to get them for developers to look at
16:25:20 <Eighth_Doctor> Hey
16:25:27 <Eighth_Doctor> itchka: this is Pharaoh_Atem
16:25:39 <Eighth_Doctor> I'm just using yet another laptop ;)
16:26:16 <ben79> I would guess he needs to gather logs while a computer is hung, he can do so in VT, and I guess Xorg.0.log and journalctl???
16:26:58 <itchka> Eighth_Doctor: That's a new one :)
16:27:21 <Eighth_Doctor> this is my older laptop :)
16:27:42 <itchka> ben79: Yes as a minimum
16:27:53 <ben79> any other logs?
16:27:59 <itchka> You had that prior to the personality disorder :)
16:28:05 <Eighth_Doctor> :)
16:28:44 <itchka> ben79: ~/.xsession-erros too please
16:28:51 <itchka> ben79: ~/.xsession-errors too please
16:29:35 <ben79> I don't see /.xsession-errors anymore and I think he said he didn't have that file
16:29:42 <ben79> But will ask
16:31:33 <itchka> It's hidden we need it from the /home/directory of the login he tried but got the locked screen.
16:33:47 <itchka> ben79: Looks like the name may have changed to .local/share/sddm/xorg-session.log
16:34:03 <itchka> In the users home
16:34:15 <ben79> why, why do they keep changing this stuff, damn
16:35:35 <itchka> The new sddm has this entry
16:35:37 <itchka> # Path of the Xephyr.                                                       ││                                                                             │
16:35:38 <itchka> │XephyrPath=/usr/bin/Xephyr
16:35:42 <ben79> on this machine there is xorg-session.log and wayland-session.log so that would be where it would put .xsession-errors now
16:35:56 <itchka> and this one
16:35:59 <itchka> # Enables Qt's automatic HiDPI scaling. Can be either "true" or "false".Defa││                                                                             │
16:36:00 <itchka> │EnableHiDPI=true
16:36:10 <ben79> UM...
16:36:26 <itchka> Try setting the above to false and see if that fixes the issue.
16:37:16 <itchka> That's all the significant differences.
16:37:49 <itchka> Lets finish item 1
16:38:01 <ben79> # Path to the user session log file, relative to the home directory
16:38:01 <ben79> SessionLogFile=.local/share/sddm/xorg-session.log
16:38:32 <itchka> Are we ready to give TPG a GO?
16:38:41 <itchka> I vote GO
16:39:11 <itchka> Giorgio can always back out the latest sddm. for the time being
16:40:42 <ben79> On this machine I don't have a /usr/bin/Xephyr
16:41:00 <ben79> but I may have an older sddm.conf on 'nuther machine
16:42:32 <ben79> I vote GO
16:44:11 <itchka> christann is gone so I'm going to proxy vote him as Go
16:45:03 <itchka> We now need to notify TPG and start prepping torrents; posts and blog entries and uploads.
16:46:30 <itchka> I'lll try and organise that lot if you'll do the bit on Tbird in the release nots.
16:47:21 <itchka> If you are unsure about the wording run it past me and I'll try and help.
16:47:28 <ben79> I'll get it done
16:47:39 <itchka> Lets move on.
16:47:57 <itchka> #item 2
16:48:08 <itchka> #topic Reports
16:48:22 <itchka> DNF Report
16:48:49 <itchka> Ok Eighth_Doctor what do you have for us?
16:49:08 <Eighth_Doctor> so, I've more or less fixed DNF to "work"
16:49:21 <Eighth_Doctor> there's still the small issue of DNF not working as root because it can't lock the rpmdb
16:49:46 <Eighth_Doctor> the last bit is that the metadata is broken
16:49:53 <Eighth_Doctor> createrepo_c doesn't like distepoch very much
16:49:53 <itchka> What you mean it can lock it as a user but not as root?
16:49:59 <Eighth_Doctor> you can't lock it period
16:50:08 <itchka> ah right
16:50:46 <Eighth_Doctor> I can't create OpenMandriva chroots because the metadata is broken
16:51:06 <Eighth_Doctor> because it considers E:V-R:D to be invalid epoch strings in its admittedly rather bad parsing
16:51:20 <itchka> The metadata is broken becasue it has distepoch?
