15:17:03 <itchka> #startmeeting
15:17:03 <chwido> Woof! Let's start the meeting. It's Wed Aug 29 15:17:03 2018 UTC. The chair is itchka. Information about me at https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Chwido.
15:17:03 <chwido> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
15:17:03 <chwido> You should add extra chair(s) just in case, with #chair nick.
15:17:03 <chwido> Have a good meeting, don't bark too much!
15:17:28 * bero barks at chwido
15:17:38 <itchka> Here's the agenda
15:17:42 <itchka> Topics
15:17:43 <itchka> 1. Report: ABF cooker dnf
15:17:45 <itchka> 2. ISO Brainstorming
15:17:46 <itchka> 3. Lx4 Release Plan.  Where are we.
15:17:48 <itchka> 4. AIB
15:17:49 <itchka> 5: AOB
15:17:51 <itchka> #item 1
15:18:01 <itchka> #topic Report: ABF cooker dnf
15:18:08 <itchka> Over to you bero
15:19:19 <bero> So the new ABF is running well in its temporary location, it just has to be moved to the faster line when I have some time to travel
15:19:28 <bero> in the mean time it works from where it is
15:19:41 <bero> just suffers a bit from slow connectivity
15:20:15 <bero> cooker is working well and we finally have a working, installable ISO
15:20:18 <bero> https://sourceforge.net/projects/openmandriva/files/preview/4.0-preview-20180829/
15:20:42 <bero> There's a few big bugs in it, but it should make it lots easier to get started
15:21:01 <bero> we should probably make an announcement about it when we have that "plasmashell uses 200% CPU" bug sorted out
15:21:15 <bero> dnf is working well, needs an update to 3.3.0
15:21:20 <Pharaoh_Atem> we should also probably get dnfdragora into the distro to replace rpmdrake
15:21:55 <bero> The 3.x->4.0 update script should work much better again too, now that the dependency issues are resolved, but I haven't tried yet, it probably needs a bit more work
15:21:59 <bero> will look again tonight
15:22:30 <bero> #share Cooker is working fairly well and there's a new preview ISO -- not considered even alpha quality, but it's a starting point
15:22:38 <bero> That's pretty much the status from where I stand...
15:23:04 <itchka> I thought I'd have a working LxQt iso but although it boots there's something wrong with sddm. Probably a missing user due to the rpm-helper dep.
15:26:02 <itchka> bero: How long do we have the old abf servers for?
15:28:20 <bero> just checked, they expire on September 24
15:31:23 <itchka> We need to get all out mass builds in while they are still available I belive they are half decent machines.
15:32:04 <itchka> I'm assuming we will need another mass build to clean things up.
15:32:35 <fdrt> gimme please a script where building iso
15:32:40 <fdrt> want to look into
15:32:51 <fdrt> i know how to fix isobuilder btw
15:33:06 <fdrt> it's working via dnf i hope?
15:33:44 <itchka> fdrt: https://github.com/OpenMandrivaAssociation/omdv-build-iso master branch
15:34:04 <itchka> fdrt: Yes it uses dnf.
15:34:31 <itchka> fdrt: Has your patch been adopted?
15:34:51 <fdrt> itchka: not yet
15:35:13 <itchka> fdrt: They are very slow!!! ;(
15:35:42 <itchka> fdrt: perhaps we should use it anyway.
15:36:36 <bero> yes, we should start running builders there
15:36:49 <bero> fdrt: AFAIK you're the only one with access to file-store
15:36:55 <bero> (the old file-store that is)
15:37:01 <itchka> fdrt: There's code in the isobuilder script that can convert an Lx3 isobuilder to dnf is need be.
15:40:16 <bero> we may also want to take another look at livecd-tools now that Pharaoh_Atem maintains it
15:40:56 * Pharaoh_Atem waves
15:41:19 <itchka> imho it's overcomplicated
15:41:23 <Pharaoh_Atem> it's Python 3 now ;)
15:41:38 <Pharaoh_Atem> though appliance-creator still needs a tiny bit of work to move to Python 3
15:41:39 <itchka> which is why we went away from it in the first place.
15:41:42 <Pharaoh_Atem> it's very close
15:46:49 <itchka> I guess that's it for the cooker report..lets move on.
15:46:59 <itchka> #item 2
15:47:35 <itchka> #topic ISO Brainstorming
15:47:56 <itchka> This refers to the thread here
15:48:29 <itchka> https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/basic-iso-brainstorming/2050/17
15:49:07 <itchka> It's a request for a very basic iso.
15:51:26 <fdrt> https://github.com/rvm/rvm/pull/4394 i uodated pull request
15:51:45 <fdrt> it's last thing to run isobuilder properly
15:52:06 <ben79> I think a very basic ISO like rugyada described is a great idea
15:56:03 <itchka> If that's wanted then there are two things required. The first is to decide what packages are required. I don't see why the community can't do this part of the job.
15:56:58 <bero> yes...
15:57:01 <bero> IMO we should have
15:57:08 <bero> * minimal (no UI stuff at all, good for servers)
15:57:13 <itchka> dnf has all the tools to allow decisions regarding dependencies and I'm happ to guilde people aroungd the basic lists we use to geberate isos.
15:57:15 <bero> * small with UI
15:57:19 <bero> * LXQt
15:57:21 <bero> * Plasma
15:58:39 <itchka> bero: For the first two an alternate installer would be required unless we can compile a static version of calamares.
15:59:42 <itchka> There is such an installer in our repos which I'm trying to find.
16:04:38 <rugyada[m]> there is nothing community can - or could be called to - decide on when we speak of a basic/minimal ISO..
16:04:39 <rugyada[m]> the basic is the minimum essential, and has nothing to do with personal preferences/taste in our case.
16:05:33 <ben79> I agree with bero's list if we can do it.
16:06:05 <rugyada[m]> +1
16:08:26 <rugyada[m]> in the mean time please our beloved developers tell us what we can do in order to help someway
16:08:55 <itchka> ben79: Does stuff expire on the forums. I'm sure TPG posted there about the development of the CLI installer.
16:09:28 <ben79> I don't know
16:11:11 <rugyada[m]> (besides testing of course, that I believe will find some users happy to do)
16:11:35 <ben79> Doing a search for CLI installer does not produce anything
16:14:29 <bero> maybe it used a different name, text mode installer or so...
16:14:30 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Well as soon as we have a fuilly working cooker iso you can then try to build a basic iso. I would suggest you decide on the main applications that you want in the minimal graphical iso. Then we can take a look and perhaps advise.
16:15:28 <itchka> ben79 or maybe just search all TPG's posts. I assume he only has one alias on the forums
16:15:58 <ben79> Did he ever actually make what ever it was?
16:16:38 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  iso-build-tool is not well documented. I succeeded in the past to build a local iso but after I did not anymore..
16:17:35 <itchka> rugyada[m]: I'm not asking you to build an iso but to just decide which applications you think should be on it.
16:17:46 <ben79> First question: Why can't Calamares build a minimal ISO?
16:18:54 <itchka> First Calamares doesn't build the iso.
16:19:09 <rugyada[m]> anyway I don't need a basic ISO. I'm always thinking to our users.
16:19:14 <itchka> Second Calamares requires the QT libraries
16:19:30 <itchka> as I explained in the forum post
16:19:35 <rugyada[m]> (among other tons of things)
16:21:38 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  the minimum of apps
16:21:39 <ben79> We're only concerned with what it installs so I'm not understanding why QT libraries are a handcap
16:21:52 <itchka> We need to have a bash (or similar shell) or perhaps lua based installer so that we do not have to carry the size overhead of Qt
16:22:07 <ben79> this is not a blackcrack request to have a 200MB ISO
16:22:23 <itchka> and probably python too although that will probably be required for dnf
16:22:26 <ben79> It is the size of the install not the size of the ISO
16:23:04 <rugyada[m]> ben79:  :P
16:25:47 <itchka> ben79: The current way the iso is created and installed precludes excluding Qt thus the iso would not be smaller. Of course it would be possible to remove the Qt libraries after the install but that is not really what is needed if I understood the request properly.