16:51:24 <Eighth_Doctor> yep
16:51:33 <Eighth_Doctor> it confuses createrepo_c
16:51:57 <Eighth_Doctor> and in its infinite wisdom, it skips "bad" information rather than bombing out
16:52:05 <Eighth_Doctor> so the metadata is incomplete
16:52:31 <Eighth_Doctor> I've been trying to make a patch for createrepo_c to fix this (as jbj may know), but it's tricky
16:53:06 <itchka> So are you saying that it skips if you have V R:D
16:53:11 <Eighth_Doctor> yes
16:53:18 <Eighth_Doctor> because it thinks that it's a bad epoch string
16:54:21 <itchka> Couldn't we have createrepo_c to put in -1 or something if the data is missing?
16:54:50 <itchka> Like a placeholder?
16:55:02 <jbj> itchka: -1 solves the wrong problem
16:55:51 <itchka> You know be Jeff cna you help us fix this?
16:55:52 * jbj has to go babysit in 15 mins
16:56:35 <Eighth_Doctor> the problem is that this function makes the assumption that there's only E:V-R: https://github.com/rpm-software-management/createrepo_c/blob/master/src/misc.c#L85
16:56:37 <itchka> does jbj have laptop at babysitters
16:56:54 <Eighth_Doctor> and it's string parsing, which always sucks :/
16:57:09 <jbj> itchka: ipad but not lappie
17:01:14 <itchka> Well I can just about read that (I'm not a C-programmer)
17:01:16 <jbj> Eighth_Doctor: there’s a routine to split an EVRD string into components in rpmlib. call that, and f_feed_the_chunks_with_string_bits()
17:01:27 <Eighth_Doctor> ooh, that might work better
17:01:34 <Eighth_Doctor> jbj: do you know what the function is?
17:02:01 <Eighth_Doctor> hmm, might involve reworking some of the bits, but possible
17:02:19 <itchka> You guys amaze me !
17:02:20 <jbj> I’ve forgot names: … but look for *evr* routines
17:02:25 <Eighth_Doctor> will do
17:03:37 <itchka> Thanks jbj.
17:03:44 <jbj> np
17:05:27 <itchka> Thank for the progress Eighth_Doctor.
17:06:53 <Eighth_Doctor> :)
17:07:04 <Eighth_Doctor> once this is worked out, then fedya needs to deploy fixed version
17:07:20 <Eighth_Doctor> and then it's just a matter of figuring out the magic incantations to make rpmdb <-> libsolv work
17:07:27 <itchka> fedya are you hearing this?
17:08:49 <itchka> What for do these magic incantations take?
17:09:41 * ben79 itchka: see tab (KMail)
17:10:18 <Eighth_Doctor> itchka: basically, libsolv and rpm need to agree what the bdb environment is
17:10:47 <itchka> Ok I get it.
17:19:01 <itchka> Ok let's move one.
17:19:44 <itchka> ben79: I think we have done bugs so now it's just AOB.
17:19:59 <itchka> #item 3
17:20:02 * ben79 Yeah , enouth of boogs
17:20:13 * ben79 Yeah , enough of boogs
17:20:21 <itchka> #topic AOB
17:20:27 * ben79 I want Zaro Boogs
17:21:35 <itchka> She's not about at the moment she's getting a new brag
17:22:36 <itchka> There's one thing I need to bring up; it's about behaviour in the channel.
17:26:37 <ben79> Zaro Boogs is what Bugzilla reports in a category with no bugs. Goes back to days of Netscape and the original Bugzilla. It's nonsense for Zero Bugs.
17:27:21 <itchka> A person who hangs out here regularly was recently treated to an extremely unpleasant comment in this channel. It may possibly have been mean't as a joke but since the individual seems to have taken steps to hide their identity thi may not be the case. I and other try and make this friendly and welcoming place to be in the hope that those who drop in her will stay and start using the distro we put all this hard work into.
17:28:11 <peroyvind> channel has pretty much been deserted between meeetings, hasn't it?
17:28:27 * peroyvind only sporadically follows irc these days..
17:28:56 * ben79 I certainly hope I haven't said anything offensive to anyone...
17:29:29 <christann> Same here.
17:30:11 <itchka> Please treat others with respect here if the individual who made the comment is here or sees this post then an apology may be in order. You will find the individual on #unitylinux
17:30:28 <itchka> I hope this won't happen again.