16:25:48 <ben79> am I wrong are we concerened about the size of the ISO? I thought that we were not that we were concerned about the size of the Installed Operating System
16:27:34 <rugyada[m]> not much more to add to the topic content, please you all are welcome to read it at the forum link
16:28:02 <ben79> So calamares has to install everything that is on the ISO? I thought it could install a package list?
16:29:25 <itchka> Currently it installs a squashfs filesystem.
16:30:02 <itchka> It does not install individual packages although it does install updates
16:32:08 <ben79> so do you have to put qt files in the squashfs filesystem?
16:35:39 <itchka> Yes I don't think there's a way of avoiding that though I haven't thought it through in detail.  The thing is that either way you look at it the iso would be larger than it needed to be. There is one other option and that is calamares's network install module.
16:36:35 <rugyada[m]> didn't bero  tell us that it's "doable and not all that much work for development " ?
16:36:35 <rugyada[m]> https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/basic-iso-brainstorming/2050/8
16:37:01 <rugyada[m]> so bero 's voice requested here.. :)
16:37:06 <itchka> This module can install packages from external repos but I have talked about using this with crazy for this purpose and I gather it would need a lot of work and would probably not be very robust.
16:37:48 <bero> IMO X without Qt is essentially useless anyway
16:38:03 <bero> If all you want is icewm and a few xterms, might as well use text mode...
16:38:30 <bero> so I don't think calamares is a problem on the minimal UI ISO
16:38:56 <bero> Probably we want a browser on it too, the smallest usable one with graphics support is falkon and that would pull in Qt too
16:39:26 <bero> so that's essentially why I'm thinking it's not that much work, no need to write a new installer or anything, the one we have is fine
16:40:03 * ben79 OK, feeling better here after a moment of confusion
16:41:30 <itchka> With that reasoning the minimul ui may as well use LxQt
16:41:30 <rugyada[m]> bero:  please note I did not want to contradict you, on the contrary I wished you to explain
16:41:56 <itchka> which is what I stated in the forum post.
16:42:59 <crazy> itchka: there is a way to install packages from within the iso .. but that need some sort the package manager supports installing from 'packages as local repo' or at least 'package from disk as cached local' .. using calamares as pure Network installer is kind unstable thing
16:43:59 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  not really 100% : just english, no additional apps (krita and so, VLC and so,  no office, etc.)
16:44:29 <itchka> crazy: That would again mean a larger iso as you would have to ship the repos.
16:44:33 <bero> Yes, LxQt is certainly suitable -- I was thinking the minimal and the LXQt isos would differ mostly in extra applications
16:44:36 <crazy> itchka: then you can have lxqt-iso plasma-iso , gnome-iso , server-iso .. each iso will be ofc bigger bc you need Live+rpms to be around but you can then give your user the option to install or NOT install optional package etc
16:45:36 <crazy> itchka: my is with full gnome and plasma and libreoffice and chromium and languages for these .. network apps etc + live plasma is about 2.7G
16:45:41 <rugyada[m]> which btw some apps often gave a lot of issues whining about deps/conflicts etc.
16:45:45 <crazy> my iso
16:46:00 <crazy> and that is my all-in-one-devel one
16:46:25 <crazy> how big is your current iso ? 3GB++ ?:)
16:47:00 <crazy> itchka: please note .. you can have then 'live part stripped down' bc you don't copy anything from that part
16:47:22 <rugyada[m]> crazy:  latest from Bero is around 3 GB
16:47:26 <crazy> you can wipe docs man , static/big file etc or even optional libs
16:47:38 <itchka> crazy: You mean if you have on iso repos
16:47:45 <crazy> itchka: yes
16:48:19 <crazy> crazy@ant:~/Work/fvbe$ du -shc ./*iso
16:48:20 <crazy> 2,7G    ./frugalware-2.1-testing-build213-x86_64.iso
16:48:22 <itchka> So it's basically the same size iso just differently arranged.
16:48:57 <crazy> itchka: yes here at least .. your iso building tools are somewhat different but we can get there ofc
16:49:13 <ben79> Calamares does not seem to make ISO's smaller than about 1.5-1.6GB ? Or so it seems?
16:49:24 <crazy> as example you can just wipe all kernels even away
16:49:43 <crazy> ben779: that does not depends on calamares right ?
16:50:02 <crazy> ben79: is about the distro and how is packaged and how the installation is used
16:51:42 <crazy> ben79: itchka I can upload that iso so you get the idea  but like I've said is work-in-progress ( it does boot instal etc ) but artwork is missing/fucked some part from live may be missing
16:52:26 <ben79> I'm sure that is correct and I'm also sure if OM did a IceWm only iso that it would not be much smaller than an LXQt one but I'm not understanding why that means we can't do the IceWM one
16:52:34 <crazy> itchka: also I can make it even smaller somewho around 2.3GB with all that in but then it gets fragile about the RAM size a box need have to be able to install
16:54:01 <ben79> I still very much like bero's list of 4 different ISO's myself
16:54:12 <crazy> itchka: another option you can have ( but this need some patching in Net gui modules of calamares ) is to have different pre-defined squash images .. then in GUI user tells ohh I want cli or want plasma or want gnome etc
16:54:55 <crazy> however I have to say I hate what Lx3 installs by default .. half of that I don't want nor need at all :D
16:55:46 <crazy> on my first installation I just force remove al task-kde or how is called then reinstalled packages I need manually lol
16:56:59 <crazy> let me upload that iso
16:57:14 <crazy> just to see how it can be done
16:57:35 <itchka> crazy: Do you mean download the squashfs imaged from a repo. If you do I quite like that idea.
16:58:17 <itchka> images from a repo
16:58:50 <crazy> itchka: well downloading will probably work too however downloading is the problem here .. since then you are Netinstall with images which ofc works better bc predefined but still need good intet connection
16:59:55 <bero> we can always do that in addition to traditional images, but we can't drop the traditional ones...
17:00:01 <crazy> itchka: Netinstall with packages from a repo over internet will only work somewhat stable when you have a repo just for that ..
17:00:05 <bero> In some places of the world connectivity is still atrocious
17:00:19 <itchka> Yes but in these days of good connectivity I see that as quite a good solution. as it means that the initial download is small.
17:00:32 <bero> In Ethiopia the net feels like the entire country shares a 14400 baud connection to the outside world (and it's down half the time)
17:00:47 <bero> And even in some areas of Germany people are still limited to pay-per-minute dialup
17:00:54 <bero> though those areas are getting smaller at last
17:01:47 <crazy> itchka: tbh the initial size should not matter as long is not >3.2/3.5GB everithing else seems normal these days
17:02:22 <crazy> I can try to poke around the iso scripts and create some demo iso
17:02:26 <itchka> :) yes bero apparently it's a similar problem in Tanzania but then people simply won't use our distro because they can't get it unless we start distributing memory sticks or DVD's again.
17:03:22 <bero> In Ethiopia people usually use an approach where one person spends a couple of days downloading the iso, and then copies it to loads of memory sticks
17:03:28 <bero> that should work for Tanzania too
17:03:32 <itchka> bero: Pay per minute in Germany goodness who would have thought it!!
17:05:12 <bero> I know some people in Germany who are still limited to pay-per-minute dialup -- their solution is usually to drive to a place with 4G (usually just a few kilometers from their place), download there, and drive back home
17:05:28 <itchka> crazy: I think inital size does matter because a minimal bootable install could be less than 500mB why would you want to download 3Gig for 500Mb
17:06:52 <itchka> You also have to think of available memsticks the smaller it is the more likely people will have a memstick yjay it will fit on.
17:07:10 <itchka> yjay=that
17:08:04 <itchka> I really like that idea as it would even work for a server distro.
17:08:36 <ben79> meaning the Netinstall?