17:31:42 <itchka> ben79: christann; no you have not this was the sort of comment that the majority here would not make.
17:32:04 <itchka> Enough said.
17:32:12 <itchka> Any other AOB?
17:32:39 <ben79> I'm thinking we don't know who made the comment or maybe it was even an interloper/hacker?
17:33:15 <ben79> Otherwise, no more bidness here.
17:34:25 <itchka> I have enough information to indicate that it could have been someone but I have no intention of accusing anyone.
17:35:00 <itchka> someone here
17:37:22 <itchka> MANDIAN HI
17:37:31 <itchka> mandian hi
17:37:45 <mandian> itchka: hi
17:38:32 <itchka> mandian: Are you happy to give OmLx-3.03 a GO?
17:38:54 * ben79 mandian hi
17:39:48 <mandian> ben79: hi
17:40:31 <mandian> There are not blocking bugs but
17:41:14 <mandian> i'm searching the post I made  on the forum ...
17:42:10 <mandian> can't find now :(
17:42:33 <mandian> however I'd like to fix at least oma-welcome first
17:43:14 <itchka> How long will it atke?
17:43:14 <mandian> I tried to get rid of fuzzy plymouth behavior but I can't
17:43:14 <mandian> also logs are fuzzy
17:43:49 <itchka> Which logs?
17:44:21 <itchka> did you try rd.debug from the command line for plymouth?
17:45:29 <mandian> half fix to oma-welcome
17:45:29 <mandian> https://github.com/OpenMandrivaSoftware/oma-welcome/pull/2
17:47:04 <itchka> Now I come to think of it aren't ther some strings that need fixing?
17:47:28 <itchka> version numbers and the like...
17:48:15 <mandian> itchka: it's like plymouth change its behavior when I activate debug
17:48:15 <mandian> The way is to add plymout.debug or plymouth.debug=stream:/dev/kmsg
17:50:12 <itchka> Yes debug will slow it down. Systemd is probably in such a rush to get things started that plymouth doesn't have a chance to get going before systemd has started to shut it down.
17:50:42 * ben79 reboot time, biab
17:50:56 <itchka> Putting in debug slows things down a bit.
17:51:43 <itchka> In some ways it might be better jsut to disable it.
17:52:05 <mandian> Here is another  brutal fix for oma-welcome
17:52:05 <mandian> https://github.com/mandian-lx/oma-welcome-sources/commit/3bc024131f80fdbeb1ba0e04d4e6f7fca6f25878.patch
17:52:05 <mandian> However it is dangerous so a better fix colud be provided by fixing htlmscript here
17:52:05 <mandian> https://github.com/OpenMandrivaSoftware/htmlscript/blob/master/Page.cpp
17:52:05 <mandian> to add a way to clodse the window
17:54:05 <mandian> itchka: rd,debug doesn't show so much about plymouth. However I think this bug
17:54:06 <mandian> may take long time so could be fixed after the 3.03 release.
17:55:11 <mandian> Also I think fcitx doesn't work properly but I lost the log I did ...
17:56:09 <itchka> mandian: I think there was a forum discussion about this and the general consensus  was that it wasn't worth fixing for the release becasue of the the small anount of time it was displayed.
17:56:49 <mandian> So for me is a conditional GO if oma-welcome bug is resolved before
17:56:49 <mandian> and the other will be resolved soon after the 3.03 release
17:57:11 <itchka> I don't think fcitx is a b;ocler.
17:57:23 <mandian> I agree
17:57:42 <itchka> Is there a bug report for oma-welcome?
18:00:13 <mandian> I can't find now in bugzilla
18:00:13 <mandian> https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/good-news-are-always-welcome-lxqt-iso/1204/22
18:01:18 <itchka> Bear with me while I read.
18:01:23 <mandian> I'd like to discuss on some other bugs
18:01:24 <mandian> but I'm sorry I had to go now
18:01:44 <itchka> OK thanks for dropping inn#
18:02:37 <mandian> I'll try to came back ASAP :)
18:02:46 <itchka> Ok
18:08:26 <itchka> Ok I'll leave AOB open for another 10 mins and then close the meeting if there are no more topics
18:22:21 <itchka> #endmeeting