17:09:11 <itchka> Yes Netinstall but using preconfigured squashfs images
17:10:31 <ben79> and the netinstaller downloads the preconfigured images from a repo/server right?
17:10:36 <itchka> It means that the installer is then pretty much universal.
17:10:43 <itchka> Yes
17:11:58 <itchka> The browser mechanisms are already in calamares as it can fetch the release notes and the like.
17:12:31 <ben79> we do get asked where is our net installer form time to time
17:12:57 <ben79> because Mandriva had one
17:14:01 <ben79> with Mandriva's net installer you could install any kind of system they had, make blackcrack happy
17:15:12 <itchka> Well calmares has some of the mechanisms to do that but as I understand it only with local repos.
17:16:05 <itchka> Anyway do we want to put an action point on this?
17:16:34 <itchka> or shall we discuss some more at next weels meeting?
17:17:07 <crazy> itchka: calamares cannot be as is minimal :P unless we can make it work in framebuffer some sort
17:17:33 <crazy> calamares itself to run need qt5 && X ofc
17:18:43 <itchka> Yes crazy I understand that but enough to support calamares would perhaps be 1Gig?
17:19:04 <itchka> It doesn't need to be 3,0Gig
17:19:41 <crazy> itchka: your iso could be <2GB but you have hell of crap on it including 2 mixed de's
17:20:54 <itchka> crazy: Clearly we wouldn't use the current build.
17:21:07 <crazy> ehh damn rancher owns now all http* ports on vps :D
17:21:21 <crazy> let me config apache on something custom
17:23:00 <crazy> duh no way
17:23:39 <fdrt> crazy only  8443 and 8080
17:24:21 <itchka> I think the iso topic needs to move on
17:24:48 <itchka> I will put it on the agenda for next weeks meeting
17:25:03 <crazy> fdrt: I think you redirect whatever
17:25:50 <itchka> #action Discuss in formums full requirement for alternative iso's and their installation.
17:26:07 <crazy> fdrt: ach you redirrect /
17:26:29 <crazy> well let me put on other server for now
17:26:32 <itchka> #item 3
17:26:53 <itchka> #topic Lx4 Release Plan.  Where are we.
17:27:07 <crazy> fdrt: try you end up in rancher.openmandriva.org:8443
17:27:12 <itchka> I'll kick this one off
17:27:33 <crazy> fdrt: but let as is for now .. I'm happy all that kind works now
17:27:41 <crazy> better to not touch anything ;)
17:28:21 <itchka> We are close to an alpha release now so it's time to think abouit all the tasks that need doing before the release.
17:29:12 <fdrt> good
17:29:17 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Thanks for managing the wallpaper. Do we have the result of the poll?
17:31:22 <rugyada[m]> yes it's "The atmosphere"
17:31:25 <rugyada[m]> https://www.openmandriva.org/en/news/article/the-atmosphere-wallpaper-contest
17:32:02 <rugyada[m]> the poll in forum with results: https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/poll-omlx-4-0-wallpapers-extra-theme/1986
17:33:05 <itchka> Great thanks. Do we have any ideas for Lx4 artwork yet?
17:34:10 <rugyada[m]> yes could be https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/aspettando-omlx-4-0/1701
17:35:30 <crazy> bero: are we ready to restart mass build for broken packages and all missing/broken packages for znver1 ?
17:38:42 <ashledombos[m]> Hi
17:39:26 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  I know you liked the "3" logo, so you may like the 4 as well :D
17:39:38 <crazy> itchka: if you want to see how Network install GUI works as GUI for an local repo ->
17:39:51 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Just about to look :)
17:40:17 <rugyada[m]> hi Raphael
17:40:46 <itchka> rugyada[m]: I love the "art deco" feel :)
17:41:04 <rugyada[m]> great.
17:43:01 <itchka> rugyada[m]:  We must make a start on the bootsplash as soon as we have fully working alpha.
17:43:28 <rugyada[m]> yes
17:43:30 <itchka> Is there anything else artworkwise we need to think about?
17:44:38 <crazy> itchka: calamares slide show maybe
17:44:41 <rugyada[m]> I need to see an alpha ISO working
17:45:40 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Is logo done in vector graphics or is it a bitmap?
17:45:55 <rugyada[m]> is a bitmap
17:46:21 <bero> crazy: we should probably start the mass build when abf is on the gigabit connection, that should speed it up considerably
17:46:45 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Do you have the tools to create a vector from it?
17:46:56 <rugyada[m]> you mean the 4 logo right?
17:47:01 <itchka> Yes
17:47:39 <rugyada[m]> I can import the bitmap to inkscape but not sure how it would help.
17:47:47 <ashledombos[m]> Will the color family be the same or change a little?
17:48:19 <crazy> bero: oh right .. since you said you put the R7 2700x together I assumed some who you are in Lax already :D
17:48:47 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Can you sent me the bitmao of the logo I will try and do it.
17:48:50 <rugyada[m]> Raphael:  what color family?
17:48:53 <crazy> bero: btw how R7 is doing ? didn't got any box with an 2700x to see how it works :)
17:49:10 <itchka> just the logo and the 4
17:49:44 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  sure I can send you.
17:49:57 <bero> Waiting for the CPU was the last thing that kept me in Filzbach, but I still need the time to drive over there ;) Was in Linaro meetings last night, so couldn't go then... I might go tonight
17:50:22 <bero> 2700x seems to work well, but I haven't done much with it yet, just installed the iso
17:50:25 <rugyada[m]> the OMA logo and the "4" is all in the same image
17:50:29 <itchka> rugyada[m]:  I'll try this http://potrace.sourceforge.net/
17:50:41 <ashledombos[m]> For example will the blue stay the same, or lighter
17:50:57 <ashledombos[m]> Asking this if we need to adapt website
17:50:58 <bero> (and then resumed fixing stuff so we can see how it does without plasmashell using 200% CPU ;) )
17:51:39 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  ok. will send you asap
17:51:52 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Thanks
17:52:29 <rugyada[m]> Raphael:  guess no need to adapt website, but we may try some test anyway
17:53:07 <ashledombos[m]> Ok ☺
17:53:07 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  will send you by email later tonight
17:53:50 <itchka> Thanks rugyada[m]
17:54:05 <rugyada[m]> YW
17:54:42 <itchka> Other tasks will be 1. List of new features 2. Main Package Versions 3. Update Release Notes. 4. Update OMA Welcome any others?
17:55:36 <rugyada[m]> I already created wiki pages for 4.0
17:55:59 <rugyada[m]> just need to fill them :)
17:56:00 <itchka> rugyada[m]: and Release Notes?
17:56:46 <itchka> That's good :) we need to start gathering information.
17:57:07 <rugyada[m]> https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Category:Releases
17:57:09 <rugyada[m]> see Next Release
17:57:25 <itchka> bero: How do we want to play the znver1 thing?
17:57:38 <bero> good question...
17:57:51 <bero> I'd say for now leave it unannounced so nobody steals the idea and beats us to it ;)
17:58:10 <bero> maybe just keep saying that 4.0 will have another special surprise until it's in shape for testing?
17:58:22 <itchka> Ok sounds good to me.
17:58:48 <rugyada[m]> https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Category:4.0
17:59:03 <rugyada[m]> ^^ better
18:00:42 <itchka> rugyada[m]: It would be easier if we could use the Lx3 stuff as a template..is that possible I am not a wiki person so do not know how to do this.
18:01:59 <rugyada[m]> to use 3 as a template, sure it can be done
18:02:40 <itchka> Can you set it up like that please
18:04:01 <rugyada[m]> I can copy the headlines and let some space to be filled
18:04:07 <itchka> I will make all the adjustments where Lx3 needs changing to Lx4 unless you are able to do this easily
18:05:15 <rugyada[m]> if you write me the parts to be replaced - and by what - I can do it
18:05:34 <rugyada[m]> I will be happy to do.
18:07:03 <rugyada[m]> bero:  I can't get your iso booting after the main menu it's all black screen
18:07:21 <bero> odd, works perfectly here. What graphics card?
18:07:46 <rugyada[m]> that is in virtualbox, 4GB ram
18:08:11 <itchka> Ok we will make make this an ongoing thing as we have some time and I'm sure some of the info will change over time so it won't be worth doing things too quickly.
18:09:20 <crazy> bero: well if it works while plasma eats 200% CPU all the time then the CPU is fine :D
18:09:24 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Can you ctrl-F2
18:09:29 <rugyada[m]> bero:  not even switch to vt, I have the feeling because of cpu resources
18:09:54 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  ^^^ :D
18:10:05 <bero> will build a new one when cups is fixed, that should hopefully kill the cpu resource problem
18:10:13 <crazy> rugyada[m]:  stop cups , if you try the Lx4 iso from bero
18:10:19 <rugyada[m]> great
18:10:44 <rugyada[m]> crazy:  I dont get a vt either
18:11:09 <rugyada[m]> no way to input anything anywhere :)
18:11:49 <rugyada[m]> maybe worth to test it in real hw by a usb stick.
18:13:04 <bero> I only tried on real hw so far
18:13:11 <bero> (installed the new ryzen 2700x box)
18:13:43 <rugyada[m]> or play with vb settings... will give it a try later.
18:13:53 <crazy> rugyada[m]: maybe try to boot with systemd.unit=multi-user.target , then once on cli stop cups , then fire X target up
18:14:27 <rugyada[m]> crazy:  thanks. will see.
18:15:20 <crazy> rugyada[m]: for the installation you can chroot into the partition and disable cups also
18:15:23 <crazy> yw
18:16:34 <rugyada[m]> crazy:  I'm not able to chroot or such things
18:17:17 <itchka> We need to do the last few meeting items before I starve.
18:17:31 <rugyada[m]> I'm just a dummy user :P
18:17:57 <ben79> But, but, my how to ... https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/how-to-use-mount-and-chroot-to-fix-a-broken-om-system/1461
18:18:16 <itchka> ben79: Do you have any bugs for us though util abf is fully fixed there isn't too much we can do about them.
18:19:05 <ben79> itchka: No, we just have some hold overs from 2 weeks ago but nothing new.
18:19:33 <rugyada[m]> ben79:  your how-to(s) are great however I don't have enough time to study ATM
18:19:52 <itchka> Ok then we will leave that item and just do AOB
18:20:18 <itchka> #item 5
18:20:31 <itchka> #topic AOB
18:21:44 <rugyada[m]> yes. please schedule alphax -> betax -> RCx -> GA releases
18:22:04 <itchka> I have one thing here.. Could I request that infra make a znc server available to cooker users so we don't miss discussions while we are a away or rebooting out boxes for testing purposes.
18:22:45 <ben79> +1
18:23:05 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Will try to do that when abf is fully operational and we have a handle time scales for mass builds and broken packagages
18:23:29 <itchka> ashledombos[m]: znc?
18:24:48 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  no need to try. Just when we are at some point in time let's release a public alpha, then the same for a public beta and so forth
18:25:43 <itchka> rugyada[m]: Well we are certainly going to do that! :)
18:28:29 <rugyada[m]> may be as well alpha1 > alpha2 > etc. > beta1 > beta2 > etc..... you got the idea.
18:28:40 <rugyada[m]> itchka:  I count on that then :)
18:29:07 <rugyada[m]> If my presence is not requested anymore I would go now
18:29:08 <rugyada[m]> family calls.
18:29:12 <itchka> Ok
18:29:24 <itchka> Meeting done anyways
18:29:26 <rugyada[m]> bbl
18:29:41 <bero> Also, do we stick with alpha, beta etc. or do we switch to Microsoft's terms? (first Needs Testing (NT), then eXPerimental, ... ;) )
18:30:04 <itchka> Then of course the "crash-free" version :)
18:30:48 <itchka> Though I missed the point :)
18:31:40 <itchka> Meetings done I think.
18:31:46 <itchka> #endmeeting